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  1. Season 1 of Debra Messing’s series Mysteries of Laura starts Wednesday of next week at 8.30pm on 9 in a double ep shown in US last September. Later that night, Nine shows the first of the four remaining eps of Weeds that they have held onto for almost three years!!

  2. Have been watching the latest series of Extant late Monday nights. Noticed it’s not on tomorrow night. Any idea where it is/when it will be back?

  3. harrypotter1994

    Anyone else a bit over fast tracking? Either air the eps before the year ends and then resume in Feb or just air them all at once in July. Took about an episode and a bit to get back into the swing of The Blacklist on its return.

    • They seem few and far between now, with networks randomly selecting some shows to fast track, with that definition so varied it’s lost all meaning. Foxtel is not much better only fast tracking some selected shows to stave off illegal downloads, which I’m not sure its made any difference.

    • I don’t watch the blacklist but from but from what I’ve observed of their programming of the show I wouldn’t call that fast tracking or blame fast tracking for their poor treatment of that show.

      • harrypotter1994

        They “fast tracked” the first 8 episodes last year and were up to date with the US then they wait till July to show the rest.

        • The fast-tracked episodes, on late and up against competition at a time when viewer numbers are declining, rated hundreds of thousands less than it did non-fast-tracked in its regular Wednesday night slot.

          As a result The Blacklist didn’t make it into Seven’s Ratings season lineup. Now its being used as filler when Seven has little else to show and is getting doubled up, pushed till late or bumped.

  4. Maev....Sydney

    I tried watching Room 101 earlier today….the trailer was great…the show…less so..just could not get into it….
    Also SBS catch up was awful…never has been for me before….very jumpy and jerky…
    I will give it another try shortly….on my TV…..

    • I’m avoiding the sbs catch up site on pc at the moment since the update because its unusable. I see from your comments that its not been fixed.

      The one show I watched on sbs this week I watched through sbs catch up on fetch. Worked ok through fetch accept when pause the show then resume a grey screen comes on and says lost internet connection but the audio from the episode continues so is the connection really lost? This forces you to restart the ep which is annoying but atleast on restart it resumes from where your at so I guess that’s something.

      • Maev....Sydney

        I view through PC…and do not have Fetch or anything else…
        And like chasing shows around due to weird programming…I also do not want to have to work at catch up…too hard…I am gone…which is a shame…I have always found SBS good ….I will give it a bit more time to see if it gets sorted….but I do not have a lot of patience…

      • I had a terrible time trying to AirPlay the latest Rectify episode from SBSonDemand on Friday night. It had been okay the previous week.

  5. Watching the soccer on GO and as I was also on my pc thought I would check how the soccer stream was on jumpin. Turned the stream on briefly and the audio was barely audible despite volume being on full blast. Haven’t had any audio issues recently with watching tennis on or watching the matildas on the sbs world game site so not sure why jumpin is so bad. It needs to be fixed.

    • So I’m watching the soccer on GEM tonight and also on my pc so I thought I would again check how the stream was on jumpin. So gone to the jumpin site, clicked on week of soccer option for the stream and the page is taking ages to load. So continue look at other webpages and wait for pages to load and get the following message
      503-Service Unavailable
      This page is currently unavailable. Please try again later…….
      Its jumpin. I’m not surprised there are issues. Surely 9, if your going to offer this service make sure it actually works.

  6. Mr game show fan

    Check last night’s episode of Hot Seat (July 16th) on 9JumpIn and you will see Eddie clearly helped the contestant win $20,000.

    I would write a email to complain to Channel 9 but after a lot of looking, I believe Channel 9 don’t have an email.
    It’s 2015 and Channel 9 (and indeed 7 and 10) still don’t have a email address.
    Get with the times Australian commercial networks.

    • He did help her. But to be fair she was very good at most answers early on and all the other contestants on that day were really bad. She deserved to win something.

      • Mr game show fan

        I also agree some contestants (particularly two) were so bad I question how the hell did they pass the audition process
        On that very same night we had a PE teacher who did not know cricket positions and someone who either was a student in health or works in health who did not know the human body.

        No wonder there has not been a $1,000,000 question asked since 13th May 2013.
        I went on a plane for the first time as the episode was broadcasting on TV.
        Used Wikipedia to check the next day and YouTube when I came back from my trip.

  7. The broadcasting of Ch 78 has stuffed up a lot of digital TVs older than around 2009. The main problem is that selecting any of Ch 7’s channels results in the TV being stuck on Ch 7.

