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  1. jezza the first original one

    Game of Thrones: This is widely reported, and has aired, so not a spoiler. But did they go just one step too far this week with the burning of a child. Reminded me of the recent horror of a Jordanian pilot. Thoughts anyone

    • It was only a matter of time before Stannis sacrificed his daughter. You could see it coming… Melisandre was determined to burn a royal to ensure a good future.
      GoT is a fabulous show, but some of the characters are not nice people!
      Like most people in authority they are willing to sacrifice others for their own ideals.
      Just like real life really.
      Each week someone says this time they have gone too far, but it’s just media rubbish, we’re all still watching.

  2. I’d like to see a future episode of shark tank at some point showing the progress either good or bad of the businesses the sharks have invested in so far.

  3. it seems that the explosion at the end of the ad for this weeks madam sectary also featured in the ad for the iran ep a few weeks ago.

  4. How is that Ch 9 allowed Foxtel to air the Arrow ep of the Flash crossover, but yet Foxtel didn’t allow the Flash ep on channel nine???

    Part 2 of the first crossover aired last night, but no part 1…

    It doesn’t reair on Foxtel for another month, guess I won’t be watching Arrow for a while…

    To bad there is another crossover later in the season.

    • Channel 9 has the rights to arrow, foxtel has the rights to the flash. So if the crossover happens on as part of arrows 3rd season it will air on 9 and if the crossover happens as part of the flash’s first season it will be on foxtel. I’ve only watched arrow and would very much prefer to able to watch any crossovers but as arrow has progressed so far the unseen flash crossovers haven’t appeared to affect the storyline of arrow. Its not ideal but still watchable. After watching last nights crossover episode I’d like to watch the flash.

      • It just proves that Ch 9 don’t really care about their viewers.

        Foxtel did air the Arrow episode for the crossover, it was reported on this very site that Ch 9 was allowing them to air the ep. But I don’t get why Foxtel wouldn’t allow the return.

        • After reading your follow up comment I’ve realise I’ve misread your original comment. I wasn’t aware that arrow episodes had made it to foxtel.

    • Because Fox 8 wanted the 2nd part of the crossover from Arrow when they bought the exclusive first run rights to The Flash off Nine. Since Nine had decided to relegate Arrow to Go! in Winter, they don’t appear to have cared that it would contain spoilers for Arrow.

      The first part wasn’t important plot wise (all it did was announce the idea of hunting of Digger). Either people had watched The Flash on Fox 8, or they hadn’t and episode #8 of The Flash would just confuse them and remind them that they need to subscribe to Foxtel to watch rest of the show.

      • I don’t feel I’ve missed much but not seeing the first part of sundays crossover. That being said as viewer my first preference would always be to be able to see all crossovers. I think an arrow / the flash double on go would’ve been great viewing. It just appears that unless it involves renovation nines not interested.

    • So Seven are keeping Covert Affairs. Good news.

      Suits has gone to Universal. So what is going to happen to S6 (and 7a & b) of Royal Pains?

    • Pick up Pete does it again. Although, I’m cranky that this is up against The Following. Who’d have ever thought that 11pm was going to be the major clash time on tv… But lately, that seems to have been the case more & more.

    • Thanks for the heads up. One of the many US shows I’m trying to keep track of that haven’t been around for quite a while (Once Upon A Time anyone?!)

  5. harrypotter1994

    Shane Bourne is announced as the new Dancing with the Stars co host. Think he will be a good fit!

    Also Adam Garcia is leaving the show as he prepares to become a father later in the year.

  6. Good old reliable TEN, the channel that can be trusted, well nearly always, looks like they’ve dumped ELE313 Elementary at ep 13 Hemlock and replaced it next week Mon 08JUN15 with (questioning upward inflection) the very old and tired Taken 2? Then the week after Ep14 The Female of the Species with The Guilt Trip. Unbelievable, Very sad that

  7. Just something for the suggestion box on the pay tv section. When you go to the list of pay tv articles you have the title of the pay tv article and a sentence describing the article before you click to read the full article. In the sentence describing the article is it possible to include the channel the show is on? Sometimes the channel is included and sometimes its not. Knowing the channel the show is on before clicking the article would help let us readers know if the show is only for foxtel or available on fetch. Its not a big issue or anything just something that would be helpful. :)

  8. Is any channel going to make a replacement for “At the movies”? How am I going to find out about less mainstream movies to watch?

