Looking for the magic touch

TEN’s line up for 2009 includes more factual series than ever, returning favourites and new international content. After a disappointing 2008, especially in the second half, TEN will need the magic touch to win back loyal viewers.

The network made the announcement today as part of a three day tour across the country.

Headlining the announcement is the acquisition of the 2014 Commonwealth Games. Cooking show MasterChef Australia will replace Big Brother across a 7pm timeslot mid year.

Another 7pm strip show is yet to be announced.

The new locally produced factual shows include Recruits, which follows police trainees at NSW Police College in Goulburn, Guerilla Gardeners who will make-over concrete-filled city spaces, Undercover Boss where an executive masquerades amongst staff as a new employee, and the overdue delivery of Bondi Vet starring Dr. Chris Brown.

It also announced Talkin’ ’bout my Generation, a “Baby Boomers” v “Generation X” v “Generation Y” panel show, and Australia’s Hidden Genius, a ‘Cinderella-style search’ for an undiscovered brainiac.

New international shows include Merlin (pictured), Lie to Me, Life on Mars, Little Britain USA, Worst Week, Harper’s Island and the daytime series The Doctors.

There are return seasons for Biggest Loser Australia, Dance Australia, Rove, Good News Week, Bondi Rescue, AFL including AFL Grand Final, Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?, RUSH and Australian Idol.

Set to continue are: NCIS, House, Life, Supernatural, SVU, Numb3rs, Medium, Dexter, brand new Simpsons, Californication, Criminal Intent, 9am, Oprah, Dr Phil, Ready Steady, Bold and the Beautiful, Huey’s Cooking, Totally Wild, TEN News and Judge Judy.

And “Seriously” stays put.

Press Release (some spoilers):

TEN announces seriously targeted 2009 line-up

10 November 2008

Network Ten today announced its strongest program line up in recent years with an expanded international and domestic slate rivalling previous offerings to secure a big year, all year, for TEN in 2009.

o TEN introduces seven new Australian programs;

o TEN announces new marquee franchise mid year, Sundays and Monday thru Friday 7pm; with at least one other 7pm strip show to be announced mid year;

o TEN announces return of Australian drama RUSH with a full season pick up;

o TEN welcomes seven new US series; and

o All TEN’s proven domestic and international favourites return

Network Ten chief executive officer, Grant Blackley, said investment in TEN is investment in a highly targeted and efficient proposition.

“TEN remains focused on our strategy of building share in the highly important 18-49 demographic. TEN’s prime time audience strategy most closely reflects the age composition of the Australian adult population, as 18-49s account for three in five adults. TEN provides the most targeted and efficient delivery of this important audience,” Mr Blackley said.

“We are also focused on maintaining our leading position in 16-39s.

“In addition, we are the undisputed number one network in daytime. For total people, GBs or women 25-54, we have been the number one network for the past 100 weeks – and we intend to remain so.”

The first big announcement of the day was TEN’s acquisition of live and exclusive rights, to the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland. The deal covers all broadcast rights (both freeto-air and subscription), all new media rights (incorporating Internet and mobile) and all radio rights. This is a marquee event in the Australian and international sporting calendar, and will build on TEN’s broadcast of the Commonwealth Games in Delhi in 2010.

Mr Blackley also said: “With the launch of ONE, the Network’s new dedicated sports channel, our ‘seriously different’ programming strategy will mean more than it ever did before. “Together, TEN and ONE will build a larger and more diverse audience for the Network as a whole”.

TEN’s chief programming officer, David Mott said; “It’s a great time to stay home and escape. And our 2009 schedule is pure escapism.

“We’ve got a terrific line-up of returning series plus some very exciting new shows and, of course, that means depth and consistency across the whole year,” Mr Mott said.

TEN remains the leader in ‘event’ TV with marquee franchise shows such as Dance Australia (finale 2.21m), Biggest Loser Australia (finale 2.35m), and Australian Idol (launch 1.8m), dominating the ratings and the buzz throughout the year.

