Bold ‘experiment’ ending

January 19th marks something of a departure from summer viewing for Channel TEN.

As widely speculated, The Bold and the Beautiful will return to the 4:30pm timeslot. It will be replaced by Simpsons repeats.

When TEN moved B&B to 6pm it said it was an experiment. But the experiment seems to have under-performed. On Monday it managed 467,000 viewers, well behind Nine News with 1.4m and Seven News on 1.2m viewers.

No doubt there will be soapie fans happy the show is returning to its old timeslot, but other viewers who equally enjoyed the new timeslot.

Meanwhile, Neighbours will also return its 2009 season at 6:30pm.

From January 19 the schedule is

3:00pm Judge Judy
3:30pm Huey’s Cooking Adventures
4:00pm It’s Me or the Dog
4:30pm The Bold and the Beautiful
5:00pm TEN News at Five
6:00pm The Simpsons
6:30pm Neighbours
7:00pm Friends


  1. Move it to Noon.So the Dr Phil Viewers lose their show and while I may no longer be a kid or a teenager I would much prefer something educational and family friendly before the news between 4 and 5pm than some trashy soap.This would have the most stupid thing done by 10 ever since the Echo Point Days of 1995-96 That didn’t last long and they subsequently went back to the Simpsons and before putting the axe on EP moved the latter to 11:30pm before falling off the face of the earth come 1997.

  2. 4:30pm prior to 1996 was the best.One could get home from school and find something educational on.I do remember watching wonderworld as an eight year old at my aunties house whenever we used to go there in the mid forward a decade or more and what do they do cost cut the childrens programming and put on a totally unappropriate soap opera as a news lead in.

  3. They could have put on those unseen Taken Out Episodes over the summer looking back on it now.As Mediocre as the critics said that show was It provided those of us who were getting sick to death of Simpsons Repeats something new and refreshing.

  4. That is what they use to do Pre 1996 over at Channel 10.An Hour of Childrens Viewing between 4 and 5pm and by law they should go back to that.If they can’t provide something suitable for the kids why not show some of the older comedies that have not been seen in Years

  5. lameboyadvance

    Good riddance. Back to afternoon viewing where you belong.
    …And as much as I love The Simpsons, yes, I do get sick of the same 50 or so episodes being aired, how about mixing it up and showing the other few hundred instead?

    …And ‘It’s Me or the Dog’? What happened to Scope? I like (kids) science shows…

  6. Aww, no more Everbody Loves Raymond repeats at 3pm. Oh well. Classic laughs have had a good run this summer with The Nanny at 11:30am on Nine, ELR on Ten, and Home Improvement at 5:30 on Seven. Plus Friends at 7:00 (but I watch Temptation so I’m missing out on that).

  7. Agree with 5.30 news. I used to watch 10 news at 5.30 on 10HD.

    Put B&B on at 3 or 3.30, kids shows 4-5, Simpsons at 5, news at 5.30, Make a regular 6pm sports tonight on every day at 6pm, Neighbours at 6.30, then Biggest Looser, or similar at 7pm. No more sitcom repeats. Foxtel has a channel just for that – 111 hits.

    Agree – they should make a big deal out of Simpsons and play them all in order from 1st episode to 400 – and/or – do what FOX8 do – have a vote for the best eps and count them down in order – say top 20 over 4 weeks in July or November.

  8. Actually I enjoy Judge Judy. I personally find that Byrd guy (the “guard” person) to be funny – he’s so serious.

    I don’t think ‘It’s Me Or The Dog” will be on during the school year. They probably just put it on cause it’s school holidays. Once school starts, they might bring it back.

    However, Channel Nine are the best when it comes to children’s shows. They have Hi-5 (even though there are only two people left), The Shak, New MacDonald’s Farm, Humphrey, Kids’ WB, Kingdom of Paramithi, Sleepover Club, Lockie Leonard, Sharky’s Friends, and this year they’ll be getting The Saddle Club. Channel Nine have also had a history of great kids shows including Y?, Download, and [Hot] Source. I personally don’t think any other network can compete with Nine’s 4:00pm The Shak. It appeals to all kids as each presenter has their own genre (eg sport, science, environment and fashion).

    Saying that, channel ten will probably bring back Totally Wild when Term 1 begins for primary school kids!

  9. Hahaha thats hilarious Freddy. One of the best comments I’ve seen on this site, that evaluation of Ten’s afternoon lineup is spot on. I agree that many of those shows need a nuclear bomb. Although I must admit I enjoy the odd Judge Judy ep once a month or so, its one of the trashiest TV shows but its annoyingly entertaining

  10. I remember when there was at least an hour of kids/family viewing after school. Now on Ten the kids can choose from Huey’s Cooking Adventures, It’s Me or the Dog and/or The Bold and the Beautiful. No wonder they are glued to console games or on the Internet instead…

  11. 3:00pm Judge Judy – Arrogant, opinionated person who should be sent to pasture
    3:30pm Huey’s Cooking Adventures – Overweight boring cook, should be teaching healthy cooking
    4:00pm It’s Me or the Dog – Take the Dog anytime, boring
    4:30pm The Bold and the Beautiful – The Big and the Boring, needs a nuclear bomb
    5:00pm TEN News at Five – This I can watch
    6:00pm The Simpsons – Enough of the repeats, retire him
    6:30pm Neighbours – Arrggghhhh, pathetic acting with pathetic boring scripts, also needs a nuclear bomb
    7:00pm Friends – Ok the first few times, but enough is enough

  12. @Earthquake

    Ten are now showing “C rated” Totally Wild at 7:30am weekdays instead..

