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Ad buyers urge networks to code for consistency

David Knox September 8, 2014 9

'Winner Announced', simulcasts & split-coding. Networks are so keen for headlines they are forgetting about the client.

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Paleo Pete set for Seven

David Knox September 3, 2014 5

My Kitchen Rules chef Pete Evans will bring his passion project to Seven later this year.

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6 kids, 3 endings for The Voice: Kids

David Knox August 8, 2014 8

The Voice: Kids filmed alternate endings for its grand final 2 months ago, to accommodate Mel B.

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Chris & Jenna to shake up The Block

David Knox July 25, 2014 4

They're not the show's first multicultural couple, but this NSW couple are poised to 'pop' in The Block.

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The Amazing Race: Australia v NZ

David Knox July 18, 2014 27

7-produced Race is given the MKR treatment, ramping up the bitchy competition.

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MKR winners Bree May and Jessica Liebich_resize.jpg

Networks forget captions, let down hearing-impaired viewers.

David Knox June 19, 2014 6

Poor or absent captions may not seem like a big deal, except to those who rely on them the most.

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Renewed: MasterChef Australia

David Knox May 26, 2014 11

At last TEN is the bearer of good news, with MasterChef renewed for a 7th season.

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Contestant blames MKR for going “too far” in depicting reality villains

David Knox May 9, 2014 26

An MKR contestant attributes hospitalisation to the stress of being depicted as a Reality TV villain.

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$500,000 prize won on Million Dollar Minute

David Knox May 5, 2014 7

Video: Million Dollar Minute gives away a cash prize twice the size of primetime juggernauts.

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TEN invests in research to reheat MasterChef

David Knox May 5, 2014 18

Mystery boxes, fairness, inspirational not everyday food - TEN research reveals what people expect of MasterChef this year.

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Bree May and Jessica Liebich.jpg

Records tumble as Seven wins ratings week

David Knox May 5, 2014 1

Ratings: Seven sets a new record for Total People with its highest network share, outside Olympics, in at least 10 years.

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Pete and Manu serving up more TV

David Knox May 4, 2014 3

Seconds anyone? MKR judges will be back in their own separate shows on Seven.

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