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Airdate: Superstars of Dance

David Knox December 10, 2009 8

Nine made a bit of a song and dance about acquiring NBC's Superstars of Dance back in January.

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So Britain thinks it can dance

David Knox October 8, 2009 1

Nigel Lythgoe is taking So You Think You Can Dance to the UK, including with host Cat Deeley.

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Nine set to Dance Your Ass Off

David Knox July 1, 2009 45

Are you ready for Dancing with the Stars meets The Biggest Loser?

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TV’s Flash Forward promotions

David Knox June 10, 2009 9

Question: What did you see? Answer: A teaser for a show that is still ages away. Networks are doing their own flash forwards on forthcoming product.

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Nine to launch ‘entertainment channel’

David Knox March 23, 2009 58

Nine has finally confirmed plans for its multi-channelling, with a general entertainment channel launching in the second half of the year.

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Spoiler: Superstars of Dance finale

David Knox January 29, 2009 6

SPOILER: Show's over lady, but how did Australia fare in the NBC finale?

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Spoiler: Superstars of Dance update

David Knox January 23, 2009 5

Spoiler: The finale of NBC's Superstars of Dance airs next Monday. What are Australia's chances?

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Spoiler: Power to Team Australia

David Knox January 14, 2009 3

Spoiler: How did Team Australia fare in episode 3 of NBC's Superstars of Dance?

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McLeod’s marathon mercy killing

David Knox January 9, 2009 21

Is Nine washing its hands of McLeod's Daughters? Get ready for a four hour 'marathon' that will burn off viewers quicker than it burns off episodes.

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Not-so-Superstars of Dance?

David Knox January 8, 2009 10

Spoiler: Here's how Team Australia, and more particularly the first episode of NBC's Superstars of Dance, fared.

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Superstars of Dance for Nine

David Knox January 5, 2009 24

Nine picks up the rights to NBC's international dance contest featuring Australia's Henry Byalikov and the Australian Dance Theatre.

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Oz stars take to NBC Dance

David Knox December 31, 2008 4

Henry Byalikov, Jason Gilkinson, Kelley Abbey and Australian Dance Theatre will help represent Oz in NBC's world dance contest.

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