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Vale: Kerrie Biddell

David Knox September 5, 2014 5

Australian jazz singer Kerrie Biddell, who sang the theme song to Sons and Daughters, has died, aged 67.

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Vale: Johnny Lockwood

David Knox April 26, 2013 3

Johnny Lockwood, best known as Aldo Godolfus in Number 96, has died aged 92.

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Garry McDonald: I haven’t retired!

David Knox May 2, 2012 7

When Garry McDonald steps up for an Offspring role, you know it must be worth it. But as he explains, he hasn't retired. Minor Spoilers.

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When Garry meets Peter

David Knox May 6, 2009 2

The legendary Garry McDonald is up close and personal on Talking Heads next Monday on ABC1.

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Frank Woodley, Comedy Gold.

David Knox September 13, 2008 4

Frank Woodley will host some classic Aussie comedies including The Comedy Company, Norman Gunston and Big Girl's Blouse.

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