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Sam Neill cast as Lang Hancock

David Knox August 18, 2014 8

Key cast confirmed for Nine's Gina Rinehart drama, now trimmed to a 2hr telemovie.

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Returning: The Goldbergs

David Knox August 7, 2014 7

US sitcom returns to Seven next Monday follow The Amazing Race.

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Luke Jacobz

X Factor pushes back Amazing Race, Winners & Losers, Criminal Minds.

David Knox July 28, 2014 30

Extended X Factor means other Seven programming is being pushed back in the schedule.

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Multichannels have the ratings edge

David Knox July 7, 2014 3

Ratings: Primary channels were close, but multichannels give Seven the ratings week over Nine.

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Returning: Winners and Losers. Bumped: What Really Happens in Bali.

David Knox June 10, 2014 4

Winners & Losers returns next Tuesday with Seven's Bali ob-doc moving to Mondays.

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Brand Integration, that’s the name of the Reality game.

David Knox April 13, 2014 6

It used to be known as Product Placement, but these days Brand Integration is embedded much deeper and pays its way for shows.

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