    • ‘Movie Juice’ on 10 is about it, and being on commercial TV that’s more promotional than critique-there’s a new thing on pay TV with Margaret Pomerance and others but again more promotion than analysis.

  9. Apparently teen drama series Degrassi has been axed. ): I’ve enjoyed watching it on the ABC. I remember when the show first started former Triple J announcer Rosie Beaton would introduce each episode. Now ABC3 are showing the 11th season at 8.30pm weeknights. The series focuses on a lot of issues that teenagers go through.

  10. Can someone tell me what has happened to Hawaii Five-O?
    They have once again stop half way though season 5, & have replaced it with Elementary repeats.

    • they took it off the schedule effective immediately. Elementary repeat does a lot better then a new ep of Hawaii Five 0. Maybe Ten should pair Under The Dome with Hawaii Five 0.

  11. Maev....Sydney

    OMG….Charlie Pickering in The Weekly is just so much better than in The Project…
    His piece on Adam Goodes and indigenous incarceration was awesome….
    He hits you hard but with a kid glove….I love his work on this show….
    If you have not caught up with The Weekly….you are so missing out.

  12. Secret Squïrrel

    Watched the pilot of DIG on SBS catchup and thought it was a great set up for the series. Really looking fwd to tonight’s ep.

    • I like the modern day end of the world with Hebrew prophesy and clones. Isaac’s gruff, holding everything in performance didn’t grab me.

      • Secret Squïrrel

        Yeah, I’m a sucker for a (good) shaggy god story too. Isaacs is tolerable. Anne Heche makes it more so. If you’ve seen Hatufim (Prisoners of War), you’ll prob spot a few of the cast from that in this.

  13. Channel 9 are ruining love child with their promos. They are giving too much of the plot away away in their promos. Tuesdays episode finished with an unanswered marriage proposal and then the promo gives away the answer. Plots of overseas dramas are ruined by 9 because they refuse to fast track and now their first run australian dramas are being ruined by overzealous promos. Why should I watch the next episode when I knows what’s going to happen?

  14. 8MMM – caught it last night for the first time, pity it was the final ep. Didn’t take much notice until I realized its set in Alice, grew up there for most of my childhood. Really wish I’d paid closer attention to your reports David, hope it’s replayed soon as iView is okay but the picture quality is crap.

    • I hope to catch a repeat of the series. I couldn’t fit it in when the Good Wife was still on. It’s a shame they didn’t encore them on ABC2.

  15. I enjoyed The Last Ship and I wondered if anyone knows when it will return. GO! says they are fast tracking it but no start date was given.
    The new season starts on the 21st in the US but I’d be happy if they wait a couple of weeks to avoid breaks. Hopefully they’ll keep the same time slot too.

    • TNT don’t broadcast their shows with breaks (actually very few US networks outside of the major ones do), so there isn’t any need to postpone things.

    • I say The Last Ship was something of a mixed bag, however it was a nice alternative to a certain genre of show rife on FTA at the moment.

      • 9 already delays shows like The Originals so I don’t think they pay any attention to what viewers think.

        It was definitely much better than Under The Dome & Extant which both somehow got renewed.

  16. I was just watching The Late Late show and they kept going on about a development in the season finale of New Girl. A season Eleven could have fast tracked, but decided bogan tattoo reality shows on a continuous repeat cycle are more important.
    What do people think of Corden? He’s pretty dire on this. I hope they reconsider picking up Colbert.

    • Haven’t minded the 5 or so episodes I’ve watched of Corden, though it seems fairly obvious CBS wants a similar show to what Fallon delivers for NBC.

      • CBS are trying to compete for younger viewers against Myers and Kimmel and exploit social media. So far all you can say, is that allowing for the repeat on Friday, they aren’t losing them faster than Ferguson was in the last few years.

        Corden is still acting like an over-eager kid who can’t believe Christmas has come. The 3 or 4 way conversations between people who don’t know each other, with crudely inserted plugs are often awkward and uninteresting.

        Also none of the guests are astronauts with their own fragrance line.