  8. This site won’t load for me any more!
    Had to use my VPN to get here and post this! It loads perfectly with the VPN.
    It seems to get stuck when loading something from ‘cloudfare’, is there a problem somewhere?

  9. It looks like Monday is the day for disappearing shows since ‘The Blacklist’ also looks to be out next week – replaced by Gordon Ramsay show title #17.

  10. Extant has disappeared from Ten’s schedule next Monday, replaced by the movie Cowboys & Aliens. The following Monday there’s a double episode of Under The Dome.

  11. I’ve noticed that my local Westfield Shopping Ctr have installed multiple tv’s in their food court all tuned in to ch7 & with subtitles. Is this a novel way for 7 to increase advertising revenue? Looks like they may have some sort of deal with Westfield.

  12. Craig , That 70’s show is on the Australian Netflix all seasons .

    Does anyone know why TenPlay is missing Ep 1 of Bob’s Burger’s ? Did Ch 10 never play the first episode of the new season ?

    • I refuse to pay for Netflix, already have Foxtel. Yes I know 70s Show is also on Foxtel but for some weird reason the ABC has access to the widescreen print where Foxtel doesn’t, don’t know which version Netflix has. Besides I’ve been recording it on ABC2 so I have a copy and don’t have to pay for it when I want to see it again.

  13. Does anyone know if Channel 7 will be carrying Heroes Reborn, like they did the original Heroes series? And if so, will it be fasttracked from the USA, or will we have to wait for it?

    • If no faith to do on Seven – surely this would be great on mate in HD… please not Presto – not everyone can stream effectively yet.

      Looking forward to Heroes Reborn.

    • It’s a new series, so Seven won’t get the rights to it under the old contract. But NBC look to be distributing it so Seven will have first pick of it.

      I doubt Seven would want it for FTA, so would probably prefer it on Presto. However, Foxtel might prefer it to be on Fox8 because putting too much first run content on Presto risks canabalising Foxtel subscriptions (Netflix and Stan don’t have that problem).

      There’s still at least 2 months before anything will be made public, at the earliest.

    • Okay, it appears no one besides noticed that Heroes Reborn was included in 7’s lists of shows for 2015 – following that logic they’ll be fast tracking it.
      Though, I don’t imagine it’ll do well.

  14. chivasssimo

    Today I was looking around for a site where I could search all the streaming services/online providers to see what services have a particular show. I found this one called JustWatch ( which is great. just thought I would share.

  15. That 70s Show on ABC2 – does anyone know if the ABC will return to S1 of the show when they finish the series? I know this is a little early as they have some 6-7 week work of episodes to go before S8 ends, just wondering as I missed the first few seasons.

  16. How can TEN promote the motor racing as ‘Live’ this weekend when the only thing that is actually live is the V8 races? The qualifying and support events have all been delayed on TEN but they still persist with ‘Live and Free’ under the TEN logo.

    No wonder it’s free, because bugger all of the content is actually live.

    Now this might be down to contracts and they are not allowed to show anything but the V8 races live, I don’t know. But if this is the case then remove that insulting ‘Live and Free’ watermark!

    • Perth didn’t have a “Live & Free” watermark well that is for metro so that would have to be a Southern Cross problem. They were ‘near live’ unlike 7 who were like hours behind for qualifying, support and top ten Shootout.

      • Yeah the Live & Free might have been on the SC10, I guess they need to move some things around to fit their schedule where as Foxtel has loads more time to play with and can actually show most if now all sessions live in HD and ad free. Well worth the extra $20 per month IMO.

        Yes David I see the irony of paying extra for Foxtel Sports but not willing to pay for Presto and other online services.

  17. News Corp is reporting that Foxtel has named Claire Hooper (Good News Week) and Mel Buttle as co-hosts of The Great Australian Bake Off. Interesting choice, as they are well known comediennes but are not known as foodies.

    • Kelly McGann

      The UK hosts are comediennes and half make the show in my opinion. The judges are the foodies so to speak so having funny hosts brings a nice balance I find. Also, if true, 2 women, yay!

  18. Chicago Fire starts on 7Two Monday week at 12 noon in double episodes each week day. These eps shown two and half years ago in US and also on Foxtel.

  19. The second ep of If Walls Could Talk: The History of The House, has popped up on SBS at 4:25pm today (Sat).

    This was one of the few non-repeats in SBS’s lineup of nightly documentaries in July, but was dumped after one ep for repeats of Who Do You Think You Are? on Tuesday.

