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Airdate: Miguel’s Feast

David Knox November 20, 2014 0

The Living Room's Miguel Maestre is getting his own food / lifestyle series in summer.

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TEN 2015 schedule grid

David Knox November 14, 2014 21

A rare network glimpse last night of how TEN sees its year shaping up....

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TEN 2015 highlights: Celebrity, Drama, Sport.

David Knox November 14, 2014 41

Julia Morris joins TEN, new dramas on Princess Mary & Peter Brock, and The Bachelorette (but no word on Offspring).

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The Living Room: Nov 14

David Knox November 12, 2014 2

This week it's cooking barramundi, plus smart dogs, superannuation and DIY tips.

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Spain honours Miguel Maestre (just for being Spanish)

David Knox October 28, 2014 5

The King of Spain decides The Living Room presenter has been doing his bit for king & country.

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Seven wins odd week of ratings

David Knox October 20, 2014 2

Ratings: Numbers-wise it proved to be a week of extremes, but Seven came out in front last week.

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ten 1811

TEN reports $168m loss

David Knox October 16, 2014 11

TEN reports a loss for the third year running but looks to an improved audience since May.

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The Living Room: Sept 26

David Knox September 25, 2014 0

This week Miguel keeps his lunch fresh, Baz renovates a bedroom and Chris dispels pet behaviour.

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The Living Room: Sept 12

David Knox September 11, 2014 1

Boob jobs or designer vaginas? Leanne Hall looks at cosmetic surgery this week on TEN.

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The Living Room reaches 100 episodes

David Knox September 3, 2014 6

TEN's quiet achiever, originally pitched as a different take on Lifestyle, reaches a milestone this Friday.

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The Living Room: Aug 15

David Knox August 14, 2014 0

Former Bachelor star Tim Robards and partner Anna Heinrich appear tomorrow night.

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The Living Room: Aug 1

David Knox July 30, 2014 0

Amanda Keller visits the wonderful Tim Ferguson, proud owner of a mammoth Star Wars collection.

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