Airdate: Boston Legal, 30 Rock, Packed to the Rafters, 24, Lost.

Seven has announced some of its key titles to premiere in the week of February 1st.

They include the final season of Boston Legal plus 30 Rock, Packed to the Rafters, All Saints, Criminal Minds, Ghost Whisperer and (as confirmed here previously) 24 which launches in a double episode.

A week later Lost begins at 10:30pm Wednesday February 11, but as 1 episode rather than the 2 ep premiere which launched this week in the US.

In the Bush with Malcolm Douglas also begins 6:30pm Saturday Feb 7.

Please note all times are Melbourne:

6:30pm Outback Wildlife Rescue
7:00pm Australian Open: Intro
7:30pm Australian Open: Men’s Final
10:30pm Movie: Behind Enemy Lines

7:00pm Home & Away continues nightly
10:30pm Boston Legal  S5E1″Smoke Signals”
11:30pm 30 Rock S3E1 “Do-Over”
12am Last Comic Standing

7:30pm RSPCA Animal Rescue S3E1
8:00pm Find My Family S2E1
8:30pm Packed to the Rafters S2E1 “Natural Justice”
9:30pm All Saints Ep 457
10:30pm Eli Stone “The Path”
11:30pm Dirty Sexy Money S2E8 “The Plan”

8:30pm Criminal Minds S4E8 “Masterpiece”
9:30pm 24 S7E1 (2 hr prem)

7:30pm Ghost Whisperer S4E1 “Firestarter”
10:30pm Scrubs S8E1 “My Jerks”
11pm Beauty & the Geek S4E1

7:30pm Better Homes & Gardens S3E1
8:30pm Supernova rpt

6:30pm Special: In the Bush with Malcolm Douglas Pt 1.
7:30pm Kath & Kim (Aus) rpt
8:00pm Fawlty Towers rpt
8:30pm 2009 NAB Cup Live


10:30pm Lost S5E1 “Because You Left.”

Coming soon to Seven are also Desperate Housewives, Brothers and Sisters, and Private Practice.

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  1. Katie Smith

    I would love it if 7 put Boston Legal on at around 8:30 or even 9:30 would be acceptable… my friends and I love it but have small children and don’t want to be up too late to see it!! For such a great show, and such up to date episodes it’s a shame to waste it on a terrible time slot!

  2. Can you please let me know if you will be repeating Boston Legal – “Smoke Signals”. I missed this episode which was shown on Monday 16 February 09.

    This is my favourite show and upset that I missed it.



  3. Evil is right, Scrubs’ first season and most of its second season was aired by 7 in primetime and i believe that it was popular at first but its ratings soon after died down and 7 then showed it at the 10.30 slot from Feb 2004.

  4. saw a few ads on 7, how i met you mother is set down for mondays at 7:30pm, and they are advertising thursday nights as the “night to stay home” for ghost whisperer at 7:30, greys has a 2 hour premiere at 8:30 and “coming soon” is private practice, it is probably only a 1 week wait to just make way for the long greys premiere. although we already knew or guessed that thursday line up the himym is new news (to me any way), so i guess this schedule is just going to come in dribs and drabs through 7 ads.

  5. 24 has a lot more appeal than Lost. Coming from someone who’s seen the first 4 eps of the new 24 season and the first 2 eps of the new Lost season, 24 is a much more approachable show. Lost is quite full of itself now with a lot of the plots and they’ve gone really crazy with the time travel, whereas 24 is a great series about a man stopping terrorist threats against the odds. Its a more approachable show that both long time fans can enjoy and that newbies can watch and follow at any time, which is definitely something that doesn’t happen with Lost. Plus Lost finishes up in 2 seasons anyway whereas 24 has yet been uncomfirmed, and with all the comments in the Lost thread before about how many people love Channel Seven and think that they are doing brilliantly scheduling Lost 3 weeks behind, I really don’t think moving it forward is smart at all.

  6. James R w, there enough complaints that it finishes at 11:30 if they did a double and it finished at 12:30 there would be an uproar, no one (not even the extreme fans) would stay up that late and would send even more people to the internet.

    i say split the 24 double and start lost early.

  7. Lost is literally one of the most greatest tv series I have ever seen in my life. I thought to myself, Feb 11 at 10:30 is only just good. But to split the 2 hour premiere is just horrible.

  8. I enjoy Fawlty Towers as much as the next guy, but surely a nice 8pm timeslot could be put to better use than rerunning a series over 30 years old for the umpteenth time?

