Heroes, Prison Break, Knight Rider: October

Heroes, Prison Break and Knight Rider will all be ‘fasttracked’ by Seven in October.

The new Knight Rider joins the list of shows that Seven previously indicated it would screen not long after their American debut.

Heroes launches on September 22 in the US, while Knight Rider has a series premiere of September 24. Seven already has the telemovie, with a cameo from David Hasselhoff, which screened in the US in February.

Prison Break is the slowest of the new ‘fasttrackers’, already having a 2hr season premiere in the US last week.

Press Release:

The biggest action series of the new US television season – Heroes, Prison Break and the reinvented Knight Rider – will be fast tracked to Seven next month just weeks after they premiere in the US.

The iconic 1980s television classic Knight Rider comes roaring back to life as a reinvented, super-charged series showcasing the new KITT (Knight Industries Three Thousand). Equipped with a supercomputer capable of hacking almost any system, a nanotechnology that allows it to change shape and color, and an artificial intelligence that makes it the ideal crime-fighting partner, KITT (voiced by Val Kilmer) is the coolest ride on the planet. Justin Bruening stars as Mike Tracer, son of Michael Knight, while David Hasselhoff is set for a cameo in the premiere movie-length episode.

Brace yourself for the exhilarating third season of Heroes, “Volume 3: Villains”. After a lacklustre second season, Heroes returns with the fast-paced, epic storytelling and comic flair that made it a phenomena in it’s first year. The back-to-form new season will explore the nature of good and evil in all the characters, as a cadre of villains is unleashed upon the world. And if you missed Season 2, don’t worry. Creator Tim Kring indicates the new season isn’t too dependent on knowing what happened last year. “We’re not doing much recap,” he told Entertainment Weekly last month. “That’s how confident we are that you can pick right up and start watching.”

In Prison Break’s nail-biting fourth season, Michael’s (Wentworth Miller) world is turned upside down when he discovers the woman he loved and thought he’d lost, Dr Sara Tancredi (Sarah Wayne Callies), is still alive. Realising the only way they will truly be free, Michael and Lincoln (Dominic Purcell) avow to find Sara and take down The Company by stealing their “black book”. They assemble a group of allies and familiar faces to accomplish their task, but soon find the only thing harder than breaking out will be breaking in.

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  1. I loved the 80’s series and the new series shows promise. I have seen the 2hr pilot and the first episode. Love the new turbo boost. Would love to see Micheal Knight Jr.(Knight3000) and Micheal Knight(Hasselhoff) with the first KITT voiced by Walter Daniels team up for something big like involving the US President. It is possible since Dr. Graham has the partially dismantled KITT(1982 Pontiac Trans Am) in his work shop. It would make for great father/son team work.

  2. i love heroes. i can’t wait for it to come back on!!! its on in the U.S. today so i’ll be able to watch it online soon. channel 7 always takes too long to fast track tv shows from america. thats why you have so many illegal downloads. if it was really fast tracked it would be on the same week as in america because in america, heroes airs on monday, so channel 7 could air it on the thursday of the same week. it would save some pissed off viewers.

  3. I havent seen 7 advertise for the new Knight Rider.

    I’ve seen the 2 hour pilot, it was average, but with the next to nothing budget, and the fact that american car makers are all going for the ‘retro’ look of new cars, the Shelby GT500 KR was the only mass produced car available.

    Is this confirmed that 7 has picked it up?

  4. Just to clarify David, Prison Break going to have the timeslot of 10.30?? Doesnt bother me, lesser adds. But, seven did screw PB when they showed 8 episodes of season 3 and waited 7 months to show the last 5 eps. PB is a continuous story (show) and cant be stuffed around like a crime show. Season 1 averaged 1.6-1.8 million i think, NOW Season 4 will average 450-550k, Dissappointing for such a great show.

  5. That would be nice but I don’t think it’ll happen. Two maybe but not three. They won’t put one of these shows on at 10:30pm because it wouldn’t be in competition with anything big on the other networks and 7:30pm would be too early for any of them.

  6. oomg t prison break thank bloody god i have alreday watched the first 3 eps on the net and omg they are sooooo good im sooo happpy that its coming onn very sooon yey only like 1 miths and a bit aaway woohooo

  7. Not sure what i’ll do about Prison Break… I stopped downloading it last year, until they didn’t bring it back when it came back in the us.

    Heroes I’ll just use my IQ2.

    With Knight Rider, i read something a while back where the guy who’s running the show, didn’t like the telemovie (wasn’t involved) all that much and so wanted to make a lot of changes, so i have some hope for it.

  8. The final episode for america this year for heroes is december 15, and that is with it starting on september 22. With channel 7 starting it a few weeks later, i have no doubt they will hold back eps. A 1 week (or less) turn around would mean that it would be done by xmas, ready to restart next year.

  9. I don’t mind a 1 week wait as long as they don’t do the same as last year and hold of on showing a few eps because of the xMas break and end up showing them months later!

    I do wish I had faster ADSL with a big data limit though.

    I never got the excuse of the end of the ratings period, they fall over about the same time both here and in the US, about 2 months over the new year. If Seven and the others want to keep viewers show them a week or so outside the break! And why is it the ABC never shows the Doctor Who xMas special and xMas, it can’t be just ratings?

  10. Prison Break is good, but will be 1month+ behind so they lost me there.

    Knight Rider i semi-enjoyed it and if its early october i will wait for it, else i will download it (i have to make some allowances, as i will have up to 13 tv epsiodes a week to download by the end of the month).

    Heroes, great program but having missed the 1 week fast track window it will be included in my weekly downloads.

    So Ch7 i’m sorry, maybe next year. I don’t think a 1 week turn around on highly anticipated shows is too much to ask for, and if you cant deliver i will go get it myself.

  11. It would be good if Heroes was on at 8.30 Wednesday and then prison break at 9.30 like last years ‘Big Wednesday’ on 7. If they don’t work as well as last year (Which they probably wont, most of these serial dramas are wearing out with Aussie viewers) just bump them a bit

  12. knightrider is absolutely terrible – I agree with craig – it’s just a 2hr ford infomercial – similar to how transformers was a GM infomercial. Avoid at all costs – it’s a waste of hard disk space / video tape. Looking forward to heros though…..

  13. Best guesses would be that Heroes is on 9:30pm Thursdays and PB 10:30pm Wednesday nights. Unless they decide to bring it back to 9:30pm again to test it out, but I think it’ll get bumped again like they did with LOST earlier in the year.

  14. I like how they said “after a lacklustre second season, Heroes returns with the fast-paced, epic storytelling and comic flair that made it a phenomena in it’s first year. ” They admitted season 2 sucked for the most part. I’m looking forward to this, although there’s no way I’ll be watching it on Seven.

    I recently watched the Knight Rider pilot and its average in every way. It might be a good family-friendly show when the new episodes come out though

  15. Very much looking forward to Heroes coming back. Sure, last season lacked major incident, but it was still as suspensful and entertaining as before. As for Knight Rider, I’m curious, but I keep hearing that the pilot was terrible. I might tape it, watch the first regular eps and then come back to it…

  16. The first two episodes of Prison Break for the new season were a big improvement … lots of changes in the first episode that sets us up for a very interesting year!

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