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Blockheads take Sunday night for Nine

David Knox September 1, 2014 4

Ratings: The Block's strong numbers compensated for the low numbers for Nine's movie, while Dr. Who rises in primetime.

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Former PMs talk to Nine, Seven.

David Knox September 1, 2014 5

Ray Martin will interview Julia Gillard on Nine and Janet ­Albrechtsen talks to John Howard on Seven.

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Sunday Night breaches Code with “Murder at Sea” story

David Knox August 29, 2014 3

Seven seeks to overturn another breach of the Code of Practice, after inaccurate reporting by Sunday Night.

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Sunday Night: Aug 31

David Knox August 28, 2014 0

Let's hope Miley Cyrus isn't to rude to Chris Bath this weekend on Sunday Night.

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Seven fails to throw out breach of Code by Today Tonight

David Knox August 27, 2014 3

Federal Court rules against Seven after ACMA finds a story on botched beauty clinic laser treatment breached the Code of Practice.

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Sunday Night intro omits the words “alleged”

David Knox August 25, 2014 0

Chris Bath tells the Sunday Night audience a woman was sexually assaulted on a Malaysian Airlines flight, before the alleged perpetrator has been convicted.

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The Block controversy pulls 1.64m viewers

David Knox August 25, 2014 15

Ratings: First world problems on Nine's reality show deliver its best numbers this season, and Whovians welcome Peter Capaldi in 2 sittings.

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Multichannels give Seven the week

David Knox August 25, 2014 3

Ratings: Nine won the primary channels but 7TWO & 7mate push Seven in front on network shares.

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Sunday Night: Aug 24

David Knox August 21, 2014 0

Sunday Night appears to have itself a scoop with footage taken on board a Malaysian Airlines flight.

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Block on top but Nine, Seven tie in network shares.

David Knox August 18, 2014 5

Ratings: The Block tops X Factor but Seven's multichannels ensure both networks tied for Sunday.

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Sunday Night: Aug 17

David Knox August 15, 2014 0

Sunday Night returns this weekend with a profile on Andrea Bocelli.

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Seven spoils TEN’s ratings party

David Knox August 11, 2014 3

Ratings: TEN has forfeited its ratings week after Seven snatches it back through Consolidated ratings.

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