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Screen Producers Awards 2014: winners

David Knox November 19, 2014 3

ABC titles dominate the Screen Producers Award, while Playmaker Media wins a top prize.

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TEN 2015 schedule grid

David Knox November 14, 2014 21

A rare network glimpse last night of how TEN sees its year shaping up....

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TEN 2015 highlights: Celebrity, Drama, Sport.

David Knox November 14, 2014 41

Julia Morris joins TEN, new dramas on Princess Mary & Peter Brock, and The Bachelorette (but no word on Offspring).

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Psst! Game of Thrones town is no longer so ‘wacky.’

David Knox October 29, 2014 1

Another 9 months. Another stale story that needs a switch-up.

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Seven, Nine shun 15 minute “Winner Announcement” minimums

David Knox October 22, 2014 6

Exclusive: TEN is the only commercial network to abide by an OzTAM agreement for minimum durations when coding grand finals.

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ten 1811

TEN reports $168m loss

David Knox October 16, 2014 11

TEN reports a loss for the third year running but looks to an improved audience since May.

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TEN denies Offspring axing -or is it all just a Nina fantasy?

David Knox October 3, 2014 15

With producers busy on other projects, the future of Offspring may yet be nothing more than a dream sequence.

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FXTL_LSFOOD_The Dinner Project_Nick Wilson 2014_0285

Airdate: The Dinner Project

David Knox September 29, 2014 0

Former Masterchef contestant Hayden Quinn will front a new series for LifeStyle FOOD.

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Flexibility helps Reality TV to counteract diminishing returns

David Knox September 29, 2014 4

When a Drama is tanking there's not much you can do. Not so in Reality TV, which has plenty of cards up its sleeve.

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Ad buyers urge networks to code for consistency

David Knox September 8, 2014 9

'Winner Announced', simulcasts & split-coding. Networks are so keen for headlines they are forgetting about the client.

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TEN takes to Twitter TV ratings

David Knox September 1, 2014 11

With shows like Offspring, MasterChef & Bachelor strong on Twitter, TEN signs on for a new audience engagement tool.

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Living with the Enemy

David Knox August 28, 2014 4

Can a gay couple and an Anglican minister learn more about each others' views with Reality cameras following them for 10 days?

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