    No PBS Newshour again today.

  20. I’m gathering that 7 doesn’t air the team song live after the game on a Friday night. When the team song was airing on 7, SEN radio was in the midst of an interview with Richmond’s Shaun Hampson. Also does 7’s commentary get a good view of the whole ground in particular goals? Cause Dennis Cometti called an obvious behind a goal and on another occasion called an obvious goal a behind and took quite a while to correct himself.

  21. After checking the epg last night for home and away I saw that four episodes were scheduled for Melbourne next Thursday. I haven’t watched home and away in over a week and the idea of having to sit through 4 episodes in a row next week when I don’t even want to sit through one episode was enough for me to say I’m done with Home and Away. Have officially given up home and away for the time being. Home and Away was ruined by the Braxtons. I wasn’t a fan of the Braxtons because they took home and away in a direction that wasn’t true to its core and it was all about them. I waited and sat through every major storyline that was made all about the Braxtons. Sat through poor send offs for long term characters and watched while only Braxtons got proper send offs. Sat through each home away year end cliffhanger being Braxton. Waited till Braxtons weren’t the be all and end all of home and…

    • npstanley80

      Nobody is forcing you to watch Home And Away – There are 4 episodes next thursday that is because Thursday Night Football is on and we are behind the other states – I watch Home And Away and am still enjoying it if you don’t like it watch something else

      • So your enjoying home and away and I’m not. Big deal. This is a tv site and I gave an opinion as to why I no longer want to watch a show that I have watched for a very long time. If you look at the daily ratings home and away is in the decline so I’m not the only one that’s stopped watching home and away recently. I’m an afl fan and I know that’s why extra eps are being scheduled but do they all have to be on the same night. According to 7 they do because drama is less important than reality. That’s the other thing your assuming that giving up home and away means I’ll watching something else when it actually means I’ll be watching less tv. If you read the comment it said I’m giving it up for the “time being” so that’s not completely closing the door if there are major improvements. I can’t watch another episode that involves ash or billy.

        • You must be one of the few people left in Australia who doesn’t have a PVR…

          (Seriously, if that’s the case, go out and get a decent one. Best money that a TV-watcher could ever spend!)

  22. I posted a few months ago suggesting that networks need to keep an eye on news.corp because they were clearly gearing up to replicate television..and so they are doing semi-formally now with a lounge/chat style show. Watch the formats closely networks is my suggestion. Of course they are overlapping with seven personalities so, one wonders where this is headed eventually.

  23. Ok this might seem as a little thing but GEM cant seem to get their logo correctly over the 9 logo on the cricket. Took a few go’s to get it right last night and I counted 4 times to get it right tonight. Don’t they communicate? oh dear

  24. More time changes: this Sunday, Gotham moves to 9.30pm on GO!, and Almost Human is now being shown at 12.30am Monday morning on GO!.

  25. Just letting you know of some timeslot changes for GO.
    Arrow – Season 3 has been double episodes all season but that changes on Sunday with only one episode scheduled at 10.40pm on GO.
    The Last Ship – Double episode scheduled at 8.30pm next Wednesday on GO because no episode was scheduled yesterday so a movie rerun could air.

    • I’ve checked the epg for Arrow a couple of times this week and in the space of a week I’ve seen arrow schedule this Sunday as a double episode at 9.40pm and then scheduled as a single episode at 10.40pm this Sunday. On checking again just now Arrow is scheduled as a double episode at 10.40pm this Sunday. I can’t keep up and shouldn’t have to keep checking.

      • Totally agree tvf. Why do we keep trusting 9 not to move shows around? I should have known that once I started watching this season of Arrow & The Following that they would quickly share the same timeslot. And it’s not so easy to watch one and record the other when the timeslot we’re talking about is 11:30pm… & Covert Affairs is also potentially thrown into the mix on another network. Just leave it the way it’s been 9.

      • Nine has just but repeat of the TBBT in and bumped Gotham and Arrow back an hour because of low ratings. Just check on Sunday when setting up your DVR.

        Nine will have shown an entire series of Arrow one the same night without it being dumped! Much better than they treated the first two series.

