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No axe, but Hey Hey pauses early

David Knox July 8, 2010 58

Hey Hey will end its first block of episodes on July 21, shy of the August conclusion that was last confirmed. Rumours are running amok.

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Shine Australia exec appointments

David Knox July 7, 2010 11

Shine Australia announces three new roles, one of which goes to FremantleMedia Australia's Paul Franklin.

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Three way drama tussle?

David Knox July 6, 2010 21

Three Aussie dramas going head to head on three networks? Don't rule it out....

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Peter leaves MasterChef but the spoiling continues

David Knox July 6, 2010 7

Peter Kritikides came unstuck by a macaroon tower. Meanwhile TEN is trying to clamp down on leaks.

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Renewed: MasterChef Australia

David Knox July 5, 2010 13

MasterChef Australia sticks with TEN for two more years, according to media reports.

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Rafters lead the ratings week

David Knox July 4, 2010 6

It will be the only week this year in which MasterChef Australia, Packed to the Rafters, Underbelly & Dancing with the Stars all screened -but it belonged to Seven.

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Jimmy, Peter & Courtney return to MasterChef

David Knox June 29, 2010 19

Some of the Top 7 remaining MasterChef contestants weren't too happy with eliminated contestants returning. Who can blame them?

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1.8m as Underbelly wraps

David Knox June 28, 2010 17

The last episode of Underbelly was a winner for the Nine Network, which won the evening amid some serious competition.

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Eliminated MasterChef contestants return

David Knox June 27, 2010 28

Eleven eliminated MasterChef contestants returned to the TEN reality contestant tonight to compete for 3 return places in the series.

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Leadership tussle, but Nine emerges ratings victor.

David Knox June 27, 2010 9

Like two politicians jockeying for position, Seven and Nine fought a very tight race in Week 26. But MasterChef still dominated the week.

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Call to shift MasterChef locale

David Knox June 26, 2010 37

A rather bizarre notion is being floated today that MasterChef might move to Melbourne for its third series.

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“You will pick a date. And you will stand down.”

David Knox June 24, 2010 33

On the night that the Prime Minister is challenged for his position, TEN launches Hawke promos, with the Deputy after the top job.

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