      • Yes, but Fallon is not that great either. But at least there are no unethical ads to skip on ABC2 so I will stick with that if I want to watch late night. #pleasepickupColbert

  17. Memo to all TV news anchor persons across all stations and networks: When reporting on the plight of the Rohingya refugees, please refer to the country they’re escaping from by its rightful name – Burma! Not that other name which was imposed by a cruel dictatorship.

    • It’s proper name is The Republic of The Union of Myanmar as recognised by the UN. Burma is the name of the British Colony and the nation the British formed from it, and is still used by the British. The US uses both. Burma and Myanmar are different forms of the same word referring the main ethnic group.

      Given the treatment of the Rohingya and battles with dozens of tribal groups like the Karen, a name that was geographical not ethnic would be better than both.

      • The renaming of Burma was an attempt by the aforementioned military dictatorship to fool the world audience into not realising what nation it actually was…and indeed many such regimes are guilty of the same type of obfuscation-Kampuchea, anyone?

        • It was just anti-colonialism with them choosing their own name for their own dictatorship.
          I doubt they cared what Australian school children, with their old maps with the British Empire in red, learned to call it.

  18. There are only a couple of unseen Big Bang Theory episodes left in the current season and Nine drip feeds one to us Wednesday week at 7.30.

  19. Those Who Kill starts on One Tuesday week at 11.00pm. It is a single season 10 ep series starring Chloe Sevigny screened over a year ago in US.

  20. After tonight, Elementary moves to Wednesdays at 9.30 from next week. Hawaii Five O is out also that night and movies take the Monday slot.

  21. Tony Robinson’s Tour of Duty – been following the series on History but found out this morning that ep 10 “Fremantle” was airing at 7:30am Monday, even though for the past 9 shows it’s been on at 7:30pm Tuesday nights.

    I know shows on History air multiply times over the week but the premier has been on Tuesday nights, why the change to Monday morning? FYI on Tuesday night it’s been ‘bumped’ back to 10:30pm and as far as I can tell this is the last in the series.

  22. David I noticed recently several stories have their comments closed, I know this is often the case for legal stories where a court case is in progress but I can’t post a comment on the ‘Actress departs Castle’ story either, yes I’m logged in.

  23. npstanley80

    Wish somebody could tell me when The Middle is returning to Go they must have Season 6 and Season 7 I know is in production in the U.S.A So why aren’t they screening it

    • harrypotter1994

      Because BBT repeats and movies rate better so they will just hold it off till they want to burn it off. I gave up on anything shown on that channel feel sorry for the people who still have to put up with its crap!

      • npstanley80

        The Big Bang Theory in my opinion is rubbish it’s not funny at all I very much prefer The Middle – The People starring in The Big Bang Theory are very much over paid thay are not worth a Million Dollars Each an episode and the program is very hyped and over exposed as well

  24. Eleven’s replacement for Supernatural is… The Simpsons – the tragic thing is these’ll probably rate better than Supernatural.
    I’m guessing Eleven won’t air The Strain after all.

  25. Penny Johnson Jerald (Captain Gates) won’t be returning for Castle season 8. I’m really disappointed about this because the last few seasons I’ve started to really like her especially in season 7.

  26. I am confused. The ABC have been advertising Dustin Hoffman and Dame Judi Dench in Roald Dahl’s Esio Trot for 8.40pm tomorrow night. What about Poldark? Has it finished?

    • I’m sure they know which program would rate better. That’s the only important thing of course.
      Sex? Oh goody. Must watch. (sarcasm intended!)
      Is there even a place for quality drama on FTA these days?

  27. NQ Resident

    I watched last night’s episode of Hawaii Five-0 this morning. It had an Australian flavour, with Grant Bowler in a supporting role.

    His American accent wasn’t too bad.

  28. As of next week, new episodes of ‘Criminal Minds’ will now air twice a week on 7: The usual Wednesday 8:45’ish slot and also on Thursday at approximately the same time.

  29. I have been watching the ”Spooks” repeats on GEM, there are 3 episodes tonight ( the end of series 2 ) but I just noticed on next weeks program guide there is a movie on instead, I hope they aren’t going to leave us at the end of S2

  30. 7 has failed to post the full double episode of last nights / this mornings greys anatomy to plus 7. It appears that the second episode of the double episode is on therefore its currently unwatchable on plus 7. Also plus7 has a promo for the final episode of greys stating it was to air at 9,45pm but there was a timeslot change to 10.53pm. Its really poor when networks don’t update timeslot changes on their own sites. 7 has treated greys anatomy viewers very poorly this season.

