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  1. I just want to say that I am excited that ABC has great content starting in Feb
    Doc Martin,
    The Moody,
    Doctor Blake Mysteries &
    Plus I know there will be more great Aussie Dramas and Documentaries.
    Thanks David for keeping us all informed

  2. @Shoudy Chen
    Makes much more sense putting the live morning session of Sochi on ONE for fans of those sports.

    Ten needs an early evening lineup. Not much point in leaving The Project on all Summer and launching BL just to move them to a secondary channel when ratings is starting.

    Every time Ten has mucked about with its early evening shows they have lost half their audience and had to start from scratch.

    Ten will presumably show live events later in the evening and have highlights of the day before in prime-time and at other times.

  3. David, is there any chance that you’d be able to include on your site when one of the Pay TV channels are about to show an older series from a Season 1? For example, Soho have recently begun running Curb Your Enthusiasm from episode 1.

    • To be honest I have enough trouble filing first-run season premieres and finales on the site Calendar that I have to look beyond repeats. It’s also not really something they bring to my attention. Best idea is to use the Search function on Foxtel’s Guide or very cool app. I did see House of Cards is getting a replay from Friday though!

  4. I know you said NCIS but I was just saying that TBL will go on hiatus once Sochi starts and it will be back on the Sunday on the last day of the games??

  5. @BellJay – David is right as TBL is even going to be put on hold for two weeks while the Winter Olympics are on and I assume the Winter Olympics will be used a promotion vehicle to promote shows like NCIS, Law and Order, The Good Wife and Elementary straight after the Games finishes

  6. New ep of CSI is on this Wednesday but Nine appear to have missed one – the last one shown was S14E8 “Helpless”. Nine are showing S14E10 “Girls Gone Wild” where is Ep 9?

  7. Is ABC1 ever going to start showing new seasons of The Jonathan Ross show again? (they stopped mid season last year, no warning and yes I know there are repeats once a week in the afternoons). They do the same with Alan Carr, they didn’t even show the Christmas Special.:( Thank god for youtube, but I would like them to start showing Jonathan Ross again particularly if there is a guest on I want to see.

  8. David will you be doing a story on how the Winter Olympics will affect the return of popular shows like NCIS, will the other networks hold off showing top shows because of them?

  9. Regional Viewer

    @ David Knox January 18, 2014 at 12:49 pm

    I have known this website (television AU) for a few years its wonderful from the birth of television broadcasting from its very beginning right up to now

  10. @Shoudy Chen – just before when there is that big banner across the screen and it had ‘Breaking News’ on top of the big banner when it was shown during The Bold and the Beautiful

  11. @William I can see that when I was watching Bold and the beautiful, there was the TEN Eyewitness news. Ten Eyewitness News has a watermark indicating how many seconds will it start.

  12. I had the thought that Eleven should’ve shown the 4 TNG movies after TNG finished.
    They didn’t and now we’ve got this strange 4 Star Trek films thing.

  13. @Regional Viewer(10/1/2014 – 7.11pm) Lately I’ve found myself switching off the TV at around 8.00pm and going to the computer for my amusement….. sad, ain’t it?

  14. the Ten Eyewitness News banner came up during The Bold and The Beautiful and it had ‘Breaking News’ but there was hardly any writing when it came up

  15. Sad day in TV History: “The professor” from Gilligans Island and Rueben, the manager from The Partridge Family both passed away today.

    A part of my childhood goes with them both. RIP

  16. harrypotter1994

    Everyone asking about Downton Abbey Promos on 7, well I finally saw one last night watching the tennis.

    So maybe it will be programmed after INXS, Gives it a few weeks to to be advertised

  17. I’ve been searching the programme guides to no avail to see which channel is screening “Tim Minchin Ready for This” you’ve listed in ‘tonight’s highlights’.

    Please David, which channel and what time ?

  18. Really annoying when watching the tennis yesterday when initial few points of a game were missed on occasion due to advertisements. Its getting quite tiring seeing advertisements for revenge, MKR etc that are returning after the tennis but when you miss points of a match that’s not acceptable.

  19. Eleven is going to play Star Trek films on Saturday night at 8.30pm. If anyone is interested. Over 4 weeks starting with the best of them i.e. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn. I can recommend the film highly. I don’t know how it will be treated however.

    I’m going to admit it was the film that is responsible for me being a Star Trek fan. Because I never saw any TV shows on TV before the nineties (I did by other means including video; it was before the internet) . So lastly thank you Channel 7 of 1986. It was brilliant. Both the film and the way it was treated.

  20. I heard on Television line ups for 2014 and noticed that new seasons of Mrs Browns Boys and Castle weren’t promoted during Seven’s lineup. David, will these shows both return for another new season?

  21. Finally! The entire Adam West Batman series will be released. I actually got the news from a tweet by Conan O’Brien.

    I know it’s been a legal rights nightmare and the rumour i read on a couple of sites which posted this story was with Fox allowing WB to release Batman, WB gave Fox the remaining rights they had to The Wonder Years.

