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Returning: Mythbusters

David Knox March 23, 2014 3

On Monday night SBS revamps its schedule beginning with a new season of Mythbusters.

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2013 Screen Music Awards: winners

David Knox December 10, 2013 0

ABC dramas dominated the TV winners at the 2013 Screen Music Award at the Sydney State Theatre, last night.

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Mad Men, Mythbusters caught in LAX shooting.

David Knox November 3, 2013 0

Two television show crews were caught up in the shooting at LAX International Airport.

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Karma payback as X Factor trounces Got Talent

David Knox October 21, 2013 23

Ratings: Karma bites Nine as X Factor more than doubles Australia's Got Talent. And the audience sends ABC1 a message over Serangoon Road.

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King of the Nerds for TEN

David Knox September 19, 2013 7

On this series nerds will face challenges that test their intellect, ingenuity, skills and pop-culture prowess.

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X Factor tops Monday but GEM gives Nine the night

David Knox August 13, 2013 16

Ratings: Another 1.4m for The X Factor but Big Brother's first eviction finishes under the magic million and The Project hits a 2013 high.

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Hamish & Andy dip but Nine wins Monday

David Knox August 6, 2013 19

Ratings: Singing trumps comedy in the ratings war as The X Factor again takes #1 spot on Monday.

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Judges Desk Melbourne

X Factor (turkey) slaps Big Brother

David Knox July 30, 2013 32

Ratings: In TV's great Reality showdown there was only going to be one winner -and Seven emerges triumphant in the first round.

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Gap Year fills in the ratings

David Knox July 23, 2013 21

Ratings: Hamish & Andy top Mondays for the third week running, while Wanted has some work to do on TEN.

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Gap Year Asia drives Nine to a win

David Knox July 16, 2013 24

Ratings: Nine's combo of Hamish & Andy and The Block ensured another Monday win for Nine.

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1.57m as Hamish & Andy soar

David Knox July 9, 2013 24

Ratings: Gap Year Asia looks set to be an instant hit for Nine, and ABC's Monday line-up remains strong.

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1.84m watch House Rules winner announced

David Knox July 2, 2013 24

Ratings: It started soft all those weeks ago, but Seven's renovation series goes out on a high.

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