    • It’s taking 1 to 3 days for stuff to be posted on catch-up sites for all three networks. They want them to be for catch-ups not the prefered viewing platform.

      • Secret Squïrrel

        It’s pretty funny that they’re trying to force people to watch TV at midnight instead of their catch-up service at a time that’s convenient for you. The obvious sol’n is to PVR the show but even adding an hour buffer to the end of the recording sometimes isn’t enough.

        • Greys Anatomy was a late change so if you set the pvr a week in advance and didn’t know about the change you may have missed part of the double episode. This makes the fact that 7 stuffed up posting to plus 7 even worse.

          Just a general observation that a household may only have one pvr on a main television shared by multiple people which means its not always available when convenient to use whereas many individuals may have their own pc, tablet or smartphone which can mean for some people catch up sites can offer more flexibility.

          • Elizabeth H

            I also can’t believe GA, HTGAWM & Revenge are not available on iPads anymore. Very frustrating. I missed the last HTGAWM on TV because I forgot it was on. Two weeks passed before I got around to sitting at my desktop. The iPad is so much more accessible. When 7 stuffs around timeslots for these three shows it’s very frustrating. Thank goodness I have a PVR but like other readers have said its no good if 7 move things around.

          • Has 7plus fixed the Greys Anatomy episodes yet?
            @Elizabeth yes the iPad thing is very annoying. I only discovered it after downloading the 7plus app on my iPhone only to find I couldn’t watch the Revenge episode I wanted. I’m guessing it is an ABC studios rights issue as it only seems to affect their programs.

          • jezza the first original one

            I also have an issue with ch7 catch up site…revenge not available on laptops and also last nights ep of Lewis (28th May) not uploaded at all at the time of writing this. Do they not realise what will happen if their online service declines?

  31. Another repeat of Kitchen Nightmares again 7?? are they really that unsure of themselves they can’t put something better up against Love Child than a show from 2007?? I have found over the last few weeks FTA has gotten to its lowest point, oh unless you enjoy watching endless episodes and ‘encore’ editions of Masterchef, the Block, House Rules & that ridiculous wedding show!

  32. There’s a late change to tonight’s greys anatomy. Its starting at the later time of 10.53pm and finishes at 12.39am according to the EPG. Its the final episode of the season.

  33. I’m doing a uni assignment about commercial consideration bias in television news/current affairs and really need to find a few more examples of how different channels report things to basically slam a rival channel/tv show. They have to be 2015 stories. I already have A Current Affair’s attack on Paleo Pete from MKR and the Channel 9 Footy logo story. Would anyone be able to suggest a few more stories that represent a biased viewpoint against another network? Thanks

  34. It is looking more and more likely that foxtel won’t be fasttracking Season 3 of Hannibal, and will begin airing it early July, at least 4 weeks after US premier, from what I have read online, I thought the FTA networks were bad, but come on foxtel, why are they not showing it within 24 hrs of US date, No wonder people look for other means to watch their shows, I would even consider signing up to one of the streaming services If I knew they were going to show Hannibal S3 faster than foxtel will be.

    • According to the Hannibal Australia FB page “the Australian broadcast for ‪Hannibal‬ Season 3 will be on Thursday 2nd July at 8:30pm AEST on Showcase (Foxtel).
      The Season Pass will be available from Friday 3rd July via iTunes and other digital platforms.”
      I don’t have Foxtel so will be buying a season pass again but avoiding spoilers is going to be a fun game.

      • I would love to know the reasoning for foxtel not fasttracking Hannibal S3. They didn’t S2 either, I guess they don’t have alot of importance for them(foxtel) to shell out the extra bucks to fasttrack it, unlike say, GoT or TWD.

        • Hannibal would have a smaller audience than either of those shows so it wouldn’t be worth it to Foxtel to pay any extra to fast track. Same for Penny Dreadful.

          • I’ve never heard that networks have to pay extra money to fast track a show. Do networks have to pay extra to fast track a show? I hope not.

