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Nine: Queensland Election coverage

David Knox January 29, 2015 3

Coverage begins at 6am Saturday with dedicated programming for Qld viewers from 5pm.

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TEN wins demos, snatches Adelaide week from Seven.

David Knox January 12, 2015 5

Ratings: A week of sport gives the win to Nine, but TEN takes the demos and gives Seven a scare.

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Airdate: Black Tuesday: Rising from the Ashes

David Knox January 9, 2015 0

Nine News Adelaide will reflects on the 10th anniversary of the Port Lincoln bushfires this Sunday.

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TEN lifts but Nine takes summer ratings week

David Knox January 5, 2015 0

Just 0.2% gives Nine the week over Seven with some unusual results.

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“Oops.” Best of 2014!

David Knox January 4, 2015 5

Bloopers, blunders, hiccups and hitches -2014 was full of defining TV errors.

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Gallery: Day of Drama

David Knox December 16, 2014 53

The Sydney siege turned a quiet Monday into the biggest news day of the year.

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Seven wins second week of summer

David Knox December 15, 2014 4

Ratings: News and current affairs again dominated a week of summer.

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Seven wins first week of summer

David Knox December 8, 2014 4

Ratings: Sunday night bulletins were the only titles to score over a million viewers last week.

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Seven “mistake” hides Nine logo

David Knox December 3, 2014 19

Nine's logo is here one minute, and gone the next, thanks to some technical wizardry by at Seven.

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Nine News extending to one hour on Sunday

David Knox December 2, 2014 17

Plus minor changes to Thursday & Friday, the return of Dallas and an unaired episode of The Embassy in 2 cities.

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Oops. Nne Nws typo.

David Knox December 2, 2014 10

This reprt on Nne Nws last night was mssing a ltter.

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Peter Hitchener and Livinia Nixon-2

Nine snatches final week of the year

David Knox December 1, 2014 6

Ratings: The last week of the ratings year went down to the last day of the ratings year.

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