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David Knox October 4, 2014 0

When their son returns home after a breakdown, Timothy's parents try to nurture him back to health, but therapy may get in the way.

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Why have our networks abandoned locally scripted Comedy?

David Knox March 6, 2014 37

Exclusive: TV Tonight asks network programmers to please explain their lack of scripted comedy.

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Vale: Penne Hackforth-Jones

David Knox May 20, 2013 13

Penne Hackforth-Jones, best known for her TV roles in All Saints, A Country Practice & Cash and Company, has died.

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Garry McDonald: I haven’t retired!

David Knox May 2, 2012 7

When Garry McDonald steps up for an Offspring role, you know it must be worth it. But as he explains, he hasn't retired. Minor Spoilers.

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Lithuania to produce Mother and Son

David Knox April 20, 2012 7

Some comedies withstand the test of time, and Mother & Son gets a new lease of life in Lithania.

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Wilfred pilot approved for US series

David Knox October 26, 2010 12

Lookout America. Australia's anarchic, bong-smoking dog Wilfred, lands a 13 part comedy series on the FX Network.

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Mother and Son writer for Screenwriter’s Address

David Knox October 8, 2010 2

Renowned scriptwriter Geoffey Atherden will give an address to industry later this month.

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Bumped: Jay Leno Show. Airdate: Benidorm

David Knox December 30, 2009 48

Updated: Plus 7TWO news on The Unit, Dirty Sexy Money, King of the Hill, All My Children, HeadLand and NAW on Fire.

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Airdate: A Model Daughter

David Knox October 13, 2009 5

A father's determination to bring his daughter's killer to justice is brought to life in TEN's new telemovie, to air in November.

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Judy Davis sparkles like Diamonds

David Knox April 1, 2009 0

If you want to get yourself an Emmy nomination, get Judy Davis.

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Mother & Son for US adaptation

David Knox March 30, 2009 7

There are just some stories that never date. A harangued son and his mother with Alzheimer's is one of them.

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Australia Day honours

David Knox January 26, 2009 6

Brian Henderson, Marcia Hines, scriptwriter Geoffrey Atherden and broadcaster Norman May are on today's Honours Roll.

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