        • In the past, Foxtel has sometimes forward planned for pre-empting in the U.S., so that may be a reason. That way, they can run an episode every single week. Even still, this doesn’t bother me a great deal. In fact, the only show that is troublesome with spoilers imo is G.O.T.

          • Generally I’m happy to wait, but part of what I love about Hannibal is the great social media interaction from the Fannibals and everyone involved in the show that I’ll now have to avoid.
            GOT doesn’t worry me because I’ve read the books so I’m not too upset if I stumble over something. Unfortunately like the Greys Anatomy death the other week showed, once main stream media run with a story it’s almost impossible not to be accidentally spoiled.

    • Thanks Pete for your notices over the last few weeks. I don’t watch much reality TV and prefer to watch something new rather than repeats. NYC 22, Common Law and Do No Harm have all been worth watching.

  35. Hooray, Person of Interest is back Monday 01JJUN15 at 2315 (or not), this is how we saw Channel 9’s disgraceful performance with POI using our programming tracker.

  36. Are we (wife & self) the only viewers who eagerly await the return of S2 of the Blacklist to 7?

    All the eps have been screened in the states so what’s holding back 7 from scheduling them?

    Still no DVD release date (USA) but it’s likely to be available over there well before aussie viewers get the chance to watch.

    And Person of Interest is back on 9 for the last 6 eps? I thought they’d given up on it. I can’t keep up with the way 9’s stuffed this (mostly) enjoyable show.

    • Yes still waiting patiently. Castle, Greys and Revenge as all finishing in the next few weeks so there should be a free time slot available soon.

    • Double episodes of Gordon Ramsay, Criminal Minds and repeats of movies we can see on DVD or on the secondary channels. That’s what holding Seven back.

      • Ramsay eps aired on Nine 4 years ago or so. Feels like they are treading water for either Winners & Losers or DWTS (the latter is still some weeks away given no cast announced and HR is in the way).

        • Yeah, I think “treading water” is the worst you could call it. While I agree with your general point Nathan, I wouldn’t say it’s “holding 7 back” since they’ve basically won every ratings week for the entire year. In fact, you could say that their programming decisions have been borderline masterful, since they’ve won a couple of weeks they had no right to win. EG: 2 of the last 3 weeks with ‘Catching Milat’ perfectly placed. They may intentionally throw a week or two now with State of Origin upcoming.

  37. The on-again, off-again screening of Person of Interest is back on next Monday night around 10.40pm. Ep 17 shown in US in March – only six to go in the current series so shouldn’t be hard for Nine to show them for the next six weeks without interruption.

    • Secret Squïrrel

      Thanks Pete, you’re a legend but I jumped aboard the stream-boat a long time ago ‘cos I got tired of being stuffed around by 9 and 7 holding on for ages (for no good reason) to eps I wanted to watch.

    • In Melb/Adel/Perth/Tas its screened every week bar one at 10.40ish. Not sure what ep we are up to in Tas, its a rainy day show we binge watch.

      • Yes NSW is four episodes behind the AFL States. Stupid programming. Not holding my breath that we get a straight run to finally finish the season.

    • Nine are determined to wring whatever is left in their old WB output deal. When they don’t rate they switch to repeats, then try new eps on in some obscure timeslot and expect viewers to track them down and watch them live, and they they don’t they just repeat the cycle.

      Now Nine has dropped the deal new shows will likely go straight to cable, hopefully they will either burn of the rest in a regular timeslot on secondary channels e.g. Arrow or sell them to cable.

      • I’m wondering if the midday movies screened on GEM over the past four years – you must have noticed that it’s the same 130 titles (mostly old English B-graders from 1940-70) repeated every six months – will continue to be recycled.

        Surely 9 wouldn’t spend any money to freshen up their GEM & GO schedules, would they?

    • Screening after Gotham / Arrow, not really the same audience, except for a few of us. I would think most of the younger audience keen to see this already will have.
      Just put it on somewhere and let it run or let it go to Foxtel, with The Vampire Diaries. At least it gets shown and those of us without Fox can get get a season pass.

  38. Dumb question but what happened to The Odd Couple on TEN, I know it’s being shown just before the F1 tonight but there is nothing else listed that I can find for the next 2 weeks and they haven’t finished the season yet.

