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Boxers Touching Gloves Before Fight

Seven dominates first half of year, but Nine leads Demos.

David Knox July 14, 2014 5

Ratings: At the half-way point, Seven is winning in Total People, but Nine is winning in Demos.

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Record Origin gives Nine the week

David Knox June 23, 2014 2

Ratings: State of Origin breaks the record books and is now the biggest audience of 2014.

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Returning: Winners and Losers. Bumped: What Really Happens in Bali.

David Knox June 10, 2014 4

Winners & Losers returns next Tuesday with Seven's Bali ob-doc moving to Mondays.

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Origin gives Nine the week

David Knox June 2, 2014 1

Ratings: With Origin pulling the biggest audience of the year, Nine took its fourth ratings week.

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House Husbands have run of The Mill

David Knox May 29, 2014 4

The stars of House Husbands launched their third series at the fictional pub bought by the boys.

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The Footy Show (AFL): May 28

David Knox May 28, 2014 3

The Footy Show AFL is airing tonight, including with a 10pm start in Melbourne.

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Airdate: State Of Origin 2014

David Knox May 21, 2014 8

Here comes Origin 2014 and here's where you can watch it right around the country.

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2.43m viewers watch Dami win The X Factor

David Knox October 29, 2013 14

Ratings: The Winner Announced equals State of Origin numbers, as one of the year's biggest audiences.

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Foxtel to close 3D channel

David Knox July 29, 2013 11

Another sign the 3D novelty is wearing off quicker than you can say "Beta"....

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2013 Mid Year Report Card

David Knox July 22, 2013 12

Four students have improved their performance at the expense of one in the Class of 2013.

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Game-changing week for Nine

David Knox July 22, 2013 5

Ratings: Olympics and Comm Games aside, Nine pulles the largest share it's ever recorded since the beginning of OzTAM.

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