    So Hopefully, a very happy case of two birds with one stone here.

  22. @sf1965
    Seven will show the most popular match. Which in the first week is sometimes one involving an Australian or a game that turns out to be close on a lower court.

    The organisers have to put the top seeds on centre court, balance things between the men’s and women’s sections of tournament and because people have bought tickets expecting that.

  23. Loaded up IView today and found they’ve added a few more classic Doctor Who stories.
    Although, they added them 20 days ago, so this may be old news.

  24. @William – “people like that, have no idea as it would be silly to slot the show in at that time. I knew what it ment (sic)”.
    The whole point. The lady on the bus is not a TV addict, like some, and has “no idea”. When Seven says “after the tennis” they can clarify, as they are now doing. No need to be timeslot-specific. Am so happy that you knew what it meant.
    @Secret Squirrel – Agree. Seven’s promos are very deceptive overall and leave a lot of room for improvement. WIN claims “More people get their news from WIN”. Prime claims “Your choice for news”. Yawn x 2.

  25. Really enjoyed Orphan Black last night on SBS2, looking forward to the next episodes.

    Saw some posts about Revenge here. Season 3 is really good, it is way better than the boring season 2, and in some parts I say it tops season 1.

  26. Secret Squirrel

    @Jason – Seven’s program promos regularly show footage from episodes way in the future as if the footage is from the one coming up next.

    I haven’t watched the main channel for ages but I caught a movie on 73 and there was an ad for Revenge with a voiceover saying “who shot Emily?” She isn’t shot until the tenth episode.

    Revenge is a decent series. I don’t think we need this sort of deception to get us to tune in. In fact, it has the opposite effect on me and pushes me to try alternate means.

  27. Chanel 7’s coverage of the tennis is starting to get a bit annoying. 7 have the rights to the coverage and focus on the main court coverage which is fine. Fox have the rights to cover secondary courts only, again fine. As a channel hopper this is a great arrangement – i can catch up on a couple of matches in a few seconds. the problem is when 7 don’t have a main court game to show and they change their coverage to the same game that Fox is showing. Surely 7 could show another of the available 23 odd courts when they have a main court lapse???

  28. @Jason – people like that, have no idea as it would be silly to slot the show in at that time. I knew what it ment when 7 says “after the tennis”, 7 don’t give a specific date and time as to when the reality shows air and dramas

  29. Seems 7 is finally starting to clarify what they mean by “after the tennis”. As one little old lady said to another on the bus “It said Revenge would be on after the tennis and I stayed up until midnight but it wasn’t on after the tennis”. Also, thanks to the H&Away promos, one can work out who survived the bomb. Or is this like their Dynamo promos where they use the best bits of the whole season, most of which are not in ‘this week’s’ ep. they are promoting?

  30. harrypotter1994

    Seems Today Tonight is making changes all around the country – here in Perth we have lost 7 news at 7 updates (prob just during the tennis as its on break) and also lost the map with the capital cities weather. Instead we go back to Angela in the 7 news studio and do weather again.

  31. Regional Viewer

    @ Jock January 14, 2014 at 6:49 pm

    sounds similar to the news and nationwide became the national it only lasted twelve months back in 1985

  32. Does anyone know if Seven’s new 6:40pm transition between the News and Today Tonight is a permanent change? It’s been happening for about a week now (at least here in Sydney).

    On a related note, I have much preferred this year’s summer format of TT and would like to see it replace the Melbourne produced version for Sydney year-round.

  33. @Jock
    Traditionally networks establish a regular schedule at the start of ratings and mini-series like INXS would shown in mid-winter when the most people are watching and they change up their lineups.

    But you could be right. Seven have started promoting INXS for “after the tennis”. It could be a winning strategy to counter what Nine are intending with Love Child or Schapelle and Ten with Sochi. They are in no hurry to get DA (8 eps) on and A Place to Call Home will best mid-Winter.

  34. I don’t know how long it has been happening but for over a week SBS (all channels ) has been largely unwatchable in my area. I don’t know if it is the weather or some sort of new interference or what. There are two TVs and two antennas involved. I even rescanned one of them. It was perfectly fine on both TVs last year except occasionally due to weather I think mainly once or twice. But nothing like this.

    As a reminder I’m in the Melbourne region but not near the city itself. I just hope it isn’t permanent. Also if I don’t mention SBS well it’s because digital can be hopeless sometimes. Although this is the worst it has ever acted up and I’ve had digital in some form for about ten years. It isn’t even raining.

  35. I was quite disappointed about the Seven’s Coverage of the 2014 Australian Open. Why channel 7 did not have a schedule of what matches will 7 broadcast. That is not good.

  36. Ten decided to try and build an audience for New Girl on Ten one more time over summer. It failed.

    But they aren’t going to show new eps on Eleven in summer competing with the BBL. As it is best sitcom Eleven has exclusively, they will show repeats and save the new eps for ratings.