TEN today announced the introduction of a fourth powerhouse franchise to add to the mix, MasterChef Australia, taking a prime position in the mid-year schedule; Sunday nights and Monday through Friday at 7pm.

MasterChef Australia is the first of a series of new domestic shows that will feature over 2009, making TEN’s domestic slate bigger and better than ever before.

TEN’s chief executive officer, Grant Blackley, and chief programming officer, David Mott, launched the network’s 2009 line-up this morning to an audience of media, advertising and industry colleagues at The Ivy, in Sydney, the first stop of their five-market roadshow over three days.


NEW DOMESTIC: MasterChef Australia, Recruits, Bondi Vet, Guerrilla Gardeners, Undercover Boss, Australia’s Hidden Genius, Talkin’ ’bout my Generation

NEW INTERNATIONAL: Merlin, Lie to Me, Life on Mars, Little Britain USA, The Doctors, Worst Week, Harper’s Island

RETURNING AUSTRALIAN: Biggest Loser Australia, Dance Australia, Rove, Good News Week, Bondi Rescue, AFL including AFL Grand Final, Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?, RUSH and Australian Idol.


MasterChef Australia: Anticipated to be one of the biggest ‘event’ TV shows of 2009, as hundreds of hopefuls are set to turn out across the country with aspirations of becoming Australia’s first true MasterChef. Over 10 weeks every “Donna Hay” wannabe from amateur cook to budding foodies and even tuck-shop mums will be tossing their chef’s hat in the ring, each hoping to become Australia’s next super chef. A team of experts will lead our 16 hopefuls through their staggering challenges as they battle it out for the grandest prize of all…the title of MasterChef.

Recruits: With unprecedented access to the NSW Police College in Goulburn and various Local Area Commands across NSW, Recruits will give audiences a rare glimpse into what’s required of the men and women we entrust to uphold the law. As one group of Recruits are entering the College another is graduating and heading for their first few weeks ‘on the beat’. The series will follow both groups as they embark on the long and gruelling journey towards becoming fullyfledged police officers.

Guerrilla Gardeners: The plan’s in place. The logistics are mapped out. The risks of getting caught are sky high. Make way for TV’s most original series. It’s fun, it’s fast and it’s completely wicked. Six young warriors armed to the teeth with attitude and gardening tools band together to make-over the most barren and concrete-filled spaces in our cities. When the sun goes down and the city workers retreat to the ‘burbs’, the Guerrillas undertake covert operations that transform the biggest eye-sores in the concrete jungle into an oasis of greenery and recreation.

Undercover Boss: Every boss thinks they know what’s going on, but do they? Undercover Boss challenges a boss to go on a voyage of discovery into their own company with the aim of discovering what’s not working in the business. Normally surrounded by spreadsheets and immersed in high level board meetings, bosses across the country will find themselves cleaning toilets, working as a waiter, dealing with irate customers, unblocking drains and doing late shifts in the kitchen. But whilst they’re rooting out problems, they’re also looking to find and reward hidden talent and celebrate the unsung hero among their employees.

Talkin’ ’bout my Generation: “Baby Boomers”, “Generation X” and “Generation Y” will be pitted against each other in this half-hour comedy panel show, which plays on the inherent good natured rivalry between the ages. Covering everything pop culture, this healthy rivalry will likely become an hilariously fierce battleground as team captains lead their groups through the challenge of who knows more? And the ultimate question…Who knows best?

Australia’s Hidden Genius: Across Australia there are untapped geniuses flipping burgers, stacking shelves or sitting at home on their PS3s – and we’re going to unearth them in a nationwide, Cinderella-style search. We’ll open the doors for them to potentially transform their lives forever but at the end of this emotional journey will they decide to start a whole new life – or will they choose to return to their old one?

Bondi Vet: Featuring charismatic and energetic Sydney vet, Dr Chris Brown, Bondi Vet is an unscripted half-hour television series. Bondi Vet will show Dr. Chris saving the lives of animals that are ill or have suffered serious injury with each episode delivering a carefully crafted mix of human and animal interest stories.


