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Sting in the tail of Monday ratings for Seven, Nine, TEN.

David Knox October 16, 2012 44

Ratings: ABC News outranks both Seven and Nine News, because Seven News Melbourne is plummeting. And TEN has a shocker of a night.

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Jack Tame. TEN’s man in New York (from TVNZ).

David Knox October 16, 2012 3

Reporter Jack Tame is doing a fair bit of work for TEN News lately, which is pretty good for someone employed by TVNZ.

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Fast-tracking fails to lift TEN’s Super-Sunday

David Knox October 15, 2012 81

Update: TEN adds a replay of Homeland after Season Two debut under-performs.

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Anh Does the ratings week

David Knox October 14, 2012 19

Ratings: Anh Does Vietnam broke every rule in the book by topping the week, while TEN ties with the ABC.

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Nine News wins Thursday

David Knox October 12, 2012 24

Ratings: Nine pipped Seven by just 0.1% with its Sydney and Melbourne News bulletins leading the charge.

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TEN News special: Bali 10 Years On

David Knox October 11, 2012 1

TEN will broadcast a Live News Special produced by Nick Way who was in Bali in 2002 reporting on the bombings.

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Wednesday soft for ratings

David Knox October 11, 2012 20

Ratings: Wednesday was a low-rating weeknight with only 4 shows over the one million margin, and three of them were in News.

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Monday hits the X spot

David Knox October 9, 2012 20

Ratings: The X Factor took 1.42m viewers for Seven, while TEN's victory on Sunday night proved to be a short-lived victory.

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1.33m as Assange telemovie puts TEN back in the mix

David Knox October 8, 2012 34

Ratings: Underground wins its timeslot and puts TEN in front of the ABC, while Anh Do scores for multiculturalism on Seven.

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Seven wins total people, Nine wins demos -again.

David Knox October 7, 2012 10

There are now only 8 more weeks in the ratings race and the two big guns each have their eye on a prize.

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Warning …. here comes the sun

David Knox October 5, 2012 27

Ratings: Daylight Saving begins this Sunday and a quick look at Thursday's results is a clear reminder of how it will impact on TV ratings.

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