Out of the Blue gets a lifeline

EXCLUSIVE: Australian soap Out of the Blue is getting a second shot on UK television, despite slumping on the BBC earlier this year.

The Manly-based serial, commissioned by the British broadcaster, will move to Five in the UK alongside other Aussie soaps, Neighbours and Home and Away.

The lifeline for the 130-episode drama will see the show re-aired from Episode One in a bid to find a new UK audience. With an ensemble cast including Sophie Katinis, Zoe Carides, Diane Craig and John Atkinson, the plot kicks off with a murder amongst a group of 30-something friends gathered for a school reunion. Like all good Aussie soaps, it is a drips in sun, sand and surf, with a dash of mystery.

Five currently screens Neighbours and Home and Away at 1:45 / 2:15pm and 5:30 / 6:00pm.

TV Tonight understands Out of the Blue will accompany the other Aussie soaps in the later screenings, although a timeslot is not confirmed.

The Southern Star-produced drama started out well in an afternoon slot on the BBC, replacing Neighbours‘ when it moved to Five, but began losing viewers, and significantly, lost a key ally when a key television executive also left the network. It was moved to BBC Two in May where it still airs at 1pm.

TV Tonight also hears Network TEN is about to make an announcement on an Australian airing soon, once it resolves classification and local quota questions.

The Southern Star series has finished production of its commissioned series, but if it works on Five and TEN, it could pick up where it left off.

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  1. I love out of the blue, and was gutted when the first series finished earlier this year. I know its being repeated at the moment. Put it on at a decent time, on a decent side and the viewers will roll in.
    Hope there will be a new series on fiver or five or whatever!

  2. hi i think it is a great show i have watch nearly every episode and now it has come to tonight and they haven’t got it on anymore i am not happy about it at all i think it stinks….all i can say is i hope they put it back on..it is a great show!!!!

  3. out of the blue has kept me on the edge of my seat it is a great soap i have watched it since it began i was compleley devastated when i realised it had stopped keep it on i enjoy as much as my fave soaps h&a and neighbours.

  4. marie mcdonagh

    I just love out of the blue it is the best soap that I have ever watched.Just love every thing about it.Thank you channel five for taking it over.Let hope it is a success and that you show the next series and the next and the next and that it keeps going like Neighbours.

  5. Genevieve Shaughnessy

    I have missed none of the episodes of the brilliant soap, Out of the Blue. Sadly, I now have to wait approximately 26 weeks to see if Fiver will be able to pick up where BBC2 left off’ so that I, like many others no doubt, will be able to find out if anybody did get shot at ‘The Wedding’ and what happens thereafter.

  6. Barbara Cottier

    I have just discovered that we are losing Out of the Blue on BBC 2 at 1pm and it is going to Fiver at 7.30pm As others have said it has been a brilliant drama with fab actors and great story lines and I have watched from the beginning. I do not want to watch it all over again so will now have to wait until it gets to the point it’s at now on BBC 2! I loved seeing the beach etc at Manly as I’ve been there and it brings back memories of visits to OZ. As others have said the timing of it was all wrong on BBC so no wonder it didn’t have viewers. I hope lots of others will now enjoy it as much as I have.

  7. i love out of the blue and havent missed an episode, glad to see it will be on somewhere but i hope its not on at the same time as hollyoaks as i watch that aswell put it on after home and away in an afternoon :)

  8. I welcome the news that out of the blue is being retained albeit by another channel, but these soaps have to have a opportunity to prove themselves, and 1 pm has never been the time to get good viewing figures, even neighbours had to be screened twice a day to catch two different types of viewers, it stands to reason that people who have to be at work all day ,cannot be part of the viewing figures., and will not have a chance to give approval to the programme.

  9. Hi, I live in the UK and I love Out of the Blue, I’ve watch nearly every episode and when I heard the BBC were scrapping it, I was outrage! The characters are great, the actors are just perfect and charming and the plotlines just keep you on edge! Thank you Five for buying the rights to this, can’t wait to watch it over again! BBC, you should be shamed. You never gave Out of the Blue a good enough chance to make its mark.