        • Firstly its pretty crap by nine to delay first run content for big bang theory reruns. Secondly I wouldn’t say season 3 airing is that much better than season 2. Season 2 was delayed months like season 3 and aired on a tuesday night all the way through. I do concede that the timeslot varied more than this season and there were one or two Tuesdays that it didn’t air. Thirdly and my main point I’ve set the pvr for arrow 3 different times this week which is already too much and I shouldn’t have to check on Sunday that its correct. I’ve got better things to do than check the pvr for the few dramas on reality obsessed channel 9.

          • I always only ever set the pvr up on the night is on, (unless its a daily show) that is the best chance that you’ll get all of the show.

  26. npstanley80

    I Emailed Channel 7 here about the story and they told me Home And Away is not in danger of being axed and that it will continue to be screened at 7 pm she said that some unknown person is spreading untrue stories about the show’s immanent cancelation

      • I have “emailed” Channel 10 in the past and got a response (surprisingly).

        However it is not easy, you cannot email per se, but you can fax them. As my ISP allows me to send a fax via email, this is what I did.

        There is (IMO) a legitimate reason why stations do not accept emails and that is because the vast majority of them would be (for want of a better term) stupid. As in, “why is my show cancelled” (when it isn’t, it is on hiatus in the US) etc. It is all about my show, of course. Making people write means that people have to expend that much more energy and actually think about what they write.

        Having said that, stations should do far better in communicating to their viewers.

        • Code of Practice pretty much compels them to respond to written complaints, such as snail mail and FAX, and you can lodge an electronic complaint via FreeTV if it is covered by the Code. But the majority of viewer complaints (“Where is my show?” “Too much reality” “When is X coming back?”) are not covered by these. Networks do not offer a general email contact because of the manpower required to maintain it and get answers etc. So I would be keen to hear which email address did respond to a general viewer question.

          • I’ve emailed both sbs on demand and tenplay when I’ve had questions on content available or problems in relation to their windows phone apps. I was surprised but I received reply’s to my emails. Its been a while but I’m pretty sure the emails I used were specific to their catch up site departments.

          • FTA networks are sending out one signal to millions of people for free, they can’t really be expected to provide individual customer service. Social networking makes it possible but as with the recent Sunrise outrage over comments about nude pics comes with risks. I read a newspaper article ages ago about examples of all the crazy stuff people rang in about in the days before email.

            But they have to log and process complaints, so not surprising the do pass on or respond occasionally where it is relevant. In this case to scotch damaging rumours.

      • Secret Squïrrel

        I have emailed both ABC and SBS and received responses from humans (or very good bots). In both cases the responses were of the nature of “thanks, I’ll pass your email on to the relevant person/dept” from which I received no further contact but the issue that I was mailing about was resolved/fixed.

        I also emailed someone do with TenPlay a few years ago (a “webguy”) about an episode of something not showing up in the title search and received a response to both my initial email and my reply.

        I think not speaking to people who can’t be arsed using / are unable to use / don’t own a pen is an excellent way to filter out a lot of the inanity and abuse that you would otherwise have to put up with.

        • I’ve emailed both the ABC & SBS on occasion too, got the same response, but usually received a follow-up from whoever ended up dealing with the issue. Admittedly, it’s always been about technical matters (e.g. broadcast stream errors/weirdness, iView/OnDemand problems, etc).

          Agree with your comment on filtering too – I should practice that more on another forum 😉

    • Home & Away won’t be cancelled, even if 7 shafts it to another channel (like Neighbours).
      Like Neighbours it earns too much in overseas sales to cancel it.
      The storylines recently seem to be a constant ‘who’s sleeping with who tonight’. Bit of a turn off, actually.

      • I would of thought a major part of the soapie formula is who’s sleeping with who. But really are viewers meant to buy Ash being some kind of chick magnet? No thanks.

  27. An intriguing article about the future of Home & Away on television published on the NZ Herald website:

    Just putting it out there, these guys have been straining for stories recently and have been accused of fabricating articles based on the smallest piece of information they’ve received.

    • I’m not impressed with home and away at all at the moment and haven’t watched it for a week. Still undecided whether I’ll catch up. I can’t see it being cancelled by 7 but it needs major work in the writing department. Didn’t like it being too much Braxton focused and I’m not sure if the background characters to brax are all up to being in the forefront. They would’ve worked that out earlier if they didn’t put all their eggs in the Braxton basket. They’ve alienated viewers. I wouldn’t mind seeing leah get remarried but it might not be worth continuing to watch it now and just tuning in later for those episodes. Though when I think about it marilyns wedding was spoiled because they didn’t dedicate a few episodes to her wedding and instead they had the wedding and a crappy Braxton storyline in the same episode so I’m not holding my breath for them to do leah’s wedding right.

