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Final Origin match scores 2.14m

David Knox July 10, 2014 1

Ratings: No dead rubber in the TV numbers, with Origin dominating Wednesday viewing.

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Multichannels have the ratings edge

David Knox July 7, 2014 3

Ratings: Primary channels were close, but multichannels give Seven the ratings week over Nine.

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Network waiting game avoids scheduling clashes

David Knox July 3, 2014 4

Ratings: Nine fills a mid-week gap with Big Bang repeats, allowing Seven a clear win with House Rules.

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The real reason MasterChef’s recipe is better in 2014

David Knox June 30, 2014 20

MasterChef's fortunes can be directly linked to those of TEN management. Here's why.

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TEN keeps in front of ABC ratings

David Knox June 30, 2014 0

Ratings: TEN now has 5 ratings weeks in front of the ABC, but the week was a comfy win for Seven.

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Record Origin gives Nine the week

David Knox June 23, 2014 2

Ratings: State of Origin breaks the record books and is now the biggest audience of 2014.

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Martin Sacks steps into Wonderland

David Knox June 23, 2014 11

Martin Sacks will join the second season of TEN drama, Wonderland.

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TEN wants more Offspring, in talks for potential renewal.

David Knox June 20, 2014 1

TEN confirms it wants a sixth season of Offspring, and talking with producers to see if it can happen.

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Will there be more Offspring? “Never say never…” say producers.

David Knox June 18, 2014 20

There are cost challenges facing an Offspring renewal, but producers remain optimistic for more.

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House Rules brings it home for Seven

David Knox June 16, 2014 0

Ratings: Seven wins another ratings week -and there are positive messages elswehere from Thursday nights.

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Big Bang repeats leave a hole in Nine’s schedule

David Knox June 12, 2014 16

Ratings: Big Bang repeats show up how reliant Nine is on The Voice. But ABC also had a horrible Wednesday, while Seven races to the front.

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Seven takes back ratings week

David Knox June 9, 2014 2

Ratings: House Rules helps Seven to edge back in front of Nine, and TEN pips the ABC.

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