  10. i am prepared to give ‘out of the blue’ a chance and when it starts its re-run on channel 5, (whenever it does) i’ll be prepared and determined to watch it. it seems interesting for a soap opera and who knows? it might still be on our screen this time in 10 years!!!!

  11. How ironic! The BBC commissioned this show to replace the hole left by Neighbours when it moved to Five, now it’s following and moving there as well…

  12. hey everyone im looking forward to seeing out of the blue get a fair showing on channel five or fiver i dont think it was given enough time to grown on people on bbc1 or 2 timing has to be spot on maybe they chould swap neighbours to 5.30 and put it on at 6.30 after home and away sounds fair to me as a soap group owner i heard the news last weekend and let my members know straight away .

  13. If they put it on at 6.30 on Five the night will go as follows;

    5.30PM- Neighbours
    6PM- Home and Away
    6.30PM- Out of the Blue

    Out of the blue would however be against Hollyoaks in the ratings which is a British soap aimed at teens. Personally I think Out of the Blue is a far better show therfore I will be watching that in any caise i just hope the majority agree with me.

  14. Wahey – looks like us Brits can enjoy more of Manly for some time to come, although we’ll have to wait a long time for the 130 episodes to re-run again before watching (unless anyone wants to watch them all over again!) FIVE is a much better channel for the show, as it can go with Neighbours and Home and Away in a nice little ‘Aussie slot’!

    Thanks FIVE

  15. This is great that 5 are going to reshow the whole series.

    Hopefully in a later timeslot alongside the other 2 Aussie shows it will gain a heap of new fans. It’s a brilliant show and i think the timeslot it was given on the BBC was the main problem for it’s ratings figures, a later slot when people aren’t at school or work might work wonders for the ratings.

  16. Soaps always need some protection, a few months to settle-in and hopefully build. OOTB was treated badly by the Beeb who should know better. If the soap builds an audience now and gets back on its feet then the BBC will feel very foolish, as they should. Let’s not forget that 7 once gave away Neighbours to Ten in a similar blunder and it took them some years to launch Home and Away and put things right again.

    Further down the track Ten also made the huge mistake of moving Neighbours away from 7 p.m. to make way for their rival – a mistake from which they’ve still not recovered and probably never will.

  17. This is fantastic news. As I live in Ireland, I have now seen the first 120 eps and this is the one show I can’t ever tape and leave to the next day, I have never enjoyed a show so much in over twenty years.

    It’s thoroughly addictive, excellently made, with a vibrant and talented cast. This news has made my week – any chance to keep Out of the Blue going is OK with me!

    This show certainly has something special – the intelligent writing and twist after twist keep you interested all the time. I would recommend anyone to give this show a chance, you’ll be paid back in spades.

  18. RTE in Ireland currently have the WORLD PREMIERE for Out of the Blue. The final episode (130) airs on Nov 12. BBC still have the 35 eps to go before completing the series.

  19. I reckon this would work well at 7PM as well over the summer. TEN should (like others have said) advertise the hell out of it and if it begins to rate over 1 million, they should consider swapping it around with Neighbours, so that Neighbours will get a much better lead in.

  20. well, good for you David, a world exclusive, Shows changing networks like this is very uncommon in the UK so it will be quite big news over there once they learn of it….be interesting to see how it goes on 5 over there..good on them for giving it a shot, if TEN are smart they will start it in the 7pm timeslot the Monday after H&A finishes for the year and promote the shit out of it ove summer to try and get some of the H&A audience hooked before it returns in January!

  21. Us wonks over at Mediaspy have been saying for some time that ten should strike with this show @ 7pm once Home and Away goes on break and try to build an Audience over summer, can’t do much worse than the sitcom reruns they have currently!

  22. So TEN’s going to air it after all? I wonder if this could be a solution to their early evening ratings problems?
    (Probably doubtful, considering how badly it flopped in the UK!)

  23. five are doing WHAT now?

    ok after that over reaction, ive read the whole article.

    So they plan to repeat the show, I guess that means it will air on fiver, I could see it airing on five, but giving the awful awful ratings this show has produced I can not see it getting anymore new episodes.

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