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First Contact more than just ‘rusted on racists’

David Knox November 18, 2014 1

Producers spoke to more than 700 Australians to find 6 with a wide-range of views on Indigenous Australia, for their SBS series.

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ADG Awards: presenters

David Knox April 24, 2014 0

Claudia Karvan, Marta Dusseldorp, Justine Clark and Denise Roberts will present at the Directors Guild Awards.

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Foxtel The Kettering Incident

Screen Tasmania invests in Foxtel mystery

David Knox February 10, 2014 0

Screen Tasmania invests $1m in Foxtel's upcoming mystery The Kettering Incident.

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ABC, SBS win ATOM Awards.

David Knox November 23, 2012 0

ABC and SBS have both been awarded by the Australian Teachers of Media.

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Doubles dip into Director’s Guild Awards

David Knox May 12, 2012 2

Matt Saville, Jeffrey Walker and Tony Krawtiz each won two trophies at the Australian Directors’ Guild Awards.

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Input _2012_01 (1)

Public broadcasters meet in Sydney for INPUT Conference

David Knox May 12, 2012 3

Producers and filmmakers from 50 countries spent the week in Sydney for the INPUT Conference. TV Tonight was there to hear questions about The Straits and Go Back.

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Cricket gives Nine a Sunday win

David Knox February 6, 2012 6

Nine had a win on Sunday night thanks to its One Day Cricket coverage.

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Airdate: The Tall Man

David Knox January 17, 2012 3

Margaret Pomeranz called this Walkley Award winning doco, “One of the most explosive stories of our time."

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Indigenous jobs on Redfern Now

David Knox November 7, 2011 8

ABC's drama series for 2012 will employ over 250 Indigenous Australians including producers, directors, writers, actors and post-production staff.

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SBS rules Documentary finalists at Walkley Awards

David Knox October 11, 2011 1

SBS has taken a clean sweep in the Inaugural Walkley Documentary Award, landing three out of three nominations.

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