  28. itforsenior

    Hi David—can you tell me who produces the copy for the programs in the TV guides, is it FreeTV? I suppose there is scope for the editors at the Green Guide and the Herald Sun Guide to edit but there are occasional instances of different programs being shown for a particular time slot.

    • All listings are supplied by networks to a company called Gracenote (formerly HWW Ltd) who then supply for newspapers and EPGs. Due to print deadlines, newspapers cannot keep up with changes. EPGs are updated daily on your TV, and I try to cover many of the changes here in my Programming section.

  29. Maev....Sydney

    Just watched two episodes of Masterchef while also watching Tour de France…
    I dont know Ten…your Tenplay really is bad…is was like watching on a Skype connection…stop frame..even two ads I was interested in…I could not understand…and that is really bad….sigh*

    • Ten play is great when nobody is using it. Smooth, great picture. And it runs with Adblock plus on. Ten is putting up more shows than Seven and Nine since Presto and Stan started (but not Supernatural).

      I’ve had the best results with Tenplay of any of them (since they stopped ads appearing in the middle of scenes). But I don’t use any of them during the evening, they all have problems under heavy load and Netflix isn’t helping with my ISP’s or interference from the Wireless AC my neighbours are using to stream it.

        • If I’m watching abc iview catch up on fetch and pause the stream it always loses picture but keeps the sound which is annoying and have to close it and reopen.

        • I watch tenplay on Fetch, must be why I have no problems. Seven catchup, however, different story. Every time an ad came on, the show would stop. Luckily, it would resume from where it stopped, still a pain though.

      • Maev....Sydney

        Oh thanks….I was using Tenplay in the evening….may try it during the day in future….still not good though….when like iview works anytime without issues..

          • Maev....Sydney

            Madam Secretary….refresh 3 times to start….
            Ok until the last 4-6 mins…pic froze….sound continued….had to refresh again …twice to finish…
            One good thing…it did pic up where it left off…*phew*

          • @Maev….Sydney

            Watched madam secretary and the stream froze once on a red rooster ad with the sound being the madam secretary episode continuing. I too was glad that when refreshed it picked up where I left off.

  30. how are Ten/Eleven airing Sony/Tri-Star movies? I thought Seven had the rights, or don’t movie company rights matter anymore? movies seem to appear on what ever channel, no matter what company. Eleven have been airing Sony movies this year, particularly ones they used to air back in the day. Universal too.

    • Yes I’ve noticed that as well. I’m not sure there are any film exclusive rights anymore, the only exception I can think of is all Disney films still seem to air on Seven.

      • It’s complex. I think Nine used to have Sony/Columbia but dropped them (together with Days of Our Lives). TEN used to be Universal, now Fox, but may have some rerun rights leftover from Fox. Likewise Seven used to be Fox, now Universal, but may have some leftover rerun rights. Fox will appear on Nine if it’s a Regency film as Nine owns part of Regency. WB will probably still be with Nine for a while. Paramount is anyone. Nine seems to run a lot of MGM/UA, which was once owned by Seven. Whose turn to rerun the James Bond series? SBS?

        • I think they buy a batch of films from the agencies. ABC has been running a package of Paramount movies for some time now (as well as nearly every title made by RKO in the 30s & 40s). Both WB and Fox claim ownership of many MGM/UA product as well.

  31. I have noticed than 10’s trailer/ads for ‘Zoo’ have had Australian cities inserted in them by 10-saw Perth’s skyline last night and Sidanee today-any one seen Hobart or Muckinboodin? A cheap attempt to make the show seem ‘local’.

  32. SBS’s month of 7:30pm documentaries doesn’t seem to be going too well. They have already started replacing them with repeats of Who Do You Think You Are? They put a documentary about the forms of rooms in British houses through time since Middle Ages on against The Voice, and appear to be surprised that it didn’t rate highly

    And they labeled a historical archaeology show about building a medieval castle as lifestyle castle renovation show. Missed it as a result.

  33. Just checked the epg and there appears to be a late change with the afl footy show. Its now scheduled for 9pm tomorrow night in Melbourne. I can’t recall the afl footy show airing on a Tuesday night.

