A summer of Temptation

Move over, Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer. Nine’s first week of summer programming indicates Temptation is returning to a 7pm weeknight timeslot. The network has two months of episodes up its sleeve, filmed mid year.

In other news, McLeod’s Daughters will become a Saturday night drama, clearly skewed to an older audience, which will compete with ABC shows. Fringe gets a Monday slot and Survivor will air both Mondays and Tuesdays. ER and Gossip Girl get Wednesday slots, but the latter is quite late (10:30pm) given its younger audience. Nine must be responding to the fact it has already aired to a large chunk of its fans via FOX8.

Old episodes of Monster House even sneak back into the schedule, as promised, late on a Friday night.

Its daytime schedule is dominated by cricket, but notable also for swapping The Ellen DeGeneres Show to 12pm and The View to 1pm from Wed Dec 3rd.

Sunday Nov 30
6:00 Nine News
6:30 20 to 1 rpt
7:30 Two and a Half Men rpt
8:00 The Big Bang Theory
8:30 Movie: A Beautiful Mind (updated)

Mon Dec 1
6:00 Nine News
6:30 ACA
7:00 Temptation
7:30 Two and a Half Men rpt
8:00 The Big Bang Theory
8:30 CSI rpt
9:30 Fringe
10:30 Survivor

Tue Dec 2
7:30 The Chopping Block final
8:30 Movie: The In Laws
10:35 Survivor
11:30 Girls of the Playboy Mansion

Wed Dec 3
7:30 10 to 1
8:00 Deadly Surf
8:30 CSI Miami rpt
9:30 ER
10:30 Gossip Girl
11:30 Just Shoot Me

Thu Dec 4
7:30 Emergency
8:00 The Waiting Room
8:30 Cold Case rpt
9:30 The Closer
10:30 Close to Home / The Strip (final, Vic)

Friday Dec 5
7:30 Australian Geographic
8:30 Movie: Miss Congeniality
10:45 Monster House

Sat Dec 6
6:30 Aus Funniest Home Videos summer series
7:30 Wife Swap USA
8:30 McLeod’s Daughters
9:30 AFI Awards 2008


  1. franz chong

    Except for that Millionaire Hot Seat They No Longer have a game show weeknights anymore.
    All of the 2.5 men noobs and sadistic home and away fans should hang your head in shame It is you people who have killed off a game show of 30 years

  2. There is no exact formula to compare US ratings to Oz ratings, but there is a rough formula you can use. Rough. Given that our ratings talk only the Top 5 markets (about 13 million as you say) and the US is national (about 305 million) and taking into account all the things above…if you use a multiple of 14 -you get close.

    Take “American Idol” – the #1 show in the US averaging about 28 million viewers. Divide that by 14 – you get 2million – about the capital city audience for “Packed to the Rafters” – Oz’s # 1 show.

    “CSI” gets about 18 million Stateside – divide by 14 – it’s a.2 million or so – about what it gets here. “NCIS” gets about 16 million in the USA. Divide by 14 – just over a million – about what it gets on Ten.

    It works the other way to – when Heroes was in Primetime (before 10.30) it was getting 600k-700k. Multiple by 14 you get about 8.5 million – what Heroes gets in the US.

    So it’s rough – but t seems to work. I’m sure there are times when it is not so accurate. BT using the formula – GG (3.5 million) would be 250,000 or so. Even if it would be twice as popular in Oz than there, that would make it 500,000 – still not really mainstream hit territory.

  3. @ Russell

    It is flawed to compare the proportion of US and Aus shows to the population. If you did that, CSI which gets about 20m and is massive over there would be about 800k (out of 12m for capital cities), which is not massive here. Plus, they have pay tv in half their households, and about 30% here. Also, the CW targets young women, while the rest target a more generic audience. So 3.2m is really good for them and gets great demos for them. Their standards are a lot lower than the other networks. But yes compared to the other networks it is rather low, however they aren’t exactly targeting older people which advertisers have lesser interest in.

  4. Craig – my apologies, I just moved back recently from the UK and so haven’t been here to see (months of) promos for Primeval..I didn’t even know.
    Agree with you on the DVD – easier to just buy it instead of waiting for it to appear on FTA.

    I enjoy crime shows too, but like most people commenting here, am sick of the constant repeats..

  5. I’m glad to see Survivor is going to be shown, but why at 10.30? It’s almost getting 500,000 a week at 10.30 for a 9 month old series. 9.30 at least is deserved, even if it was only on once a week.

  6. In summer if (but this never happens with our networks) they have no new episodes up their sleeves, then by all means program repeats. But when they have new episodes of shows (chuck….), repeats in their place is unacceptable.

  7. Thanks for the great news about Gabon David – sorry I missed your original notification. Needless to say I am looking forward to it. Also glad to see Wife Swap USA is back – we have always chuckled through this one.

