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Airdate: Mayday

David Knox November 26, 2014 0

A picture-perfect town is thrown into upheaval by the gruesome murder of a young girl during May Day festivities.

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Real Humans real adaptation for the UK

David Knox April 8, 2014 8

The English adaptation of Swedish drama Real Humans is proceeding, from the producers of Spooks.

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Banished, set to look at convict past.

David Knox March 12, 2014 3

A new Australian-UK co-production about our penal colony past will star David Wenham, Russell Tovey & Ryan Corr.

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Returning: Downton Abbey

David Knox February 16, 2014 7

As expected, Season Four of Downton Abbey begins on Seven next Sunday night.

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Walkley Awards don’t pop on ABC3

David Knox November 29, 2013 6

Ratings: Just 17,000 viewers average across ABC3's "pop-up" channel experiment.

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Hands up who missed Sharknado?

David Knox November 22, 2013 15

Ratings: At 205,000 Sharknado would have gotten a bigger audience if it wasn't at 9:30 on a Thursday night multichannel.

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Peter Capaldi named as Doctor Who’s new Time Lord

David Knox August 5, 2013 20

“Being asked to play The Doctor is an amazing privilege" says Peter Capaldi.

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UK fans petition to save The Hour

David Knox February 14, 2013 4

Over 8,000 fans have signed a UK petition to save BBC drama The Hour, after it was axed by the broadcaster.

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Axed: The Hour

David Knox February 13, 2013 9

Sorry about that cliffhanger .....time is up for The Hour.

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6 hour

Returning: The Hour

David Knox December 17, 2012 3

A new series of BBC drama The Hour begins on ABC1 in January.

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The day before the axe

David Knox November 22, 2012 4

TV Tonight asked Hunted producer Stephen Garrett about the show's future the day before BBC cancelled it.

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ABC: Summer highlights

David Knox November 17, 2012 17

Dr Who, Maggie Beer, Misfits, Hell on Wheels & Next Stop Hollywood are all coming to ABC's Summer.

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