    30 Rock cleans up at the Emmy’s yet again and 7 continue to dump it at a terrible timeslot.

  9. after sleeping over this i think they 7 have got it right. they’ve got a heavy viewing night, a light night, an aussie night, a mens night, a womans night, an old people night and a family night. that was sun-sat btw.

    i agree with tommyk that they should have split the double of 24 and started Lost earlier, and if they needed it to fit into the year they could have had the final episode of 24 as the double.

    the other networks will be in trouble if they don’t start their big shows in the week of feb1.

  10. I agree with 24’s 9:30 timeslot – its gotten so violent, it deserves an AV rating half the time. I’m not sure that’s why 7 isn’t showing it earllier.

  11. With 24 being on Wednesdays along with House, Life, Kyle XY and Leverage, Wednesdays is going to be one night of the week that I have to organised carefully if I want to watch them all.

  12. david are you sure kath and kim starts at 7:00 or is that a typo, from what i’ve heard Malcolm Douglas is an hour long, and it seems strange to have a double kath and kim starting at 7.

  13. NeonKitten, your not wrong about that popular TV torrent site. It didn’t help that the 2nd Lost episode was posted *hours* before the 1st episode became available. I’d never seen anything like it either – Lost is clearly incredibly popular – no wonder the ratings for this show and others have died over the years – people just can’t wait anymore to see shows like this on FTA.

  14. yes lee123 i know what your talking about how people were so sure about that format that jerome put in, i might have been one of them.

    to be honest it wasn’t that far off it was just sunday and wednesday 9:30 (and a few late nights) that were off. and those ones had question marks on them anyway. if i were in charge i would have left 24 at 10:30 and slotted bones in, there will be no shortage of bones episodes in 2009, i just don’t think 24 can build an audience. the actual is not that bad though i think it will work. although i must disagree with wednesday 4th. i would have split the double episode of 24 across 2 weeks and started lost at 10:30. if people go to bed and miss the 2nd part of the first episode they may never come back. and lost should be starting a week earlier.

    surprising to see them use 1 of 8 PTTR episodes during non ratings, but i guess it could benefit the show in the long run keeping the momentum from the open.

    as for the promises that 9 have to break and not show early are, when i grow up, who do you think you are, for richer for poorer, secret millionaire, local heroes and a few of the jerry brukheimers. there hasn’t been much (any?) promotion.

  15. Not happy that Lost will be 4 weeks behind the US! It’s the best show I’ve ever seen and in your own poll, it currently holds 33% of votes for the show people are most excited about in 2009. Yet you refuse to cater for your viewers.
    I’m afraid I will start downloading episodes and so will many others, it’s the only way to keep up with the States…
    Shame on you Channel 7!

  16. haha there are people i was talking to that were just about ready to bet their life that they had predicted the timetable. 24 at 9:30 would have thrown a lot of people out. good to see almost all their shows starting in the week of Feb1. most of the american seasons are 24-29 weeks long instead of the usual 22 so i expect most of them to run through easter so they don’t munch up the whole year. anyway now i understand why they are using “after the tennis” this year, they are cutting out the threshold week between tennis and ratings.

    i am very interested to see what 9 produce, no one can guess it they have announced so many shows for february that it is almost double the amount that actually fit. now apparantly 11th hour has been confirmed for Feb as well which has really thrown a spanner in the works. i guess it means a lot of promises will be broken.

  17. I just did a TV Show survey and it looks like Brothers & Sisters will be in a 8:30pm Thursday night timeslot as the questions asked which show we would prefer to watch in each time slot on each channel.

  18. well good to see that scrubs, 24, and beauty and the geek are all upgraded to earlier slots for ratings seasons. on other blog sites we were sure it would turn out as
    Sun: Sunday night, Australia’s got talent, city homicide, bones?, scrubs, 30rock
    Mon: Border security, 000heroes, housewives, brother and sisters, boston legal
    Tues: RSPCA, FMFamily, Rafters, AllSaints, Eli Stone
    Wed: HIMYM, earl, criminal minds, gangs of oz, medical emergency?, 24
    Thurs: ghost, greys, privateP, Lost

    but with this new info i would say we can amend it to:
    Sun: Sunday night, Australia’s got talent, city homicide, gangs of oz, medical emergency, movie
    Wed: HIMYM, earl, criminal minds, 24, Lost
    Thurs: ghost, greys, privateP, scrubs, geek
    and i guess bones is being held to midyear like last year

    greys is being advertised as 8:30 feb5 and PrivateP at 9:30 don’t know why they would have left them out of this release. no one expected 24 to return to 9:30!! they better start advertising, there are a few things i would have done differently but i think 7 have all their lead ins well planned this should work.

