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Returning: The Walking Dead

David Knox September 16, 2014 2

FX will fast-track Season 5 of The Walking Dead to Australia in mid-October.

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Foxtel v Choice: it’s war over the cost to subscribe to Pay TV.

David Knox September 9, 2014 20

Foxtel hits back at strategic remarks by Choice that content costs up to 431% more in Australia than the US.

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Returning: The Walking Dead

David Knox July 29, 2014 2

Video: New date, new trailer, new corpses....

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Emmy snubs: where’s The Good Wife please?

David Knox July 11, 2014 15

Huh? Downton Abbey is in but Good Wife is out?

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True Blood: teaser

David Knox April 22, 2014 0

Video: "There's no-one left." The final season of True Blood is due in June.

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Paramount developing The Truman (TV) Show

David Knox April 10, 2014 10

Small screen versions of The Truman Show and Ghost? What other films would make a good TV series?

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Bumped: The Returned. Returning: The Walking Dead

David Knox March 18, 2014 3

A reminder that The Returned has moved timeslots tonight with The Walking Dead back on SBS 2.

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ASTRA Awards 2014: viewer-voted nominees

David Knox January 31, 2014 0

Didier Cohen, Jennifer Hawkins and Alex Perry are all nominated for ASTRAs -but not Charlotte Dawson.

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Programmer’s Wrap 2014: SBS

David Knox January 27, 2014 11

The FIFA World Cup underpins the entire SBS strategy for the year, says Peter Andrews.

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Walking Dead pranks ‘Daryl’

David Knox January 21, 2014 0

Video: 17-year old 'zombie prankster' Nick was flown to Tokyo to prank cast member Norman Reedus.

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The Walking Dead: trailer

David Knox January 19, 2014 2

Video: A new trailer has been released for part two of The Walking Dead season.

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People’s Choice Awards 2014: winners

David Knox January 10, 2014 4

Winners included The Good Wife, The Walking Dead, Castle, Big Bang & American Horror Story.

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