Merlin: Launching to an audience 35% above BBC’s primetime average, Merlin explores the adventures of the legendary sorcerer as a young man, bringing to life a new legend for a contemporary audience. This action-packed, 13 x hour long fantasy-drama revisits the saga of Prince Arthur (Bradley James,) and his wizard, Merlin, (Colin Morgan,) in the mythical city of Camelot. One-hour drama

Lie to Me: From the team behind 24 and Arrested Development comes this compelling new drama series. The average person tells three lies in ten minutes of conversation. Dr Cal Lightman, played by the potent Tim Roth (The Incredible Hulk, Reservoir Dogs) can detect the truth by analysing a person’s face, body, voice and speech. Lightman is the world’s leading deception expert, a scientist who studies facial expressions and involuntary body language to discover not only if you are lying but why. One-hour drama

Life on Mars: Based on the BBC series about a 21st century detective who is mysteriously transported back to the 1970s. Jason O’Mara (Grey’s Anatomy, CSI:Miami) and screen icon Harvey Keitel, lead an excellent cast through this gritty crime series shot out of New York. One hour drama

Little Britain USA: Written and created by Lucas and Walliams, the six episode series set in contemporary America, Little Britain USA will feature familiar “Little Britain” characters in new sketches, as well as brand-new characters, all performed by Lucas and Walliams. Returning favourites include Lou and his seemingly wheelchair-bound best friend Andy; Dafydd Thomas, the self-proclaimed “only gay in the village”; Emily Howard, an awkward and obvious transvestite in denial; and of course, Margaret Dawes… 30min sketch-com

Worst Week: A firm favourite with international program buyers, this half-hour comedy sees entertainment magazine editor Sam Briggs do anything to impress his girlfriend’s parents but no matter how hard he tries, continually messes up. This “Meet the Parents-esque” series is a 30min sit-com.

Harper’s Island: One of the most compelling dramas to hit our screens, Harper’s Island is a 13- part closed ended mystery boasting a killer cast, an original concept and strong script. It’s a murder mystery that unfolds as friends and family attend a week-long wedding celebration on a secluded and picturesque island off the coast of Seattle, infamous for a homicidal maniac’s rampage seven years ago. One-hour drama

The Doctors: From the creative team behind the long-running hit series Dr. Phil comes The Doctors, a new, one-hour daytime talk show. For the first time on daytime television, viewers will have a source of reliable and fascinating medical and health advice, dispensed daily by a distinguished panel of four ‘on-call’ professionals.


Dance Australia: So You Think You Can Dance Australia proved to be another of TEN’s great success stories on its launch in 2008 as dance fever spread nation-wide culminating in a massive finale peak of 2.2million. Dance isn’t just ballroom, waltz and foxtrot on a parquetry floor, but a whole pumping culture that has been evolving underground, in closed studios and performed in shadows until now. With the launch of Dance Australia came an explosion of energy and passion for one of the country’s most popular past-times, and uncovered some of the most impressive talent ever seen on television. Glamorous host Natalie Bassingthwaighte will return in 2009 alongside judges Jason Coleman, Bonnie Lythgoe and Matt Lee to uncover the next round of uber-talented dancers. With the bar already set so high by season one’s competitors, anticipation about what we’ll see in 2009 is huge.

Biggest Loser Australia: After a hugely successful series in 2008, The Biggest Loser will be back in action with another batch of weight loss hopefuls – and this year they won’t have to do it alone. In a groundbreaking change to the Australian format, this series will have couples competing against each other for the title and the prize. Trainers Michelle and Shannan return to motivate, inspire and guide the couples through the emotional and inspirational journey that is The Biggest Loser.

Australian Idol: Australian Idol is synonymous with entertainment, talent, inspiration and dreams coming true. Having uncovered some of the greatest talents to come out of Australia since its launch in 2002, Idol has established a legitimate path for young unsigned talent to pursue their dreams. Dominating amongst viewers in the 18 to 49 demographic again in 2008, Idol continues to engage the nation as everyone from the young to old campaign behind their favourite singers throughout the incredible journey from auditions through to the grand final. Returning to TEN in 2009 for its eighth season, Australian Idol is a proven performer at engaging and entertaining the nation.