  34. Do not like the new sbs catch up site for pcs at all. Its full of bugs. The volume button on the video doesn’t work properly. If you try and alter the volume it just mutes and you can’t unmute it. Had issues with the screen freezing and going black for no reason and had to restart the video. When the video restarted there wasn’t the usual option to resume from where finished. Its also more difficult to navigate the site to find content then previously. Pausing and backtracking weren’t great either. I’ve had to give up watching a series because the usability issues of the sbs pc site and because that particular series wasn’t available on the sbs on demand windows phone app. The way it is at the moment is worst than jumpin and jumpin is just awful.

  35. Been having more Foxtel online guide issues today, also affecting the iPhone app, sometimes its been working then it just stops. There new guide site seems to have a few bugs.

    • I dislike that they removed the search options, which allowed you to search only for premiere titles and the start of series link titles. I found that very useful.

      • The issues I’m still having with Foxtel’s online guide might be related to a recent OS X update, basically the foxtel site is fine but click on the ‘TC Guide’ link and it only loads the top part of the page, the rest is gray, like there is a java or flash issue or something.

        My iPhone app appears to be working fine.

        Hope Apple, Java or Flash fix the issue soon :(

  36. bizarre weather report on seven news Melbourne tonight, for some reason they decided to show a 7 day forecast for Sydney, i thought it was Melbourne weather till they then showed the outlook for Melbourne

  37. My condolences go out to the Adelaide Football Club following the shocking death of Crows coach Phil Welsh. ): As Sunday afternoons match between the Crows and Geelong Cats has been cancelled is there any news on what Channel 7 will be showing in place of the game?

      • Ch7 are showing Essendon vs St Kilda on a 2 hour delay (1.10pm EST start) on Sunday into areas that were going to receive the now cancelled Adelaide vs Geelong game at 3pm. Not sure what is happening to 7’s usual 2.30-3.00 pre show.

  38. Maev....Sydney

    So glad I caught up with Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery…..I have been watching episodes I missed….
    It is like a fun version of Who Do You Think You are…and watching the opening credits….love who is coming up….
    A really excellent show.

  39. A surprise inclusion to Go from next Monday. The Middle season 6 starts Monday at 7pm and continues Monday to Thursday. These eps shown last September in US.

  40. Sorry if this has been asked before, but does anyone know when the latest series of Lilyhammer and The Wrong Mans will air on free to air?

  41. Elizabeth H

    David, a couple of weeks ago some TVTonight readers said that Sons of Anarchy episodes 12 & 13 would air on July 8th. I have just checked future guides and this is not the case. How can I get in touch with ONE to ask when these episodes will be viewed? As it is we missed episode 11 due to airing outside its regular timeslot and will have to watch TENplay.

    • They stopped at ep 10, with movies now in play. Networks generally discourage these kinds of questions from networks because it requires manpower to attend to them. So there is no email. You could try via Facebook, but no guarantees. Phoning may get a quick “sorry nothing scheduled” standard reply. An old fashioned letter usually gets best attention. But I will ask on your behalf and it may be quicker.

        • Elizabeth H

          Thank you David and Pete. It is rather frustrating that ‘we’ the public can’t ask simple questions of the networks, especially in this day and age (e.g email and social media) and get a simple response. Surely they would want to assist their loyal viewers? Maybe not….?? Thank goodness for your website David otherwise we’d know nothing. And if you can ask on my behalf that would be great (just in case Pete’s expected dates are not correct). I might try Facebook too and see what they say (or don’t say).

  42. Comments on todays poll re. catch up sites.
    1. SBS. Not sure about sbs but like the fact they are willing to post shows online like orphan black a few hours after airing in the US and even before airing on sbs.
    2. Channel 10. Have observed that most shows are available soon after airing.
    3. ABC. Selected shows are available immediately after airing. Some shows take a few hours.
    4. Channel 7. Have observed most shows available a few of hours after airing.
    5. Channel 9 is by far the worst and have ridiculous wait times. Have observed some shows not available on jumpin till 11ish the next morning after airing the night before. Jumpin is by far have the worst catch up site in usability and wait times.
    6. Have no idea about foxtel.
    7. Unfortunately fetch has no catch up service. This is something that would be very useful on fetch.

    • Maev....Sydney

      I watch a lot of catchup…when they appear on the site is not an issue for me…usability is…so for best to worst for me….No1. is Iviews…then SBS…Seven hmm ok…mostly…Nine just ok as long as you dont fouch it…pause for phone etc and it has a hissy fit..Tenplay very erratic…odd occasions it works…others stop start freezes and requires refresh…which means heaps more ads…painful mostly…

      • I watched arrow on jumpin this week and the site just paused for no particular reason, the screen went black. The only way out was to close the video and restart. Sat through one lot of ads when restarted the video and another two sets of ads until I roughly found my location. SBS catch up is good because if you have to restart the video when something goes wrong it usually recalls where you last were and you only have to sit through 1 ad.

