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Sunday Night: July 27

David Knox July 25, 2014 0

Mike Willesee looks at a Silverwater prison escape inspired by Charles Bronson's movie Breakout.

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60 Minutes interview gives Nine the night

David Knox July 21, 2014 11

Ratings: 3 x Reality shows above the magic million, but it's a crime case that grabs the most viewers on Sunday.

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Ratings sweet spot for TEN

David Knox July 21, 2014 0

Ratings: Seven wins another ratings week, but there was good news at TEN at last.

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Sunday Night: July 20

David Knox July 17, 2014 0

Sunday Night will also air a story following the conviction of Gerard Baden-Clay.

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X Factor return trumps Voice: Kids, Thorpe interview.

David Knox July 14, 2014 28

Ratings: TEN's Ian Thorpe interview grabbed world headlines but lands under the magic million as X Factor shows who's boss.

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Boxers Touching Gloves Before Fight

Seven dominates first half of year, but Nine leads Demos.

David Knox July 14, 2014 5

Ratings: At the half-way point, Seven is winning in Total People, but Nine is winning in Demos.

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Sunday Night: July 13

David Knox July 12, 2014 3

Sunday Night returns to the Oscar Pistorius case.... this time from "Reeva’s side of the story."

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Sunday Night defends Oscar Pistorius footage amid growing criticism

David Knox July 7, 2014 9

Seven denies it obtained Oscar Pistorius footage illegally, but lawyers slam Seven for airing it before the end of the trial.

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1.99m watch Adam & Lisa win House Rules

David Knox July 7, 2014 5

Ratings: House Rules lifts slightly on its 2013 finale, and enough to give Seven an easy win on Sunday.

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Sunday Night vote on Oscar Pistorius demeans us all

David Knox July 7, 2014 18

Killer or not? Now TV networks are happy to let you vote before the trial ends.

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Dr John retires from TV screens

David Knox July 6, 2014 2

He began on Beyond 2000 in 1981, but Dr. John has bowed out from the Seven Network.

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House Rules grand final this Sunday

David Knox July 1, 2014 12

2 teams go head to head in the two-hour finale this Sunday night.

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