Rove: Rove McManus and his cohorts will cement their position as Australia’s longest running and most successful television talk show of modern time as Rove returns with its tenth season on TEN in 2009. Rove, with the support of his gang of comedic heavyweights, is the first port of call for international guests and home-grown favourites headlining the biggest names in pop culture year-on-year.

GNW: Paul McDermott loves only one thing more than reading the paper. He loves to poke fun at all the ridiculousness right there in front of him. In current times when doom and gloom prevails in the news, Good News Week exposes a different side of local and world affairs – the hilarious side of it. Alongside team leaders Mikey Robins and Claire Hooper with weekly special guests (from all walks of life) Good News Week’s mission is to get people to lighten up about the news and have a good laugh.

RUSH: RUSH returns to screens in 2009 after a successful premier season secured critical acclaim, two AFI nominations and impressive ratings against stiff competition. Set in a critical incident police-unit, our heroes are a mobile squad trained to be smarter, tactically superior and technologically advantaged providing an insider’s view of police under pressure. Starring Rodger Corser, Callan Mulvey, Catherine McClements, Nicole Da Silva, Josef Ber, Ashley Zukerman and Samuel Johnson. RUSH returns in 2009 with a full episode order.


2009 will see the return of favourites: Bondi Rescue, NCIS, House, Life, Supernatural, SVU, Numb3rs, Medium, 5th Grader, Dexter, brand new Simpsons, Californication, Criminal Intent, and the ratings winning daytime line up of: 9am, Oprah, Dr Phil, Ready Steady, Bold and the Beautiful, Huey’s Cooking, Totally Wild, TEN News and Judge Judy.


TEN has invested deeply in Digital Media assets. For all the major program franchises, TEN continues to expand digital offerings, with strong website and mobile phone content that extends the program brands, driving deeper viewer engagement that offers sponsors unique and cost effective ways to further leverage their TV spend. The distinct advertiser proposition and program line-up for 2009 will prove to be a winning combination.

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  1. Wow a couple of inferior remakes of British shows…

    Merlin, i saw the first episode and it was decent, however I don’t see if this would necessarily go well on channel 10. I didn’t see it as a prime time commercial network show.

    Maybe they’re trying to get the Xena audience from years back. Why not go for show’s like The Legend of the Seeker or Crusoe then.

    Is Burn Notice back?

    The Office?

    I wonder why the net works don’t buy more premium cable shows from the states. Sure Dexter is one, but there many more good ones, much better than US network shows which seemed to always be getting cancelled just after the aussie networks pick them up.

  2. Where is Flight of the Conchords?

    I doubt Life on Mars will do well here. In Australia, people won’t even sample the US version of The Office, believing the British version is better without even seeing the US one. I think Life on Mars will suffer the same fate.

    Was there any mention of an “exit strategy” for 10HD? Will Battlestar Gallactica, Smallville etc be played out before OneHD takes over? Do Ten have the rights to the Torchwood mini-series?

  3. An awful line-up. Now what alternative will we have when all the other networks are playing factuals? >:( Even the drama/coms sound really lame.

    Odd that they failed to mention Sit Down, Shut Up and The Cleveland Show…

  4. Unbelieveable comments here. More negative than my credit card. Do you all really think that a few descriptive words on a TV show makes anything sound good? Wait and see. Rush is quality and continues to build audience, Masterchef will go great with Grocery Buyer’s and Women 25-54 (areas lacking on TEN), Merlin is a fantastic production and will be great family viewing, Recruits sounds very intriguing and sure to suck us in, Little Britain USA will be pretty niche, but piss funny, Lie to Me looks great, Harper’s Island could be risky, Worst Week is very clever, Undercover Boss looks like good dumb fun, plus Dexter will get a half decent timeslot.

    Everyone is great at slagging off, but rarely stops to think what the alternatives are.

    David, what were your final results for “Which Slogan is best” question from a few weeks back?? I think ‘Seriously’ was going pretty good?