      • I find 9 the worst for usability, it doesn’t have an app available through either my FetchTV or my Smart TV so I either have to waste a heap of time searching for what I want to watch through ninemsn on my TV (moving the cursor with the remote is a painful experience) or watch on my iPad and I don’t like watching on a small screen.
        Only ever had a problem with 10 once, but my internet kept dropping out so think that was the problem rather than 10 itself.

  43. Channel 9 are at it again. Mucking around with a US show and stuffing around viewers. There is no episode scheduled on Go next Wednesday night for the last ship. Yes the show is being fast tracked but Sundays episode in US would be available to air here on Wednesday so no US breaks affecting the show. So instead of a brand new episode of the last ship there is a movie rerun. In an article today mentioned in a previous comment the programming chief wonders why US shows don’t rate anymore. Well US shows don’t rate anymore on 9 cause you stuff around with viewers and shows disappear for a week for no good reason. Yes I know state of origin is on next Wednesday and if the last ship is not on next week to supposedly “protect” state of origin on another channel than that’s just crap because multichannels were meant to be about choice.

      • Before I made the previous comment I checked tv sites in the USA to makes sure the last ship is airing this week there and it is airing on Sunday in the USA. After tonights ep viewers in Australia will be up to episode 4 but 9 are not airing that episode on GO next Wednesday. Instead viewers get a rerun.

        • I wonder if it has to do with the fact that both the Ashes and State of Origin is on Next Wed and that GO! may be used in some states for one of the sports (eg SA or WA)?

          • Did a quick check of the tv guide. Perth, Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane all have the perfect storm scheduled at 8.30pm on GO next Wednesday.

    • The whole site was down last night and was still down this morning.
      However now it’s back, with a great-looking new TV guide.
      Fast, informative, attractive.
      Each program box contains the title of the show, the episode number, the episode title and the rating.
      No need to click to find out the episode number – I love it.

  44. According to the article on today “Zoo starts a rush of major new American TV shows set to hit Aussie screens in coming months” Supergirl doesn’t actually have a home yet and due to changes with the WB deal 9 doesn’t automatically get the rights. Well if its not on 9 viewers might actually have a chance to watch it. Let’s hope this show doesn’t end up on foxtel. It should be on free to air. Hopefully whichever network gets the rights they make use of the buzz about the show and fast track it. Also nine’s program chief commented on the same article that US shows don’t rate as well as they used to. Of course that’s what happens when viewers are treated poorly and you don’t fast track, when you delay shows like arrow for 6 months and burn in doubles, keep chopping and changing timeslots, have shows air and disappear never to return and have drama air at late timeslots…

  45. Does anyone know what’s happening with The Crazy Ones? It disappeared a couple of weeks ago with no news from Eleven about a return.

  46. Loved Miss Fisher Mysteries. I do hope there is a season 4. There seasons are too short also. I am also hoping that The Dr Blake Mysteries comes back on now…any news about that David?

  47. Couple of slow tracked series return in two weeks time. House of Lies season 3 starts Sunday week around 10.30pm on Eleven shown 18 months ago in US and The Glades fourth and final season starts Sunday week at 11.30pm on One.

  48. Currently bingeing through Love Child and, boy, was episode three a complete knockout! Writing, directing, acting – the lot.
    Full marks to all the talent (my word, haven’t they reversed the Matron’s character?) involved with the production..
    Damned fine show – makes me proud to be an Aussie when we produce quality TV like that episode.

  49. easygoing777

    Quick question any one heard anything about the TV show Longmuir is it back has it been picked up at the other mob dumped it thanks

  50. Season 2 of Hannibal starts on 7 Monday week at 10.30pm while season 3 has just started on Foxtel. Then the single season of Zero Hour starts at 11.30pm shown in US two years ago.

  51. Maev....Sydney

    ‘Liberal MP Steven Ciobo believes the ABC could find savings in its 24-hour news channel because a similar service exists on pay TV. ‘..on.Channel Ten’s Bolt Report……….source….
    I am fed up with this gov….they live in ‘ivory towers’………Not everyone has, wants or can afford pay TV….and I personally prefer the straight forward news on ABC24….
    I am seriously concerned about the state of our ABC by the time they have finished with it!