  8. I love Gossip Girl – one of my fave shows – but 2 things to remember guys

    1. The ratings of Gossip Girl never match the hype. It averages about 3.2 million viewers a week in the US ranking it about 75th out of 95 regular shows on US network TV. That is the equivelent of about 200k-300k in Australia. Even the 18-49 demo is not that great. About a 1.5 to a 1.7 – about one third that of Heroes.

    2. It’s aired on Fox8 in Oz already. Many of the target demo would have pay TV – and also be high users of Pay TV. It rated pretty well for Fox8 – so I would say much of it’s target Audience in Australia have already seen it. And even so – the potential audience in Australia is pretty small.

    Even though I love GG – to be honest – I honestly think the show is pretty niche for Australia.

  9. ” The non-rating period should be used to burn off cult shows and start gaining a fan base for new shows.”

    IIRC this is the way it was years ago when the stations would play anything regardless of ratings or perhaps I just wasn’t paying as close attention as I do now. Now they seem to use the NRP to promote their new shows etc to try and get a jump on the opposition. So ratings don’t matter as much but they do matter to a certain extent.

  10. Some good choices there but what about this…

    20 to 1 rpt
    Two and a Half Men rpt
    Two and a Half Men rpt
    CSI rpt
    CSI Miami rpt
    Cold Case rpt

    So Nine you have loads of unused content and still you throw in stacks of repeats. Another clue for Nine – I dont watch 20-1 (sick of Bert, sick of lists, sick of your own celebs waxing lyrical or crap)
    Crime shows are great but repeats not so good. Nine, I might watch some of the new shows and Fringe but otherwise, you lost me ages ago.

    SBS & ABC look good, even 7 & 10 look better than Nine (not that that would be hard)

  11. Yet again, free-to-air networks are at a loss as to how to program a teen-based show. It’s the summer, put it on at 9.30. It really is that simple.

    It’s good to see Temptation back on the books, though I find it pathetic that Two and a Half Men is still getting a couple of timeslots a week. Enough already!

    No doubt one of these shows will be pulled after a few episode. The networks may claim it’s not the non-rating period, yet something always seems to go missing. The non-rating period should be used to burn off cult shows and start gaining a fan base for new shows. Nowadays, I really do feel that within Australia anything can become popular and a rating hit if left on long enough. Case in point- Frasier and Two and a Half Men. I have a feeling that’s what 9 is doing with The Big Bang Theory. They’re advertising it as a “new series.” While not false, the spin make it seem as if it hasn’t aired before. The ads also seem to focus on the fact that it’s by the people behind Two and a Half Men. No doubt they are going to air this as much as possible in hopes of having a new Two and a Half Men on their hands…. I guess time will tell

  12. Hey David, is Gossip Girl going to air on WIN? Iam dying to see this series becasue i love Josh Schwartz and what he done with The OC (s1! – the rest not that crash hot) WIN please, please! Thanks David

  13. Channel Nine are woeful in every aspect. GG has the potential to really be a great show for them, particularly in the summer, and they just cast it to 10:30pm without giving it a chance. Meanwhile they give stale crappy old CBS cop shows like CSI, CSI Miami and Cold Case primetime freakin slots on weekdays. That’s pathetic. And great shows like PD, Chuck and GG get werewolf timeslots. Then again, thinking that Channel Nine would be willing to give quality shows a chance at decent timeslots is just delusional. People should be used to this kind of treatment by this crappy network by now, they finally try something new besides crappy CBS cop shows and 2.5 men and then they don’t even schedule it. Thats stupid. Why not replace the Tuesday night movie with PD and Chuck?? Or one of the thousands of CBS cop show repeats, we get millions of them as it is.

  14. “I didn’t know Primeval was coming to 9!”
    They have been running the S2 promos for months! and I’m sick of them. Plus today I saw the S2 DVD on sale in BigW.

    The non ratings period is no guarantee a show will stay on the next 2 months, just look at Psych on 10 last year.

    I agree, where is moonlight, ch9 has 8 eps of the show, just enough to cover Dec/Jan and terminator have 9 eps so far in S2, again a nice number to cover summer.

  15. knoxoverstreet

    Wouldn’t mind seeing The New Adventures Of Old Christine either..would make a nice double with TBBT.

    @ seanie- Nine have promised PD and as David noted it may replace The Chopping Block. It’ll find it’s way into the schedule somewhere!

  16. i forgot about primeval, they have been advertising that as coming soon for months and months. plus moonlight was promised and terminator should be on too, 9 is giving me no reason to watch them.

  17. so how long is this summer schedule going to last? Just because it’s ‘non-ratings’ there is still ratings data being collected and there’s nothing to say Nine (or the others) won’t continue their current practice of chopping and changing schedules on a whim.

