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The Bachelor

David Knox July 30, 2014 0

Season 2 of The Bachelor will premiere on TEN 7:30pm Wednesday July 30th. It will air on both Wednesdays and Thursday nights. Last year the show had an uneven launch, but settled better in mid-week, including

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X Factor avoids clash with Voice, MasterChef finales.

David Knox July 18, 2014 11

No X Factor for Mondays for 2 weeks as rival Reality shows reach their crescendo.

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Jamie Oliver set to follow MasterChef

David Knox July 17, 2014 6

MasterChef wraps on July 28, but can Save with Jamie serve up a suitable replacement?

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Returning: Legally Brown

David Knox July 10, 2014 0

Nazeem Hussain returns for more irreverent race relations -and The Real Taxi Drivers of Melbourne.

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Returning: The Bachelor

David Knox July 10, 2014 0

This year's Bachelor will be seen on Wednesdays and Thursdays on TEN.

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2014: Still to Come

David Knox July 9, 2014 33

At the halfway point of the TV year, what else is yet to air?

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Blake Garvey is the new Bachelor

David Knox May 25, 2014 0

31 year old Perth auctioneer is set to star in the second season of The Bachelor.

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Renewed: The Mentalist. Axed: Intelligence.

David Knox May 12, 2014 6

Renewed: Cougar Town., Hannibal, The Bachelor. Axed: Hostages, Friends with Better Lives.

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Programmer’s Wrap 2014: TEN

David Knox January 28, 2014 24

TEN has a stronger local drama slate in 2014 and plans for event TV on Sundays, says Beverley McGarvey.

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Hands up who missed Sharknado?

David Knox November 22, 2013 15

Ratings: At 205,000 Sharknado would have gotten a bigger audience if it wasn't at 9:30 on a Thursday night multichannel.

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How robust is our Ratings system?

David Knox November 22, 2013 27

TEN wants a more "robust" ratings system, but OzTAM contends it's much harder to measure viewing on tablets and phones.

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Bachelor wins Wednesday ratings

David Knox November 21, 2013 14

Ratings: TEN's Bachelor finale tops the night with 1.19m for The Final Decision.

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