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Janet King holds her nerve for ABC1

David Knox April 11, 2014 17

Ratings: Audiences have voted with their remotes, for the Crownies reboot by ABC1.

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Naturally, Sarah Harris …

David Knox April 9, 2014 15

Once told to "sound like Jana" and terrified of live crosses, Sarah Harris is now comfortable in her own skin.

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The Project strong as Charlie says goodbye

David Knox April 8, 2014 23

Ratings: The Project and TEN News enjoy a lift in figures but the night goes to Seven.

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Joe Hildebrand apologises to Rosie Batty

David Knox April 3, 2014 6

Video: “Rosie Batty has been incredibly gracious about this," says Studio 10's Joe Hildebrand.

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My Kitchen Rules tops Wednesday

David Knox April 3, 2014 3

Ratings: Seven's cook-off tops the night again, as it chooses two teams for its Top 5.

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Natarsha Belling up for the breakfast fight

David Knox April 3, 2014 13

TEN's Natarsha Belling is not about to give in despite the obvious challenges facing Wake Up.

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All the drama of Monday gives Nine a win

David Knox April 1, 2014 12

Ratings: Love Child and The Block help Nine to a win, but My Kitchen Rules was still #1.

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Only joking, hey Karl?

David Knox March 31, 2014 4

The boss says no change and the host says he was just joshin'.

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Vale: Ian Frykberg

David Knox March 31, 2014 0

Ian Frykberg, the industry 'go-to' man for sports media deals, has died aged 68.

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I wake up with a change on Today

David Knox March 30, 2014 13

Was Karl Stefanovic really serious about being replaced on Today? Now Lisa and Georgi are in on the 'gag.'

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The Biggest Loser living up to its title this year

David Knox March 27, 2014 20

Ratings: Seven takes another night, while Biggest Loser stays under 300,000 for TEN.

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