  5. Matt

    Yes, WA gets screwed, again. It’s like Perth is a insigificant afterthought when 10 does programming, but then they do WA news from Sydney to save money, which they are not pumping into their shows!

    I don’t mind Rush, at least its a local production. More local content would be good. Oh, and and their are some older series Ten can Seriously play again, no, not the constant repeats they always do, but shows that haven’t seen the light of TV since they were first run. Ten, think about it!

  6. Ten is keeping 9am, Dr Phil, Oprah, Ready Steady Cook, Huey and Judge Judy, which seems to mean the only spot available for The Doctors is 11:00-12:00. Is this the end of the 11:00am news and TTN?

  7. The whole ‘serious’ thing may have been cute way back when, but now it just shits me. Ten need to completely rebrand themselves because at the moment they come off as the ugly poor cousin no one likes.

  8. Seriously…..is there anyone out there who thinks this slogan is any good? Seriously quick axings, seriously late starts, seriously good at irritating viewers, seriously 10.

  9. No more doI get excited when I see proposed lineup for next year.

    Based on past 2 years what networks promise they rarelt deliver.
    Hate to be saying this but likeliehood that 30 percent of above promised will make it into lineup before June is…

    30 percent .

    and then what will get canned or rescheduled or moved or dropped or rested after 3 eps..

  10. I’ll be kidn of sad if US Life on Mars outrates what the British series got when it was shown. Speaking of which it’d be interesting if American Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes ended up programmed against each other.

  11. Looks like Ten is aiming at finishing 4th in 2009.
    A new series of Rush? Does Ten really believe that it rates well? Any other network and it would have been bumped. What a joke.!!

  12. TGYH people don’t want to keep pushing the show.
    I believe its on indefinate leave while they work on other projects (ie The Hollowmen). They made a fuss about ‘going out on top’ when TGYH finished up.
    ‘i believe’ (correct me if Im wrong about any of this)

  13. Wow people on here are really lenient. This lineup is an atrocity. Ten fail enough as it is with their American fantasy/sci-fi shows, do they really think a British one will do any better? More factual shows, hooray. If they’re anything like Bondi Bali or Kenny they’ll tank a couple of weeks after their first airdates. Undercover Boss looks decent enough but chances are it’ll bomb if the execution is anything like Ten’s other local shows (Taken Out, anyone?).

    All their US imports suck, Life on Mars is the only one which has a chance of rating for them. Harper’s Island sounds like a bad made for TV movie, it will most likely be axed after 2 weeks. Worst Week could be good if it is paired with Rules of Engagement, which is annoyingly absent from Ten’s 2009 lineup, although it was one of the best-rating programs for them in the pre-8:30pm slot, and a hell of a lot better than their awful factuals. Little Britain USA will get “Office” and “Conchords” treatment.

    Ten will start the year out strong with TBL and SYTYCDA but will bomb after that. The only good decision they’ve made is keeping Life around for next year, even though the ratings have been ailing. And these are the same tards who sold Dollhouse. All said and done, at least they’re trying different things, unlike Nine who will be likely to continue their awful trend of nothing but CBS cop shows and 10 eps of 2.5 men a week.

  14. That is a seriously lame lineup… Nothing in there which is new to get me watching… Seriously.
    I know BB is dead, done and dusted, but I’d rather have big brother than what they’ve announced today. I bet at least 50% of all the new programs are moved from their time-slots within a week or two. Sorry to see Network 10 going down the gurgler, seemingly at a faster rate than 9.

  15. I hope they continue airing the Late Show. That’s the only thing I watch on 10. Also are they cutting “The Simpsons”? Their line up is not very impressive in my opinion and I see a lot of flops in 09.

  16. in 2009, we are going to have factuals coming out our ears 9 and 10 are making heaps. I must say they took longer to react than i thought.

    it will be interesting to see how all of the original ch7 factuals fend against all these new ones on 9 and 10.

    bar bondi, 7 has been the only one to master them so far.

  17. “Great news that Rush has been renewed, but did Ten just give away who dies tomorrow?”