  39. Ch.10’s HD channel, ONE, it seems is repeating earlier episodes of Scorpion, tonight they are showing the 2nd episode which has already aired on it’s main channel in 2014, are they going to show the rest of the season(including the episodes which have still yet to air here)?

  40. And the ‘news’ media sometimes ask why celebs shun us. I felt so disappointed seeing the key NewsCorp piece offer a type of blog timeline for the Eurovision finale and essentially – and sarcastically – pull every contestant apart except of course for Guy. How pedestrian and pathetic that is and how typical. Guy did really well and Australia were guests. What a way for some of our media to treat a host. I feel so ashamed reading it. I hope Media Watch pick it up.

  41. For reasons best known to Nein, tonight’s episode of the Originals has been bumped…they’ve really outdone themselves – it lasted a whole week. Sell it to Foxtel and be done with it.

  42. Maev....Sydney

    Reading SMH….I am ticked of with Graham Nortons remarks about our inclusion in Eurovision….’Nonsense’ he said….
    As someone commented…Sorry Graham! When did the UK last win?…
    It appears betting odds have Australia running at 3rd…but dont take that as gospel…just what I read.

  43. Catching up on Outback Truckers today and can tell the show is made for international audiences. One of the truckers say “See Ya mate” and the subtitle on the screen says “See you later, buddy”!

  44. Maev....Sydney

    Just read the TV Tonight newsletter…..
    Sorry you missed out on voting…I did also…too early for me…
    What was more amazing…you were asleep…I was not sure you found time to fit that into the your life….

  45. Just saw a promo on Eleven for “The Late Late Show with James Cordon” airing from this Sunday night – about time we’re getting this program as it has been on for a little while now in the States

      • I thought they might have started with the latest ep, that followed Letterman’s final show and featured a few tributes. They have said Corden won’t be doing the typical late show stand up current events monologue so the delay shouldn’t matter much.

        They started with the usual 5, (2 filmed on Thursday?), during sweeps but then dropped back to 4. There have been 34 eps aired in the US.

  46. Re your comments in the newsletter David, about not having to go into self-imposed media blackout this Sunday to avoid Eurovision final spoilers… that was the first thing I thought when I heard SBS were broadcasting the final live this year. Even when you turn the internet off for the day until 7:30pm, I still accidently hear it on the 6pm news, or a friend mentions it to you on the phone. So glad there’s no worries this year (just the early morning alarm!)

  47. Someone is telling fibs about this A League TV deal on one hand Fairfax has Ten as favourite and now News Corp has Nine is favourite. For me it would have to be Ten as favourite. Apparently back in March FFA favours a Network Ten and Fox Sports partnership. I wonder what will the outcome be.

    • Secret Squïrrel

      “For me it would have to be Ten as favourite. ”
      No surprises there.

      Given how Ten have treated other sport which I used to watch on their network, I would rather that Nine get the gig, or shared with Foxtel with different matches on each, live not delayed.

    • Shoudy Chen

      ‘I wonder what will The outcome be’ – I heard on SMH and noticed that Ten is keen to win the rights to broadcast A-League Matches live. Network Ten is keen for football although they have never broadcasted any Soccer matches in its history.

  48. As said on another page last week re Quickflix and their issues – “The Interview” is still showing in my Quickflix queue as ‘coming soon’ – or it was until I deleted it just now. Picked up the DVD from my local Council-run library this morning. And the rental is free. 7 of the 14 movies in my QF queue are “Long Wait”- but these are really OLD titles – Great Race, Man Who Knew Too Much, Firefox, Fantastic Voyage, My Girl…- How much did Quickflix lose last year? $$$$$$$$$$$$$

  49. As is we don’t have enough screen graffiti already, SCTEN (Sthn NSW) is back to pop-up commercials. Latest are 10-15 seconders for Furniture One, covering the bottom 20% of the screen – in primetime. How is this calculated into their max. ad. content (if such as theory does exist)?
    Yesterday I accidentally caught something called “The Daily Show” (which apparently is Not on “daily”). After a 3-mins ad. for a juicer the host said something like “we’ll take a break now and be right back”. A break from the commercials for more commercials?

    • I loathe those pop up ads! I didn’t think the screen clutter could get any worse, but now you’re saying they’re being expanded to include outside commercials? Talk about treating the viewer with contempt!

