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Chris & Jenna to shake up The Block

David Knox July 25, 2014 4

They're not the show's first multicultural couple, but this NSW couple are poised to 'pop' in The Block.

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The Amazing Race: Australia v NZ

David Knox July 18, 2014 27

7-produced Race is given the MKR treatment, ramping up the bitchy competition.

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MKR winners Bree May and Jessica Liebich_resize.jpg

Networks forget captions, let down hearing-impaired viewers.

David Knox June 19, 2014 6

Poor or absent captions may not seem like a big deal, except to those who rely on them the most.

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Renewed: MasterChef Australia

David Knox May 26, 2014 11

At last TEN is the bearer of good news, with MasterChef renewed for a 7th season.

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Contestant blames MKR for going “too far” in depicting reality villains

David Knox May 9, 2014 26

An MKR contestant attributes hospitalisation to the stress of being depicted as a Reality TV villain.

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$500,000 prize won on Million Dollar Minute

David Knox May 5, 2014 7

Video: Million Dollar Minute gives away a cash prize twice the size of primetime juggernauts.

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TEN invests in research to reheat MasterChef

David Knox May 5, 2014 18

Mystery boxes, fairness, inspirational not everyday food - TEN research reveals what people expect of MasterChef this year.

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Bree May and Jessica Liebich.jpg

Records tumble as Seven wins ratings week

David Knox May 5, 2014 1

Ratings: Seven sets a new record for Total People with its highest network share, outside Olympics, in at least 10 years.

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Pete and Manu serving up more TV

David Knox May 4, 2014 3

Seconds anyone? MKR judges will be back in their own separate shows on Seven.

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Bree & Jessica win My Kitchen Rules 2014

David Knox April 29, 2014 16

SA mums Bree and Jessica have won My Kitchen Rules for 2014.

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My Kitchen Rules final

David Knox April 29, 2014 0

Schedules are now confirmed for next week. Failing some red herrings and amendments, it would seem Nine is holding off its new local shows until My Kitchen Rules is done. Seven’s cooking show has

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