    Just spotted that myself. Looks like Grace is the one to go.

  18. Sorry, I now can no longer take Ten seriously. I was hoping for more from their programming, but there is nothing original here.

    The same boring ideas in new boring shows! Think outside the box! There are interesting shows, look at Canadan TV to begin with. My bet, another crappy year awaits for Ten.

    Hell, if they can forget Neighbours, their own show, then what hope do they have!

    Oh, while I’m at it, Ten, put the NFL back to its original morning time slots, I want it live, not six hours delayed!

  19. Its a pretty strong line up! I will be watching Life On Mars for one – If its about Mars the planet that is and not some show with a misleading title. Brand new Simpsons will be hit with the younger viewers. Biggest Loser, Dance, Idol will all do well. Thank God Your Here is returning as well – thats a hit and will rate well for TEN.

    Nothing on Neighbours?

  20. No mention of Neighbours? Crazy! The lack of promotion for this show again is unbelievable. Neighbours is often their top show of the night these days and they completely leave it out. Nutbags!

  21. Travis – from what I googled (yeah, work will be asking me why I’m googling strip show’s i’m sure…) a “Strip Show” refers to the same show being shown across the same time for the week…

    ie – shown across 7pm in a week.

    Neighbours is a 6.30 strip show…

    But David can feel free to correct me if I’m way wrong!

  22. Going with all those factual shows is pretty damn risky. Saving Babies, Saving Kids and Bondi Rescue Bali etc are all examples of how shows which would otherwise rate their arses off on 9 or 7 simply do not appeal to Ten’s audience.

    Also, I very much doubt a cooking reality show will be able to sustain a good audience for six nights a week over several months. Then again, I did say that about The Biggest Loser too.

  23. the best thing that could happen to ten is for them to have dance, then biggest loser then thank god your here and then idol, all season rate well esp dance, loser, and tgyh. and i dont mean in 1 night i mean season after season. we do all remember how well tgyh rated, im so surprised there hasnt been 1 in a few yrs

  24. Most of that list I don’t care less about … but Merlin is brilliant!

    With many Doctor Who related cast/guest cast including Colin Morgan as Merlin and Anthony Head as Arthur’s father it is a very BBC Wales flavoured show that fits well into the “family” category of Doctor Who.

    Only others I like listed are Rush, Little Britain USA and Dexter (got it on Box set) … so overall a very boring list of shows on 10!

  25. please tell me ten are also revamping their time schedules?
    get rid of simpsons please, hey i like simpsons but its time to let go. 500k – 600k at a 6pm timeslot is not good

  26. Bondi vet looks interesting.

    I hope they redo Rove and Idol.

    Great Rush gets a chance but they have let slip who will depart now with the list of cast for next year and I am sad at that as they are the core of Rush.

    Merlin is suppose to be sensational so looking forward to that.

  27. Of all the new shows, I am planning to see Merlin, Life On Mars & Little Britain USA.

    I actually already seen the first episodes of Merlin and the US Life On Mars.

    Merlin’s first episode is mostly dull but am told the series does get better.

    The first episode of the US Life On Mars is definitely better than the unaired pilot.

  28. Interesting that Ten still went with Merlin considering it’s treatment of previous fantasy/sci-fi programs (she says still scathingly bitter over the Torchwood debacke). Let’s hope that they run the full 13 episodes in the same time slot!

    Loved the British version of Life on Mars, not sure how I will take to an American version!

  29. I am just guessing, but Australia’s Hidden Genius could be hosted by Sandra Sully. She once did all those specials called Australia’s Brainiest [insert occupation].

  30. Hmm not overly enthused about the ’09 line up. Return of RUSH is great news, it is the only show I currently watch on TEN, and I’m not joking! I rarely watch a factual show, and I am up-to-date with Worst Week. It is one of the better UK-US copies. Little Britian USA was not as good as the original even though both Mat and David were still involved just the same.

