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Death becomes TV

David Knox March 18, 2009 13

Spoiler: US shows are bumping off characters left, right and centre. Here's the list of shows in question.

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Fall season sounds dull already

David Knox March 8, 2009 1

CBS reckons it only has room for 3 or 4 new shows next season.

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Hollywood says G’day to Aussiewood

David Knox January 19, 2009 4

Rachel Griffiths and Eric Bana are due to be recognised by the foreign trade marketing event in Hollywood.

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Prison Break to end

David Knox January 14, 2009 36

FOX announces Prison Break will have no more seasons, but promises a few more episodes to wrap the series.

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Serial finales a love match

David Knox December 31, 2008 27

Kudos to Seven for timing 4 key serial dramas to screen their natural finales before tennis takes over.

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TEN wins Tuesday

David Knox December 3, 2008 20

And now for some good news. TEN takes Tuesday night with a very convincing win over its rivals. Thanks, NCIS.

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Airdate: AC/DC Legends of Rock

David Knox November 29, 2008 1

Seven has a special on one of Australia's legendary bands. Get ready to rock.

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Prison Break telemovie?

David Knox November 26, 2008 11

Those extra two hours on hold: a finale or a telemovie?

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Seven summer guide

David Knox November 21, 2008 51

Seven's first week of summer shows Ugly Betty and Eli Stone twice a week, 24: Redemption, Prison Break, Dirty Sexy Money, Las Vegas and Holby Blue.

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AR2 to spark second American Revolution

David Knox November 20, 2008 1

Prison Break and West Wing producers are developing a drama about an uprising of American civilians against authority.

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Eli Stone to sing on Seven’s summer

David Knox November 14, 2008 41

Eli Stone, Holby Blue, the return of Las Vegas, Ugly Betty, Kath & Kim, more Scrubs, Amazing Race and Heroes -all part of Seven's summer line-up.

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24 about to have its Redemption

David Knox November 14, 2008 18

Seven will air the 24 telemovie in the first week of summer, and there is good news for fans of Prison Break, Amazing Race and Heroes.

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