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Dear Today Tonight, these emails were probably meant for you.

David Knox February 4, 2014 16

Traffic fines, ripped-off pensioners & missing cats -I've had to tell them all, "Sorry I am not Today Tonight."

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Seven axes Today Tonight in Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane.

David Knox February 3, 2014 71

Seven moves to a one hour news bulletin in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, confirming the axing of Today Tonight.

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Today Tonight story on Falconio “breakthrough” filmed 3 years ago

David Knox January 31, 2014 22

Updated: A "new lead" and "world exclusive" on Today Tonight was actually filmed 3 years ago.

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Mark Ferguson replaces Chris Bath at Seven News

David Knox January 27, 2014 42

Mark Ferguson takes the anchor chair at Seven News in Sydney, with Chris Bath moved to Fridays and Saturdays.

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Seven News backflip as new theme is dumped

David Knox January 25, 2014 26

Theme music is dumped after 4 days while Seven dangerously fiddles with its brand.

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Rumour: one hour for Seven News?

David Knox January 24, 2014 23

Seven is tipped to screen a one hour news service this Monday night -but is it permanent?

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Chequebooks out for Schapelle interview

David Knox January 23, 2014 20

Networks are swirling with chequebooks at the prospect of Schapelle Corby's first post-jail interview.

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Denham Hitchcock joins Sunday Night

David Knox January 21, 2014 15

Former Nine US correspondent joins Seven after hopes for a 60 Minutes role were not realised.

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Helen Kapalos departs as host of Today Tonight

David Knox January 20, 2014 22

Helen Kapalos is out as host of Today Tonight, but remains with Seven News and Sunday Night.

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Derryn Hinch arrested

David Knox January 17, 2014 6

Derryn Hinch has been arrested after failing to pay his $100,000 fine for being in contempt of court.

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Rewriting the ratings rules

David Knox January 15, 2014 15

Split coding and national peaks? OzTAM sets the record straight on the ratings rules and reportage.

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Nine to stick with one hour News

David Knox January 8, 2014 45

Extended news scores for Nine and is here to stay -but it raises so many other questions.

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