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My Kitchen Rules tops 2 million in non-ratings

David Knox April 23, 2014 10

Ratings: With little competition, Seven scores a cool 2.01m for its cooking contest.

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TEN: Yes we’re keen on AFL

David Knox April 22, 2014 26

Despite letting the AFL and Before the Game go, TEN now says it is keen to bid for the next round of broadcasting rights.

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More tears for Matt Le Nevez

David Knox April 16, 2014 0

Matt Le Nevez is at it again, warning there won't be a dry eye in the house for ABC's new telemovie, Parer's War.

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Hamish McLennan

TEN loss of $8m amid “under-performing” entertainment slate

David Knox April 10, 2014 26

TEN has posted a first-half loss of $8 million as its CEO cites an under-performing entertainment slate.

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Ray Martin to guest star on Offspring

David Knox April 10, 2014 1

Look who's guest starring in Season Five of Offspring.

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Logies 2014: who missed out?

David Knox April 5, 2014 22

Kris McQuade, Elisabeth Moss, Mad as Hell, and Gruen -who else missed out this year?

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Crisis and The Millers next on TEN

David Knox March 30, 2014 22

Can upcoming US shows help turn the tide for TEN?

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Aussie drama landslide has the audience trying to keep up

David Knox March 4, 2014 21

Is this a record? 8 primetime dramas fighting for attention -but how do networks cut through?

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Kat Stewart reveals why she didn’t reprise Roberta role

David Knox February 24, 2014 5

Exclusive: Kat Stewart says "It just didn't feel right" to reprise her Underbelly role for Fat Tony & Co.

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Eddie writing Perfect comedy

David Knox February 21, 2014 3

Exclusive: Writer performer Eddie Perfect is turning his attention to writing a TV comedy.

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A touchstone for Michael Hutchence

David Knox February 6, 2014 0

Michael Hutchence's first girlfriend was a touchstone in his life, says actress Jane Harber.

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