      • It’s not a contest or a promo. It’s a straight out “Sale” commercial for a local furniture shop. At least it blocked out the permanent program promo graphic (it’s not a “watermark” as it’s a solid yellow) for 20-secs. This from the same network that calls 20-seconds containing three sentences mentioning three local news items, from yesterday’s local paper and ABC radio, their “Local News”.

  50. Here is something I stumbled across while channel flicking on Foxtel. Suits current season stopped with the mid season final on Seven and now Universal Channel on Foxtel returns next Tuesday at 8.30pm with the remaining unseen eps in double eps for next three weeks…….the remainder of the season that was shown in US in January.

    • It looks like Foxtel is faster at showing the episodes than Seven.

      I’ve only watched Suits on Seven where it’s ruined by screen clutter. Does Foxtel show it without the hugely annoying pop-up ads and on-screen advertising next to the logo?

      • I pay for the privilege of ad breaks but there are no pop ups. Only a watermark channel ID bottom right hand of screen and this channel is broadcast in HD. I am sure Seven will get around to showing them this year, where and when is anybody’s guess.

        • Seven still had the first run rights to Suits after they dropped their NBCUniversal output deal. They may have dropped them. While have to keep an eye on what happens with Covert Affairs and Royal Pains too. Universal are keen to use whatever first run and repeat rights they have for their own shows on their cable channel.

          Thanks for the heads up, I’d assumed Universal were still running old eps.

    • If this is correct, this will be your best ever pick-up Pete… and you’ve had many. Like Pertinax thought, I didn’t think a Foxtel channel could do this, since they would have had to wait for 7 to screen it first.

      • Pick up Pete…. got a certain ring to it…..thanks DaveyBoy. The ad for Suits on Universal Channel says ‘First Time on Australian TV’ so they would be unaired on Channel Seven.

      • Secret Squïrrel

        Sometimes the FTA networks on-sell first-run rights to somebody else, usually Foxtel. I’m guessing that is what’s happened here.

        “Pick-up Pete”, yeah!

  51. virtualmatt

    Does anyone have any idea how the VFL is rating on seven as opposed to ABC? it was a good double line up on Sunday of the Richmond v Collingwood matches.

    • It better have rated well, since they changed the initially agreed upon match-up with only a few days notice! They may as well go back to calling it AFL Reserves.

  52. So I was looking up some stuff and read this from Bill Lawrence of Scrubs/CougarTown/SpinCity fame:

    If a Nielsen Family is watching American Idol and they turned the channel right before every commercial break, and turned it back on right after, what would that rating be?

    “The answer is zero, because the Nielsens monitor how many people watch the commercials in a given half hour, not how many people watch the show,” Lawrence revealed. “The Nielsen ratings are an advertising tool! That, and the small sample, makes you realize it’s not gauging, empirically, what’s being watched.”

    David, is this the same with Oztam? Just interested to see if we value the same as the US or if we are focused on the show itself. Fascinating though, when you consider that fact!!

    • Lawrence is wrong. The published Overnight Nielsen figures are what viewers are watching for the total period. So flicking away during ads just reduces the ratings by the 28% of the the typical Network TV hour that are ads and promos. Nielsen also provide viewing breakdowns just for the ads, which is what media buyers look at. In those figures Lawrence’s hypothetical family would generate zero.

      Because so few viewers <50 are watching TV live ad rates in the US are based on Live plus Same Day and +3 time shifting figures. But in the end advertisers measure how much they boost sales or brand recognition and status, and will only pay for what is worthwhile.

      Oztam provides per minute figures, the troughs are the ad breaks the peaks are the most interesting bits in the show.

      Oztam does per minute so you can tell the figures for ad breaks from the troughs and programme from…

  53. What happened to how to get away with murder on seven ? It was returned last Tuesday night but not shown this week? Has it changed nights or taken off air?

  54. I have to say i am super impressed with Netflix. For only around ten dollars a month compared to what Foxtel charge (i have that too) i am getting some great shows. Bloodline starring Ben Mendleson was great, should have been told in 8 eps, dragged out to 13 eps and loving Grace and Frankie … What a cast…jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Sam Waterson and Martin Sheen. Is Netflix available as an app on TVs bought now?

    • Loving it too!!! Orange is the New Black is my fave and I can’t wait til the new season lands!! Was discussing it at work today and I convinced 2 people to subscribe!! No exaggeration – told them the facts, they were going home to set themselves up!!

