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Brand Integration, that’s the name of the Reality game.

David Knox April 13, 2014 6

It used to be known as Product Placement, but these days Brand Integration is embedded much deeper and pays its way for shows.

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Logies 2014: who missed out?

David Knox April 5, 2014 22

Kris McQuade, Elisabeth Moss, Mad as Hell, and Gruen -who else missed out this year?

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Docklands Studios turn 10

David Knox April 4, 2014 1

It was built as Film studios, but 10 years on Television keeps Dockland Studios humming.

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Airdate: Resurrection

David Knox March 17, 2014 15

Seven has confirmed Tuesdays for new US drama Resurrection, replacing Winners and Losers.

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Update: Winners and Losers, Parenthood.

David Knox March 9, 2014 13

Seven has two episodes of Winners and Losers this Tuesday, with Parenthood out.

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Aussie drama landslide has the audience trying to keep up

David Knox March 4, 2014 21

Is this a record? 8 primetime dramas fighting for attention -but how do networks cut through?

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Seven takes third night in a row

David Knox February 12, 2014 11

Ratings: The third day of the ratings year was rather uneventful with MKR still well ahead of the pack.

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