  18. Two things to say: 1. Yes, 10.30pm is a ridiculous time slot for a show aimed primarily at teenage girls. They would have far more success in an earlier time. 2. Where is ‘The New Adventures Of Old Christine’? Surely they will bring that back for summer? Any news?

  19. Wow. I thought it would be good. That’s a horrible schedule. Why would you shaft a potentially high rating show like Gossip Girl (well, if advertised well. It’s already very popular) at 10;30pm? And still where are Pushing Daisies, Chuck, Moonlight and Terminator?! Although I guess I’m glad to see Big Bang Theory and Fringe there. Wife Swap is hilarious too.

  20. I didn’t know Primeval was coming to 9!
    I just moved back here after 2 years living in the UK and saw both seasons of Primeval over there and I can say they are brilliant!! Bought the DVD sets before I moved back too…
    For those who haven’t downloaded it yet, make sure you watch. Very entertaining!!

  21. No Pushing Daisies and no Chuck, yet they seem to find room for repeats of Cold Case, CSI Miami, CSI, and 2.5 Men (3x a week none less). Do not like that sched at all, especially banishing McLeod’s Daughters to Saturday.

    David, or anyone else who might know, when do Seven reveal their summer lineup?

  22. If any of these shows do not rate particularly well, they will be shafted to summer….next summer that is. Promises from nine mean nothing to me. Besides the news, the only FTA commercial tv i plan on watching this summer will be the few seconds while trying to find the AV button on the remote. Well, maybe a bit of temptation.

  23. Great news about Survivor David but is this only a quick way of finishing Survivor Micronesia or a sign that we are going to get to watch Survivor Gabon as well? I know it’s probably just wishful thinking.

  24. David,
    any idea if 9 will go straight from Survivor: Micronesia to Survivor: Gabon? Am dying to see a series that isnt set on islands (Has been a while)

  25. david, are you able to check with WIN to see if they’ll show Temptation at 5.30 like they usually did (since we have ACA at 7.00) ?

    Easily the best and most enjoyable classic quiz show, and I’ll be pretty pissed off if WIN don’t show its last batch of episodes.

  26. Yay for Fringe, ER and McLeod’s Daughters returning but Gossip Girl at 10:30, I bet it lasts about 2 weeks before it gets yanked! Even Monster House gets a return but what of the last two Canal Road???

  27. Gossip Girl has so much potential for Channel 9 and it has the potential to build quite a large audience. Channel 9 should at least treat it with some respect and air it at a more suitable slot.

    It won’t build up much of an audience in that pathetic timeslot. Do we really need more Two and half men, CSI and Cold case repeats?

  28. knoxoverstreet

    Thanks David..that’s a pity Temptation is a good show but i guess too expensive when rpts of 2.5 Men rate so well and get great demos.

    And agree about TBBT been waiting since last summer to see this little gem of a sitcom again.

  29. Personally, I think Gossip Girl should be on in an earlier timeslot.. don’t you think that 10.30 is too late? It should be moved to 8.30pm or even 9.30pm rather than being too late.

  30. Im sorry, they are premiering Gossip Girl for the first time on free-to-air tv, and show that is widely popular around the world, and they are putting it on at 10:30 at night?? Are they stupid? They are putting CSI Miami repeat on at a time where GG would fit perfectly?

    Wow, Channel Nine are really stupid. Channel 10 or Channel 7 might has well just buy the show now, preferably Channel 10. Now i know why i never watch Nine, besides for sports (cricket and footy).

  31. Thanks David. I didn’t notice the Chopping Block final before, so I guess blind is the answer ;).

    Looking forward to the return of Fringe (but have seen a couple of the episodes since it was removed by 9), and continuing Survivor, and I might check out Gossip Girl.

  32. you gotta be kidding me. why is it always me that has to be so negative. i can’t believe that people even watch sale of the century….sorry i mean temptation. and to replace such a great show like 2 & 1/2 men is crazy.
    Shame channel 9….shame

  33. knoxoverstreet

    Why switch Ellen and The View?

    Re Temptation it’s one of my favorite shows and a real shame the popularity of 2.5 Men has signalled it’s end. I’m not sure if I have missed a press release but has Nine officially axed Temptation??

  34. Pretty good line up for 9. Strong line up as well.. Temptation is pretty boring after a while! Cant wait until 90210 starts again. Good for TEN to put it in their summer line up.. its kind of a summer show.

  35. What, no Pushing Daisies in the lineup yet? There are a lot of repeats in there, not liking that. Atleast with a Saturday timeslot, Mcleod’s Daughters could possibly be played out into the ratings season, but it’s a shocking timeslot IMO.

  36. Yes! Temptation is back! At last a decent option at 7pm! Looks like summer is going to be better than ratings time with great shows like ER, 90210, Heroes, Prison Break, Fringe, etc showing.

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