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AFL boss: media organisations “disgraceful” in exploiting 13 year old girl

David Knox May 28, 2013 10

Andrew Demetriou slams media for relentlessly pursuing a 13-year-old girl and exposing her identity.

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The Voice sings long and loud on Monday

David Knox May 28, 2013 24

Ratings: A lengthy live Voice takes Nine to another Monday win and House Rules clings to the magic million.

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Aussie drama the winner in 3-way race

David Knox May 27, 2013 10

Ratings: Australian drama defies its three-way battle with over 3 million viewers across 3 shows.

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Networks identify 13yo child at the centre of AFL racial abuse

David Knox May 27, 2013 17

Seven and ABC News pixellate the face of a 13 year old, but Nine and TEN do not.

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Seven wins network ratings, but Nine tops primary channel and demos.

David Knox May 27, 2013 3

Seven falls over the line thanks to its multichannels, and TEN and SBS improve.

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Final word from “news babes” sets the record straight on working in TV

David Knox May 26, 2013 4

Four female journalists are the latest to respond to Geoffrey Barker's article on "News babes."

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Offspring optimism for TEN

David Knox May 23, 2013 17

Ratings: Offspring improves TEN's midweek shares, but the battle stays close between Nine and Seven.

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House Rules lifts as The Voice becomes a marathon

David Knox May 21, 2013 22

Ratings: Viewers love for a "before / after" reveal takes House Rules to the magic million, but the night belonged to Nine.

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“Curry” gag not racist says Indian community

David Knox May 21, 2013 6

A leader from the Victorian Indian community says there was no malice in Sandy Roberts' gag.

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Not so glam in TV news

David Knox May 21, 2013 5

Seven News reporter Kate Osborn has written a considered reponse to Geoffrey Barker's "news babes" article.

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