  37. @ William @ Loz

    By my reckoning, we have already seen up to episode 10 of season 2 of New Girl. This week is ep 8 of season 2 so three more weeks to new episodes of NG. We are then only one year behind the US screening!!

  38. Networks are required to indicate repeats in guides under the Freeview Code of Practice. Over the holidays 9,7 & 10 have all failed to do so on multiple occasions.

  39. @Maev – it would usually be the first Sunday after the tennis, though I haven’t seen any promos yet. Perhaps they will run INXS on Sundays for 3-4 weeks (however long the miniseries is) then transition into Downton after that?

  40. @Loz – there was a promo for all brand new shows that are coming to 11 in 2014 and it featured New Girl. The promo came during “Kissing Jessica Stein” late last night

  41. @William – When???? I’m over the repeats and they should have started new eps exactly when it moved there from Ten as Ten had shown two new eps then decided to ditch it. Then Eleven decided to go back to beginning of Season 2 for whatever reason cos we had seen all those in 2012/13.

  42. Loved Nula in the Studio today on Wake Up, much better, she has great chemistry with Tarsh and James, she needs to stay there and get more on air chat time as well.

    Melanie in the visitor centre worked well as well, that can be Wake Up’s point of difference, travelling around the country with the local news, but have the national stuff broadcast from the studio.

  43. @Dave: TV Week still indicates repeat screenings although I imagine they are only as reliable as what the networks provide, and I think that’s where the line gets blurred as to what’s a repeat. e.g. if a show has appeared on a primary channel, then gets a repeat on a secondary channel (or re-appears on another network as happens more now), do they mark it as a repeat or because it’s new to that channel is it not marked as that?

  44. David, any idea when Arrow will return? Channel 9 are starting to show promos but haven’t announced a date. Maybe February or am I being too optimistic?

  45. Hey. I heard of this interesting new reality format from Chile called Opposite Worlds.

    Here’s the production website:

  46. Maev....Sydney

    I know this is not a sports page..and I have not really been following tennis…but just read that Pat Rafter back as Capt of Davis Cup team…and playine doubles with Hewitt…now that I would not like to miss…
    Would appreciate a heads up when this is televised.

  47. @itforsenior. I haven’t seen a network declare a show a repeat for years and if they do they call it an “encore”. Many years ago shows that were repeats carried an “r” on screen denoting it was a repeat but not anymore. TV week used to carry an “r” symbol if a show was a repeat but not anymore.I have to go to the 9msn tv guide to see if a show is a repeat.

  48. I just saw Channel 9’s promo for this season of The Big Bang Theory and they couldn’t have taken each scene and put them more out of context if they tried. Each and every thing they showed was not the situation which occurred. It really annoys me that they are completely misleading the viewer on whats coming up.
    7Two showed Homes Under the Hammer 30mins late last night, not as bad as the 1hr late last week. Also, this Sunday appears to be the final episode for a while as it is not in the guide for any future days this week. Not sure why they have stopped it, as it has been a relatively consistent, show, and we are three years behind, so plenty more episodes to air.

  49. At the BBL I suspect none of these ‘celebrities’ will end up catching a 6, and the prize money will go unclaimed.
    I hope the organizers have a plan b for it.

  50. @Dr_Rudi(10/1/2014 at 11.02am). Thanks for the answer to my query… Och aye, ‘e be Scottish, ay? I have a bit of Scottish blood running through my veins as well, ol’ chap(but it’s been diluted with English blood)! Ta-ta! Toodle-Pip and all that!

  51. @Pertinax
    Obviously you and I are the only two watching Psych!! Guess we’ll have to expand our DVD collections a little further to get the rest of the series.

  52. I read the synopsis a while back for Nine’s new show ‘Love Child’ and it seemed like a decent story. When I saw the promo’s for it, it was just a bunch of young women giggling and appearing naive and stupid and it really didn’t say anything about the show (apart from this is rubbish), nothing which the synopsis did. Now Nine has put up a better promo with mainly Mandy McInhinney in it and it appears much more professional and sticking to the actual story.

    I noticed today that Mom is being advertised with that spelling. A few people on here have mentioned that Nine were originally spelling it ‘Mum’

  53. I wonder…. Peter Capaldi, the new Doctor Who, Is he any relation(brother, cousin, uncle maybe) to Jim Capaldi, one-time lead singer of 1960s psychedelic pop group, Traffic? There can’t be that many Capaldis in England.

  54. An oasis in a TV dessert tonight was Michael Palin’s Brazil – Yes, it’s been shown before and this is a repeat screening, but when you look at what’s on the other stations, then this brief hour was the only thing keeping us from being bored out of our skulls!

  55. I was wondering if ONE-HD will be screening “The WWE Experience” again in 2014 ??

    it was taken off approx October last year it was good to catch up the news in the wrestling. It was on at a stupid time 4pm Saturday’s. I think a Saturday morning timeslot would be better for “WWE Experience”

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