  19. Why 24 on 9.30pm timeslot?? Shouldn’t be earlier than 9.30pm?? I remember few years ago, 24 at 8.30pm and now decide to put one hour later …

  20. My poor 70 year old parents have to record Dirty Sexy Money because it’s on too late for them!! Lucky my dad has mad tech skills and set up digital media recording.
    I’m just glad they are showing the final episode of Last Comic Standing.

  21. I can see PTTR being limited for it’s first season and carrying over the remainder to start of S2, it’s done all the time in the US, Greys Anatomy and Flashpoint are 2 that come to mind.

    And ITA having a 2nd season start now means they can get the S1 DVD out there at a high price before mid year.

    But as David said it all could change.

  22. This is odd. Where is HIMYM? Seven did say they’d air new eps in February. I expect it to go in either the Monday or Wednesday 7:30pm slot along with Earl. Its good to see Boston Legal and 24 back on screen, 2 excellent shows. Especially good to see 24 in a good slot, although how long its there I’m not sure.

    The rest of the schedule is pretty clear cut,
    Sundays: 6:30 Sunday Night / 7:30 AGT / 8:30 City Homicide / 9:30 Bones
    Mondays: 7:30 HIMYM/Earl (possibly) or Border Security/000 Heroes, / 8:30 DH / 9:30 B&S
    Thursdays: 7:30 GW / 8:30 GA / 9:30 PP

  23. Hooray for Eli Stone returning quickly!

    Lost, though, will be four episodes behind the US, fatal for a show of its type. And the torrents of it yesterday were the busiest I’ve ever seen. One popular TV torrent site was brought to its knees by people refreshing the page every few seconds waiting for Lost to turn up.

    The UK got it in less than 24 hours, while Australia, one of the biggest-downloading countries in the world waits four weeks. Idiotic move from Seven there. But then, they’ve obviously already written the show off.

    As for PTTR, inventing a “new” season lets them double the amount of premium-priced DVD box sets they can put out there, and to hell with the show’s creators’ intentions…

  24. Yeah I love Beauty & the Geek too – also Boston Legal, which is quite a classy show. Great chemistry between the male leads pictured.

    I can see my highlight pen is going to be working overtime in my Herald Sun TV Guide – not to mention the VCR. There is no way I am going to remember what is on and when. Besides it will probably all change in a week or two.

  25. Gee, if it was anybody else but Ch 7 I would tune into 24, but alas, their history of dollar, oztam over viewer choice sadly means I wont be tuning in. I’ll wait for the DVD release, Fawlty Towers and Kath and Kim, in that order, have a slight chance, it depends whats on ABC1, ABC2, SBS or TEN HD One on the night.

  26. Has Seven numbered PTTR episodes rightly? If I remember correctly it made 22 episodes for season 1of the drama and showed the first 13 last year, so “Natural Justice” should be episode 14 of season 1.

  27. What of Bones, I guess it could fit in the missing slots on Monday?

    Will Samantha Who? or Kath & Kim US ever be coming back to ch7? I think it would fit on the Saturday night comedy line up.

  28. It hate it how Seven’s action shows are always on at 10:30pm. Lost, 24, Prison Break.

    Don’t they realise alot of us have to get up at 6am?

    Watching TV without fast forwarding the Ads is becoming a novelty now.


  29. @Chris – completely agree. Never got into Boston legal, although it looks good, but 30 Rock definitely deserves a prime-time slot. Interesting to see K&K on a Saturday. It might work for them in the way it worked for Vicar of Dibley when they put it on Saturdays last year. Good to see Eli back, but I won’t be watching as I prefer to actually sleep at night (LOL) and my VCR is broken. :-(

  30. 24 on the Wednesday is going to conflict with my shows on Fox8, might need to get a 2nd DVR 😆 Great to see Scrubs fast tracked and now its finally in 16×9, interesting to see Eli is back, I was sure it would vanish with it gone in the US and still 4 eps left unaired in the US, maybe we’ll get them here first?

    But what the frak is Fawlty Towers doing at 8pm in prime time!!!

  31. Boston Legal was attempted at 9:30pm by Seven in some markets a year ago.

    At this stage I cannot confirm 24 is at 9:30 on Feb 11.

    Both Seven and Nine release schedules intermittently. TEN’s 3 week declaration (which has already made adjustments) was one out of the box.

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