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Stan adds ABC titles

David Knox December 16, 2014 1

Summer Heights High, Upper Middle Bogan, Rake, Redfern Now, Miss Fisher & Janet King coming to Stan.

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ABC can’t get enough of local comedy

David Knox December 15, 2014 9

Funding cuts are no laughing matter but Head of Comedy Rick Kalowski says ABC is still the home of TV comedy.

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iview offers free Comedy binge

David Knox December 11, 2014 3

Moody Christmas, Ja’mie, Upper Middle Bogan, Frontline & Agony Aunts are all free and on demand.

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Patrick Brammall: “Someone f***ed up with The Moodys”

David Knox December 5, 2014 19

The Moodys is not returning in 2015 which Patrick Brammall attributes to bad decisions made along the way.

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A Current Affair hits bum note with One Direction

David Knox November 28, 2014 36

Ratings: Viewers switch off ACA's squealy night with One Direction -but the trouble didn't stop there.

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Upper Middle Bogan: Nov 27

David Knox November 27, 2014 0

It's the penultimate episode of Upper Middle Bogan's season on ABC.

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Ratings slip under 900,000 mark

David Knox November 21, 2014 14

Ratings: Never mind the magic million -now we're struggling to reach 900,000 on a Thursday.

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ABC Summer highlights

David Knox November 20, 2014 10

It's all good over summer as ABC programs plenty of treats across 3 channels & iview.

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Drama Report 2013-14

David Knox November 16, 2014 5

TV Drama output drops after a bumper year in 2012-13, with fewer miniseries and children's drama.

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Seven dips, Nine take Thursday.

David Knox November 14, 2014 4

Ratings: Former Pay TV title King's Cross ER helps Nine take Thursday, whole Seven slips under 900,000.

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Rake to return with fourth season

David Knox November 13, 2014 10

Exclusive: Richard Roxburgh will return in Rake, but not until 2016. And what of other shows off ABC's 2015 list?

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US dramas top Timeshifted shows

David Knox November 10, 2014 11

We're still watching US dramas in droves but in our own sweet PVR time, rather than watching them 'Live.'

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