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Foreign Correspondent exec appointed Sunday Night producer

David Knox December 20, 2014 1

Sunday Night scores a coup by hiring executive producer Steve Taylor.

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What’s in a TV title anyway?

David Knox September 25, 2014 9

How do producers come up with show titles -and what have been some of the stinkers?

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Chris Uhlmann leaves 7:30

David Knox September 10, 2013 6

Chris Uhlmann is leaving ABC current affairs show, 7:30, to be replaced by Sabra Lane.

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Vale: Bill Peach

David Knox August 27, 2013 6

Former ABC current affairs host Bill Peach, best known as the original presenter of This Day Tonight, has died.

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John Clarke: We owe it all to Jana

David Knox November 9, 2012 11

Exclusive: John Clarke & Jana Wendt remember the days when she couldn't hold it together on air from laughing so much at political satire.

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Devil’s Dust

David Knox November 6, 2012 0

ABC's sombre story of the fight for legal justice by asbestos victims is powerful stuff.

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New Exec Producer for 7:30

David Knox February 10, 2012 3

ABC1 has appointed a new Executive Producer for 7.30 following the departure of Michael Carey last month.

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Ali Moore quits Lateline, host changes at 7:30 and News Breakfast

David Knox December 2, 2011 9

Moore will head overseas while other changes to ABC also see maternity leave for Virginia Trioli and Leigh Sales.

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Vale: Ian Carroll

David Knox August 20, 2011 5

ABC's Director of Innovation, Ian Carroll, has died following a battle with cancer, just two weeks after retiring.

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7:30 looks to more journos

David Knox July 25, 2011 16

The ABC is looking to add new journalists to 7:30 in a bid to thwart diminishing numbers.

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