  55. Maev....Sydney

    Enjoying the Giro d’Italia….I do not really understand cycling…but love to watch it…and the scenery is spectacular…also the commentary on various sites of interest….
    Those young men with such thing bodies and thin clothing…going at such speeds is also very scary.

    • Secret Squïrrel

      I’m also enjoying it. If you’re keen, you should be able to stream it via SBS’s Cycling Central from about 10:30pm your time. Annoyingly, the SBS TV broadcast is not live here in Perth despite it being noted as “Live” in all the TV guides. Not the first time SBS has done this.

    • Wait till the Tour de France in July. The coverage is like a continuous French tourism ad.

      Keenan and McKenzie chat personably enough, (and it stops Keenan just filling with stats), but they don’t cover what’s happening in the race very often. I put it on in the evening and drop in an out and it hard to find out what is happening.

      • Secret Squïrrel

        Yeah, I’m not watching SBS’s coverage. Eurosport is much better.

        I have enjoyed prev Td’Fs on SBS when Phil and Paul start up, and don’t mind the helicopter shots and potted history of the chateaus and churches, but I have no time for Gabriel Gaté rustling up some regional recipe or the other guy waffling on about matching cheese to wine on behalf of one of the sponsors, while there is actual racing going on. At least it has been broadcast live in Perth in prev years. Hopefully it will be this time around otherwise I’m off.

    • Slight brag – I’m off to Le Tour this year to fulfil Mr Beckala’s bucket list!! Look for a pair of Aussies with an inflatable kangaroo!!!

  56. Just saw an ad on TEN for the Monaco F1 this Sunday ‘Live and Exclusive’ um no it’s not, it’s on Foxtel also without ads and including all practice sessions and the qualifying live and in HD.

    How can TEN promote this as ‘Live and Exclusive’ when it clearly isn’t?

  57. Name and shame Channel 7’s Revenge started about 13 minutes & 11 seconds late last night, one angry little vegemite in the household, changed her viewing habits, punched up two recording devices for Revenge, (backup for any failure to record), took the ads out this morning and will do that for the remainder of the season (however long it takes she said), the rest of us snuck out 😀

    • I regularly record programs with ads onto a DVD hard drive and remove the ads before watching the program.
      When you do it all the time you get very good at it, and it takes no time at all.
      It is just so good to be able to then enjoy a show without constant inane interruptions.

    • Gotta set up the recording the day of – networks adjust the times on the day so technically they aren’t behind their timeslot… The printed TV guide vs the online one is very different!!!

  58. @J Bar … I noticed that too. It’s really disappointing. It should cover all shows equally.

    @Secret Squirrel … I’m well over 14 (many times lol) and I still buy it. :)

  59. It is a disappointing move and not fully explained. TEN is the only network to not supply this info and it has already resulted in incorrect Programming info being published here (and furthered by other journos on radio) -so there is a ripple effect. Some convos I have had raise alarming questions about how they perceive online media. I’m very comfortable with recent editorial for TEN, plenty of stories and features on their shows. Hope it can be resolved sooner rather than later.

  60. Hate how TEN cuts to the F1 just minutes before the race, not that it’s an issue this season with half the rounds not airing live on TEN. Much rather watch it on Foxtel in full with decent pre race coverage and live with no ads during the race! It will be interesting to see how the ratings go for TEN and Foxtel this weekend.

  61. Secret Squïrrel

    Yeah, also peed off that Ten aren’t even showing qualy this season. Have arranged to watch all qualies and races on Foxtel. Have been enjoying the pre-race pit walks – lots more interviews, news, and info than we ever got from Rusty and AJ. Ten can get stuffed.

  62. Secret Squïrrel

    That is a bit odd. You’d think that with Ten’s current market pos’n and (lack of) exposure they’d be happy to make it easier for trusted sources such as yourself to help get correct programming info out there. Even more so with regard to the internet given that Ten’s overall demographic tends to skew younger.

    I recall that for a while it was Nine that wasn’t advising of scheduling changes but they presumably saw the value of including you in the loop.

    I’ve said this before, for people supposedly working in a communications industry, all three commercial networks are often very poor at communicating with their potential audiences.

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