    Wonder what will replace Its me or the dog when they run out of epsiodes though…

  13. No more Friends!!!

    BB 5.00
    Ten news at 5.30
    Neighbours 6.30
    Simpsons 7.00

    I dont get home till after 5pm and wont tune into the sport part of the news on 10. If it began at 5.30 though, I would watch.

  14. Or can they? Ten has so much expertise at producing bulletins without sport, mainly on weekends, that they could transfer all their sports news to a 6pm localised Sports Tonight, thus allowing the bulletin to move to 5:30. What would 7 do if Deal was beaten by the likes of Walden, Doniekien and Woods/Wilson doing hard news…

  15. Guys I don’t think Ten can move the news from 5pm because it goes for an hour. There’s half an hour of news and half an hour of Sports Tonight. They’re not going to sacrifice one for the other. With Ten’s interest in sport including them developing that 24 hour sports channel Sports Tonight is probably never going to get cut.

    I don’t see any problem with them moving Bold back to 4.30 and putting Simpsons back on – it’s exactly what i thought they would do come ratings season. And as for the Simpsons eps being repeated ad naseum, there’s a big deal of traditionalism among diehard Simpsons fans. The earlier eps are said to be better quality than the newer ones so they get repeated more often.

  16. I don’t mind Simpsons repeats, but as Gerrard has mentioned, there are some episodes that are repeated ad nauseum.

    Ten has access to over 420 episodes of The Simpsons. They have absolutely no excuses for airing the same episode more than once a year.

    Plus, I think TV classification standards need to be relaxed so that PG rated programming can air from 6pm onwards on a weekday. They can air PG rated content at virtually any time on weekends… what gives? :/

  17. Now if only they got rid of Friends and Neighbours it would be even better.

    Keep Futurama on after the Simpsons and the world will become peaceful again

  18. Why wouldn’t they try Everybody Loves Raymond at 6:00pm? Surely that would do a lot better instead of Simpsons repeats (repeats repeats repeats…). I mean seriously, how many times can you possibly watch the episode where Homer ploughs driveways during the snow? I saw that episode at least 7 times last year on TEN! Plus most older people would rather watch Raymond than the news.

    Everbody Loves Raymond at 6:00pm. Seriously!

  19. Gosh, maybe TEN should just switch off from 6pm to 7:30pm, they just cannot get it right. It would save them a lot of money and work.

    I think they need to realize that The Office would be a perfect program to put on at some point during that period of time.

  20. If ten continue to compare any 6pm show to the 2.6 million viewers that the two news shows (7 and 9) get, then no show will last more than a week. Unfortunately 7 and nine have that hour pretty much sewn up, so ten should be happy with what they get.

    If it was me, I’d have ten news at 6pm. Coming from NZ (where both major channels have hour long builteins at 6pm following by current affairs at 7pm), this would be good.

  21. why is friends still on at 7pm? are ten content with placing 4th in timeslot with 600k viewers? they really need to try something different because when masterchef fails, they need to have something solid to fall back on.

  22. Ten News at 5:30pm. If I were boss of TEN this is the first move I’d make.
    It just makes sense. I’m sure there are plenty of people in the same boat as me, who would want to watch Ten News, but are stuck in traffic at that time. As a result, people don’t even bother switching to Ten when they get home. Think about it, if at 5:30pm, people would get into the habit of arriving home and turning on the news. They would then leave it on Ten while they go about fixing dinner, having a shower, surfing the net, etc. They could easily add 100K to their early evening line-up.

  23. Soapies such as B&B don’t really belong in prime time, so I am glad that they changed it back to 16:30.

    What I don’t agree with is “It’s Me or the Dog” being shown 30 minutes earlier, and I am sure that Ten can do better. Anyone remember a show called “Judge Joe Brown” that was shown on Ten years ago?

  24. Christ they still haven’t learnt have they?

    The Schedule should look more like;

    5.00 – Bold and Beautiful
    5.30 – TEN News
    6.30 – Neighbours
    7.00 – Friends

    News would get a good leadin to Neighbours which would hopefully flow on to its 7pm slot and later into the night – no harm in trying right?

    I also think Simpsons would be a better alternative to Friends at 7pm. Bloody TEN, you will always be in the doldrums. I just don’t understand what they would loose by trying the news from 5.30-6.30 it makes perfect sense to me and is their best bet to keep the audience at 6pm, those watching the NEWS from 5.30 would more than likely be less inclined to switch over to SEVEN & NINE at 6pm rather than watching SIMPSONS, would hopefully pick up some older viewers too.

  25. This was to be expected. Well, at least they tried, though a timeslot where they could play the episodes uncensored would have been preferrable.

  26. Now all Ten need to do is promote it. ie: Episodic Promos for each night – pumped right throughout daytime and primetime, not some generic 2 second commercial in the last ad break of the 5pm news.

    If they promote individual episodes viewers might be like “ah I haven’t seen that one yet” or “I haven’t seen that one in ages – I’m gonna watch” spend a bit of money – make some ep specific promos and nurse the 6pm ratings back to health.

  27. I get that they needed a change, but putting bold and the beautiful in prime-time was just dumb. Anyone could have predicted that the move would be a failure.

  28. FFS 10, apart from “It’s Me or The Dog”, so could have told me that was the 1998 line-up and I wouldn’t have known any better. Get some new shows on!

  29. At least Ten tried something different for a change.
    Although if Ten’s demo is the text gen, B & B hardly fits there.
    maybe there could do text comp and ask kids what’s up ?

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