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Absent in 2013

David Knox December 27, 2013 18

There were plenty of shows we thought we would get that have since been pushed out to 2014.

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TEN deal was no Wonderland for Hugh Sheridan

David Knox October 22, 2013 3

Exclusive: Hugh Sheridan explains why he was nearly cast in Wonderland and the network deal that fizzled.

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Local dramas pushed back to 2014

David Knox September 20, 2013 24

Puberty Blues, Secrets and Lies, Love Child -there's a growing list of dramas that will now air in 2014 instead of 2013.

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Luke Arnold a new sensation as Michael Hutchence

David Knox August 2, 2013 2

Luke Arnold has all the sexy moves of Michael Hutchence down pat on the set of Never Tear Us Apart: The Untold Story of INXS.

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Still to come in 2013

David Knox July 10, 2013 43

Halfway through the year but there's still plenty more to come.

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Samantha Jade as Kylie Minogue

Female cast added to INXS miniseries

David Knox July 5, 2013 9

X Factor winner Samantha Jade will make her screen debut as Kylie Minogue in Seven's INXS miniseries.

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Hugh Sheridan back on Seven for INXS drama

David Knox June 21, 2013 1

Luke Arnold, Hugh Sheridan and Alex Williams cast in Never Tear Us Apart: The Untold Story of INXS.

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Packed to the Rafters has “an ending of sorts”

David Knox April 11, 2013 22

Exclusive: "We've reached a conclusion that could be the end," admits Packed to the Rafters Erik Thomson.

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Seven mini series secures INXS back catalogue

David Knox December 16, 2012 3

Seven's mini series has exclusive collaboration with INXS and full access to their archive of music.

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