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Airdate: Trinny & Susannah’s Great British Body. Gone: Parking Wars

David Knox September 8, 2010 4

Seven withdraws its series on the Philadelphia Parking Authority and replaces it with UK fashion stylists Trinny & Susannah.

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X Factor amendment

David Knox September 1, 2010 7

Seven has scheduled a last minute special to air tonight at 11:30pm, The X Factor: The Contenders.

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Bermuda Triangle spoiling

David Knox August 24, 2010 15

7TWO gets into the spoiling next week by running a documentary on The Bermuda Triangle just ninety minutes before Nine plays one.

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Airdate: 10 Items or Less

David Knox June 17, 2010 4

This US comedy series is part-scripted, part-improvised and filmed in a working supermarket.

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7TWO update

David Knox June 14, 2010 21

Coming to 7TWO: repeats of Amazing Race, Murphy Brown, That 70s Show and Britannia High.

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Airdate: Help Me Help You

David Knox March 23, 2010 10

GO! will air the short-lived sitcom Help Me Help You with Ted Danson as a therapist with more problems than his patients.

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111 Hits will target 24-54’s.

David Knox October 20, 2008 68

Lost, 24, ER, and Two and a Half Men are some of the shows due on the new 111 Hits channel.

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Lost in the 80’s

David Knox September 9, 2008 2

Wonder Years' creator Bob Brush has his creative sights set on a dramedy about life during the 80s.

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