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Dafydd Williams

TEN appoints new Head of Development

David Knox January 20, 2014 3

Exclusive: Former TEN Head of Factual Programming, Dafydd Williams, returns as Head of Development.

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Psst. Masterchef recap is getting stale.

David Knox January 6, 2014 7

Just a friendly note to the folk subbing at SMH.

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Ripper Street promo breaks Classification rule

David Knox December 18, 2013 0

A Ripper Street promo had too much violence to be played during a G rated episode of MasterChef.

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The ratings spin: what they didn’t tell you

David Knox December 3, 2013 9

You always have to read the fine print in the annual TV network ratings releases.

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TEN Upfronts: Sport, Kylie Kwong, and 6pm entertainment.

David Knox November 19, 2013 41

TEN turns to Event TV and Sport as part of a "revitalised schedule" in 2014 as it chases 25-54 demos.

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Matt Moran turns his back on cooking contests

David Knox November 4, 2013 2

"I just felt I wanted to learn and cook. And on those shows I was never allowed to," says Paddock to Plate host Matt Moran.

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“There are no Directors on this show.”

David Knox October 28, 2013 3

TV Directors working in Reality TV are unhappy that creative control is not being recognised.

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Product placement gone McMad? But what about the rest of TV?

David Knox September 27, 2013 29

A McDonald's outlet on the set of Wake Up attracts negative comment -but what about all the other product placement on TV?

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David Mott

David Mott: “You see things in a much different light”

David Knox September 25, 2013 12

Exclusive: New STW9 boss says time out has helped him to see TV with a new vision.

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…and now the fine print on MasterChef contracts

David Knox September 20, 2013 11

What rights do contestants give up in order to have their 15 minutes of fame?

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PG6-5-13 369 L

Producer disappointed by Power Games ratings

David Knox September 12, 2013 39

“None of us can understand what happened," says producer John Edwards after Power Games' disappointing ratings.

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