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TEN wants more Offspring, in talks for potential renewal.

David Knox June 20, 2014 1

TEN confirms it wants a sixth season of Offspring, and talking with producers to see if it can happen.

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Will there be more Offspring? “Never say never…” say producers.

David Knox June 18, 2014 20

There are cost challenges facing an Offspring renewal, but producers remain optimistic for more.

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House Rules brings it home for Seven

David Knox June 16, 2014 0

Ratings: Seven wins another ratings week -and there are positive messages elswehere from Thursday nights.

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Big Bang repeats leave a hole in Nine’s schedule

David Knox June 12, 2014 16

Ratings: Big Bang repeats show up how reliant Nine is on The Voice. But ABC also had a horrible Wednesday, while Seven races to the front.

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Seven takes back ratings week

David Knox June 9, 2014 2

Ratings: House Rules helps Seven to edge back in front of Nine, and TEN pips the ABC.

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The ABC wishes to apologise for Wednesday

David Knox June 5, 2014 15

Ratings: ABC's apology to Chris Kenny came in between two low-rating shows as it struggled on Wednesday.

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Offspring: June 4

David Knox June 4, 2014 0

Diana Glenn has a guest role as an overzealous school alumni of the Proudman gals.

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Origin gives Nine the week

David Knox June 2, 2014 1

Ratings: With Origin pulling the biggest audience of the year, Nine took its fourth ratings week.

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Origin scores 2.6m viewers for Nine network

David Knox May 29, 2014 23

Ratings: Nine scores a spectacular 2.6m viewers for Origin on Nine & GEM, the biggest Game 1 in OzTAM history.

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The shows that nobody Timeshifts

David Knox May 28, 2014 24

More than half the shows on TV are never Timeshifted by viewers.

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Bombshell for Billie Proudman

David Knox May 26, 2014 8

Lucky that Kat Stewart loves the comedy & drama of Offspring, because a bombshell is coming her way.

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Aussie content sweeps the ratings

David Knox May 26, 2014 5

Ratings: Aussie-made content enjoyed a clean sweep of the Top 20 shows, as Nine wins its third week in a row.

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