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NBC orders new pilot of Strange Calls adaptation

David Knox January 30, 2015 0

Third time lucky for the US take on a little-known ABC2 comedy.

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Patrick Brammall: “Someone f***ed up with The Moodys”

David Knox December 5, 2014 19

The Moodys is not returning in 2015 which Patrick Brammall attributes to bad decisions made along the way.

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Returning: New Girl. Airdate: The Goodwin Games

David Knox May 7, 2014 5

New and returning US comedies are coming (back) to ELEVEN.

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The Writer’s Room: New Girl

David Knox April 28, 2014 0

This week US sitcom New Girl is in the spotlight with creator Liz Meriwether.

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Renewed: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Mindy Project, New Girl, The Following.

David Knox March 9, 2014 16

FOX has renewed four of its shows.

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Gone: New Girl

David Knox December 3, 2013 14

Update: New Girl has now been pulled from the TEN schedule indefinitely.

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Lukewarm Monday a sign of things to come

David Knox November 26, 2013 15

Ratings: It's as if audiences -and networks- have already switched to summer content.

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TEN: Summer highlights

David Knox November 15, 2013 25

Big Bash League, Homeland, Sleepy Hollow, Have You Been Paying Attention?, American Idol & American Horror Story all screen on TEN's summer.

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Returning: New Girl

David Knox November 13, 2013 5

New Girl is returning to TEN with new episodes soon.

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US TV Fall schedule

David Knox September 15, 2013 32

All the dates the big shows air in the US, ahead of Australian fast-tracking this month.

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Vale: Dennis Farina

David Knox July 23, 2013 9

Actor Dennis Farina, best known for Law & Order, has died, aged 69.

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Still to come in 2013

David Knox July 10, 2013 43

Halfway through the year but there's still plenty more to come.

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