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14 seasons long, but Dancing dips to lowest finale.

David Knox November 26, 2014 11

Ratings: It's a run other shows can only dream about, but Dancing wraps with its lowest season so far -still enough for Seven to win the night.

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Reality TV zeroes in on grand final week

David Knox November 23, 2014 13

Four Reality TV titles ready for grand finals -and most of them struggling for audiences.

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TEN: first week of summer

David Knox November 21, 2014 12

New episodes of Scorpion, NCIS: New Orleans, Recipe To Riches, The Good Wife and Madam Secretary.

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Recipe to Riches: Nov 18

David Knox November 16, 2014 4

Russel Howcroft assures that this week's winner is a first-rate product.

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TEN 2015 schedule grid

David Knox November 14, 2014 21

A rare network glimpse last night of how TEN sees its year shaping up....

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US dramas top Timeshifted shows

David Knox November 10, 2014 11

We're still watching US dramas in droves but in our own sweet PVR time, rather than watching them 'Live.'

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Shout-out to Neighbours as it reaches 7000 episodes

David Knox October 21, 2014 10

Ramsay Street reaches a milestone on Friday with barely a nod to acknowledge it.

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