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CBS not pursuing How I Met Your Dad

David Knox May 15, 2014 1

Producers decline to rework the show at the network's request, so CBS backs out of comedy spin-off.

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Vale: Tony Scott

David Knox August 20, 2012 7

Updated: Producer / Director Tony Scott, best known for the films Top Gun, Days of Thunder, and the TV shows The Good Wife & Numb3rs, has died.

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Returning: Numb3rs

David Knox May 6, 2012 12

The sixth and final season of Numb3rs returns to TEN this week.

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David Knox April 21, 2012 9

Kiefer Sutherland returns to TV as the father of an autistic boy with a gift. But can he shake off Jack Bauer?

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David Knox October 3, 2011 12

Poppy Montgomery can remember every tiny detail in her new crime drama on Nine, a series which owes a debt of gratitude to The Mentalist.

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Axed in 2010

David Knox December 31, 2010 45

Lost, The Bill, 24, Heroes, Scrubs, Law and Order -here are the shows we farewelled in 2010.

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Topher Grace to produce CHiPs remake

David Knox August 5, 2010 6

Topher Grace plans on producing a remake of 1970s cop series CHiPs with the team from Numb3rs.

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Axed: Cold Case, Numb3rs, Christine, Ghost Whisperer, Gary, Accidentally

David Knox May 19, 2010 30

CBS has taken the axe to several of its long running shows including Ghost Whisperer and Cold Case.

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TEN: Easter guide

David Knox March 22, 2010 22

TEN has a mix of first run, repeats, specials and sport over the Easter non-ratings fortnight.

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Returning: Numb3rs

David Knox March 19, 2010 7

US procedural Numb3rs returns to TEN next month with new episodes.

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Sci-Fi fans turn on TEN

David Knox January 11, 2010 97

Since TEN dumped Supernatural and Stargate Universe, fans have been venting their anger. TV Tonight looks for answers amid a wave of fury.

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Letterman upgraded

David Knox November 18, 2009 51

Woohoo. TEN sees sense with David Letterman and moves it back to a decent timeslot in December. Plus other summer changes....

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