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Celebrity Splash Heat 1 - final 4 001

Celebrity Splash dives as The Voice dominates Monday

David Knox May 7, 2013 28

Ratings: Lucky for Seven there are only 2 more Celebrity Splash episodes to go. Nine easily wins Monday.

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The Voice wins Celebrity Splash battle round

David Knox April 30, 2013 16

Ratings: Singing won out over diving, giving Nine the night. But Celebrity Splash still pulls a decent first crowd.

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Seven wins Monday, but worm turns on TEN.

David Knox April 23, 2013 32

Ratings: Seven managed a win over Nine on Monday, but it's bad news for Can of Worms.

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The Biggest Loser crushed in Reality slugfest

David Knox April 16, 2013 11

Ratings: The Biggest Loser is living up to its title as viewers swarm to The Voice and My Kitchen Rules.

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The Voice vs My Kitchen Rules

David Knox April 9, 2013 24

Ratings: The Voice finishes Monday on top but Seven is doing a good job of preventing a thrashing.

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Airdate: The Boffin, the Builder and the Bombardier

David Knox March 31, 2013 4

ABC1 begins an unusual new series of 10 minute history lessons presented with a mix of comedy and factual.

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KRudd hearts MKR as Seven wins Monday

David Knox March 19, 2013 15

Ratings: Even KRudd and a host from The Great Australian Bake Off couldn't help but partake of MKR's goodies.

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Reality battle between two titans leaves TEN on the floor

David Knox March 12, 2013 12

Ratings: The battle between My Kitchen Rules and The Block was a fair fight, but MasterChef was fourth in its timeslot.

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Gap closes between Seven & Nine

David Knox March 5, 2013 16

Ratings: MKR dipped as The Block rose on Monday, freezing MasterChef out of the game.

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Another 2.18m for My Kitchen Rules

David Knox February 26, 2013 32

Ratings: More bumper numbers for MKR -but why didn't the judges intervene between feuding females?

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“Gatecrashers” bring 2.12m to My Kitchen Rules

David Knox February 19, 2013 22

Ratings: My Kitchen Rules scored another killer 2.12m last night as Lisa and Candice were replaced with "gatecrasher" teams.

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MKR tops Monday but A Current Affair beats Today Tonight

David Knox February 12, 2013 30

Ratings: My Kitchen Rules dominates Monday but Nine wins the first battle between a new look TT and ACA.

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