    • Well Liberal MP Steven Ciobo is right as there is already Sky News and FOX Sports News. I think ABC can start cutting down their services which means getting rid of ABC News 24 and radio networks for a start. There is something called the internet to get your 24/7 news. The taxpayers pay like $1b to the ABC which I think is deeply unfair and not worthy enough to pay all that much. Your complaining about the state of the ABC? What about SBS and Ten. They need the help not the ABC who already gets enough cash funds. ABC and SBS should follow suit of the big 3 networks rather then all these stations, which is main channel and 2 multi channels plus datacasting channels. One would think that Foxtel and Ten would combine the newsrooms and content

      • Are you suggesting taxpayer funds should be used to support Ten? Ten is a commercial network and shouldn’t be receiving taxpayer support.

        We live in a world of a variety of different people and its too simplistic to suggest that everyone should get their news from the internet or foxtel. Many people can’t afford or don’t want foxtel. Many people don’t get their news from the internet either by choice or because they don’t know how to use the internet. Many people live in areas of poor internet reception or can’t afford a high data caps.

          • Great, just what Australia needs, an even more concentrated media landscape! Taxpayers supporting Ten? Oh please, it’s a commercial organisation. We subsidise 7, 9 and 10 shareholders quite enough as it is, thanks.

            Also, you’re living on another planet if you think cutting ABC would fly with anyone, least of all the LNP. ABC Radio is a lifeline in the bush. The National Party would have a complete hissy fit.

      • Most TV viewers don’t have Foxtel and don’t particularly want it, therefore they do not have access to Sky News. By “datacasting” presumably you mean endless-commercials channels flogging steam mops and blenders all day. Not aware of the internet carrying press conferences and extended news coverage live, except of course ABC24.

      • So William if we follow your idea to its logical conclusion the fact that there are multiple sports channels on Foxtel “already existing” you will also be calling on CH7 and CH9 to shutdown their sports departments.

      • I lik the ABC everything, especially the news. I don’t want to have to scour the internet for news, its too inconvenient for that, and I don’t have Sky News and Foxtell.

  52. Haven’t seen every episode of masterchef so I can’t say how each individual is progressing overall. I watched tonights episode and the way it played out I thought Georgia would be in the bottom three and was kind of surprised when she wasn’t. The ending really missed an explanation as to why rose was bottom 3 and Georgia wasn’t.

  53. What’s everyone ratings predictions.

    I feel like Marsterchef will be down slightly (1.1 mil), Voice will debut at a solid 1.2 mill, House Rules will be down to 800k.

  54. I missed what I believed was the last episode aired on AB3 of Heartland . So I decided to catch up and watch on Iview and it said it was the first episode of a new season. This was shown mid June. No episodes have been screened on ABC3 since. And now they are no longer on Iview either. Can you help me understand whats going on?

  55. My DVR updated for 78 yesterday (after updating twice for no apparent reason caused by Ten the day before).

    On my new TV the picture quality and sound quality aren’t great. But on my old DVR the it’s unwatchable. The picture is jerky and freezes and the sound is so clipped it’s completely garbled. They must really be pushing the limits of DVB technology with it.

  56. I see stalker is not on again tonight on nine but replaced with episode of jail house girls.
    I’m really tired of nine changing this programme around. Why not change it to gem?
    Same with how to get get away with murder on seven? Does anyone know if these two programmes with be returning to tv? Very frustrating……..

  57. Maev....Sydney

    I love Madam Secretary….but….I am officially giving up on it….
    Wednesday is a weird day for it to be on…and I keep missing it…
    I have just persevered through Tenplay yet again…but that really is the last time… :(

    • Madam Secretary is a good show. Don’t give up on it just yet. :)

      I know what you mean about awful catch up sites. I watched the last ship during the week on jumpin and the video playback wasn’t great.

  58. Does anyone know what happened to Operation Maneater on SBS on Monday nights? Finally got around to watching the first episode on PVR and discovered the second and third episodes have vanished from the guide. Will they be coming back later, or is there any reason why they decided not to show them? First ep was really interesting.

  59. Tonight the universal channel is premiering a us telemovie from lifetime called a deadly adoption. It stars Will Ferrell and Kristin Wiig. It aired in the US last Saturday night so its being somewhat fast tracked. Tried to avoid spoilers but get the impression this is a drama so it may be worth seeing how comedic actors do drama.

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