Bumped: Out of the Blue

Some news for fans of Out of the Blue, which gets a reprieve….of sorts….

TEN will move the show to Sundays at 6pm, beginning this Sunday with a PG rating.

As previously reported, the show disappears from its late weeknight timeslot after this Thursday making way for TEN Late News to return to 10:30pm next week.

But the Aussie soap still has a long way to go with its mystery storylines, and there are fans who want their fix.

The Sunday 6pm slot edges out (more) Simpsons repeats, which return to 6pm weeknights next week.

As previously tipped here, Out of the Blue is also too valuable in drama points for TEN not to air -especially for a network that only has two local dramas in primetime. It’s no surprise a new timeslot has been sought.

Airing at 10:30pm it currently has an M Rating (some violence, adult themes). Does that mean in its new PG-friendly slot the show will have edits? More than likely.

Screening what was made as a “stripped” soap just once a week is also hardly an ideal outcome. It’s too long in between episodes for a show that was designed to work as a half hour soap.

Once ratings return, don’t be surprised if we hear about another adjustment.

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  1. Don’t worry guys – who really is at home at 6:00 PM on a Sunday evening any way – just watch it from the ten website – no adds and it’s wrapped up in less than 23 mins – i’m loving this show – actually I’m addicted – anyone else out there who feels the same way? Story line is good – i’m loving to hate certain characters and it generally throws you every ep, so bring on more OOTB!!!

  2. Great, I didn’t know it had changed nights and missed Sunday. I was scanning the programmes for this weeks episodes and couldn’t find them. Does that mean Sunday it will be on for an hour?

  3. I can’t believe they have moved it to 1 timeslot a week & with no notice so I missed Sunday’s episode. If you are dropping it from 4 to 1 episode per week at least make it a 1 hour episode. Come on TEN get your act together. And a bit of notice would have been nice, like an announcement at the end of the Thurs episode – prior to the credits.

  4. You have got to be kidding, once a week. My wife & I look forward to this show every night. Certainly going to get sick of waiting months before the murder is revealed. Like all good shows, the TV stations just keep changing the tim slots and putting other waste of effort shows on.
    It’s obvious this show is going to die a death like Phil did in the show.

  5. is it possible this has something to do with the Australian Open (seeing as it will be on day & night for 2 weeks) & ootb could be back when the tennis is over?

    maybe just wishful thinking?!

  6. I’m over all these saopies. They used to be decent, but now they just suck. It’s all the same:
    – Someone dies
    – Someone cheats on their partner
    – Someones a murderer
    – Someone is being stalked
    – Someone drowns
    – Someone is bashed up
    – etc

    Soapies also have really bad actors. I hope this show gets axed, along with neighbours and home and away!

  7. Great, so we will find out who the killer is around about August???

    Considering there are 130 episodes in Season 1, I don’t understand why it wasn’t shown in 1hr episodes.

  8. Ash, sure was an exciting cliffhanger last night. Pity the show won’t survive screening once per week…could get the SYTYCD crowd but most people will just tune in at 6.30…

  9. This move does not make sense…why put a show that has been through a dozen eps at a late night timeslot then shift to an earlier more accessible timeslot where the vast majority of viewers have not even heard of Out of the Blue, let alone have a clue what the hell is going on? And furthermore, once a week will not be enough to maintain viewer interest…I give it two weeks in this timeslot.

  10. They should have tried it at 7pm instead of friends it is a long shot but it just might have taken off

    Your are sure right R what would we do without this site

  11. OOTB fan on January 14th, 2009 2:53 pm
    Just checked the guide for this Sunday at 6 pm and it’s showing The Simpsons.


    Which guide? A print one? An online one? Oh wait, it doesnt actually matter because nobody relies on print guides anymore because they’re nearly always wrong (or from a year ago, thankyou Daily Telegraph), and the online ones are never updated all that quickly. It’s a late change, and we’ll be lucky if it shows up in any guide before Sunday night. Thank god for sites like this which tell us the late changes, because the general public wouldn’t have a clue

  12. One measly half hour a week!

    Why not Monday to Thursday like before except at 6 pm?

    Enough of The Simpsons re-runs and time for something new.

    Bold and the Beautiful didn’t work out whereas Out Of the Blue just might…

  13. I watched this show last night and it amazed me how really bad it is!! How poor does something have to be to make Home and Away look well-acted and cleverly scripted?

  14. This’ll mean many months before the murderer is revealed. People will just give up by then, at the rate of one ep a week, and I’ll probably be one of them!

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