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Survivor: Nicaragua cast revealed

David Knox August 10, 2010 11

Spoiler: Here's details on the Survivor: Nicaragua cast and a new season twist.

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What to show for a year of GO!

David Knox August 9, 2010 32

It's a year since GO! arrived with the promise of youth programming. But while it has the numbers to celebrate, is it also having an identity crisis?

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Survivor: Nicaragua: Spoiler

David Knox July 29, 2010 11

Spoiler: Here's how Survivor: Nicaragua will reinvent itself for the next season.

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Nine 2010: Pt II

David Knox July 22, 2010 57

Nine has spruiked its upcoming shows for 2010 to advertisers... here are the promised shows.

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Arrest warrant out on former Survivor producer

David Knox June 2, 2010 0

Former Survivor producer Bruce Beresford-Redman has been charged with the brutal murder of his wife in Cancun.

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The legacy of Lost

David Knox May 26, 2010 69

Lost may have vanished like the smoke monster into the air. But its legacy will live on in shows we are yet to see.

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Survivor loser: Let the audience vote

David Knox May 26, 2010 48

Losing Survivor bad boy Russell reckons the game is flawed and America should be voting for the winner.

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When Reality spoils the media

David Knox May 26, 2010 18

In Reality TV even the best media-trained contestant can accidentally trigger a Spoiler. So is it fair game for media to publish it?

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Upfronts: CBS

David Knox May 20, 2010 8

Hawaii Five-O, The Defenders, Blue Bloods, $#*! My Dad Says, Mike and Molly join CBS' Fall schedule.

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Survivor: Nicaragua

David Knox May 19, 2010 18

Season 21 of Survivor will be set in Nicaragua later this year.

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Australia’s Got Talent outplays MasterChef

David Knox May 12, 2010 55

I see you Matt Preston and I raise you one piano-playing child protege....Seven's talent show beat TEN's cooking show last night.

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Survivor and the trouble with fastracking

David Knox May 10, 2010 25

Fastracking TV is a good idea right? Except when it comes to Survivor finales.

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