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Airdate: Love Gone Wrong

David Knox October 25, 2014 0

KAK returns to CI to front a series looking at some of the greatest cases involving 'love gone wrong.'

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Seven, Nine shun 15 minute “Winner Announcement” minimums

David Knox October 22, 2014 6

Exclusive: TEN is the only commercial network to abide by an OzTAM agreement for minimum durations when coding grand finals.

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Bachelor saga done ….don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

David Knox October 22, 2014 5

Jilted Bachelor winner Sam Frost gets the final word: “That is the biggest load of s***."

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Lowest X Factor finale yet for Seven

David Knox October 21, 2014 20

Ratings: 1.43m watch Marlisa win X Factor as Seven takes the night. But numbers fall well short of a year earlier.

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Cheaters, jilters and love-crossed Reality TV.

David Knox October 21, 2014 14

One network has a jilting Bachelor, the other has a cheating young lover. Reality TV is full of healthy messages.

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Blake and Louise …is there anything left to tell?

David Knox October 20, 2014 15

Worst-kept secret confirmed by worst Bachelor.

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Bachelor Blake & Louise speak to The Project

David Knox October 18, 2014 11

Carrie Bickmore has another Bachelor scoop with Blake & Louise set to tell all on Monday.

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ten 1811

TEN reports $168m loss

David Knox October 16, 2014 11

TEN reports a loss for the third year running but looks to an improved audience since May.

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Where is Reality Check when we need it?

David Knox October 15, 2014 5

Bachelor proposals, Block Auctions, Mark Holden dancing -where the hell is Reality Check?

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Dating Naked: Oct 16

David Knox October 14, 2014 6

If only they had filmed The Bachelor like this.

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Bachelor Blake in “confirmed” relationship with Louise

David Knox October 10, 2014 4

Blake Garvey is dating second runner-up Louise Pillidge, according to media reports.

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