  31. Meh, meh and meh. Who wants to bet Ten will treat “Little Britain USA” the same way they treated Flight of the Conchords”? As for the US Life on Mars, if its ratings are anything to go by in the states, this’ll be long gone by the time Ten bother showing it.

  32. They also didn’t intentionally mention that none of the new or returning shows won’t be in HD from April onwards, because their sports channel will be showing on the HD channel. Ironic that some shows will only be in HD in other countries (like Rove shown HD on TV3 NZ)

  33. Looks like a great line-up in 2009. Merlin, Worst Week, Undercover Boss and probably Masterchef will likely become rating winners and firm favorites. Good to see Rush continue especially since it’s my favorite drama currently on air. Looks like a full 22 episodes will make it next year hopefully more. Ten looks like they will do better and this lineup is better than what they have on now and what channel 7 has already got. Ten will no doubt be strong in Feb-May so the question is will Masterchef work?

    Seriously looking forward to Ten’s new programs in 2009 and what Nine has to offer.

  34. I’ve heard good things about Merlin, a friend is hooking me up with eps as it’s airing in the UK now. The US Life on Mars is not patch on the original, I’ve seen the pilot.

    Looks like a good mix for next year, I just hope the ratings pick up from this year.

  35. also there is no mention of any of the HD exclusive shows so come april it looks like we really will never ever see them again. i’m really hoping they show us season 8 of smallville and the 2nd half of battlestar galactica season 4 before that date. and what about everybody hates chris and friday night lights, there are plenty of seasons of those yet to come, guess they will be relegated to dvd only in australia, a real shame.

  36. Lie to Me is getting some good pre-air buzz and Fox seem to have faith in it. Hopefully Ten screen it in the first half of the year. It should pair well with House.

  37. I think the best thing Ten can do for the other 7pm show they’re thinking of it so to have one where it’s an opt out show, you can miss a show without missing anything.

    Something like a renovation rescue type show that’s a different episode each time.

    I don’t know if I’ll be watching Chef Idol, but it sounds like an ok idea. It really depends on the judges. Too bad they can’t get Matt Moran!

  38. I am glad that Rush is being given a full second season. I started to watch it when it premiered, but my life has been to hectic to continue watching it, but I agree with some others that it can take alot of wilpower to sit through an episode without flicking.

    Some surprise returns such as Fifth Grader (Ten’s only primetime game show), Rove (Australia’s only primetime talk show) and I’m amazed Ten will not try something new with the weekday morning timeslot. They are getting canned by Kerrie-Anne and Larry/Kylie.

    Too bad there will be no re-branding. I am seriously getting sick of the white backgrounds, grayscale people, blue and yellow buttons and kinky music!

    Taking a second look at MasterChef now that I have a better description, it could turn out to be a winner if marketed and produced in the right way.

    But overall, seriously unstimulating. I think I will remain a happy camper in the Channel Seven caravan park next year!

  39. Is there something to make out of the press release harping on about 2 different demographic brackets? (18-49, 16-39).

    I get a sense with the Masterchef and increase in factual programming, there heading towards grabbing an audience older than usual. Are they ‘readjusting’ their target demographic, by the look of this?

  40. No mention of Neighbours continuing next year? I mean I’m pretty sure we all know it will but just seemed to be forgotten about.

    Not sure what to make of MasterChef Australia as “Ten’s big new plan” to replace BB. Sounds like a really cheap replacement to me that will not rate, but could be surprised.

  41. One city will be left on its own on the tour, right? My tip for tomorrow is Adelaide and Perth’s will have launches, with Wednesday being Brisbane.

    I would say a mammoth announcement concerning Ten’s Q150 involvement next year will be at the Brisbane Ten launch… henceforth the need for Brisbane to go last allowing for more time dedicated to this announcement.

  42. Seriously underwhelming. MasterChef may be worth a watch, but the rest of the domestic product sounds rubbish. For the new imports, Life On Mars sounds good, the rest not so.

  43. I had to do some quick googling then about what on earth a “strip show” was…

    Given 10’s dodgy programming of late, i thought they were literally going to announce a new show about Strippers to be on air at 7pm! haha

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