No Temptation in this finale

Temptation has undergone another programming change which is downright insulting for its final (ever) episode.

Previously it was set to limp out at 10:00pm Friday January 23rd.

Now it’s ending on the same day -at 11:30am in the morning.

Very disappointing.

In the evening Nine is expected to have cricket and movies.

For a show with such a long history as Temptation / Sale of the Century it’s a dreadful exit. Seems there’s no such thing as a graceful exit in television anymore.

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  1. Nine has lost it’s marbles.

    The Only Thing I ever watch on there are Getaway,Airline and Airport when those shows were on.Going Places,Ladette to Lady as well as Hi 5/Humphrey Bear episodes even though in the case of those I am not a Parent of Small Children.

    What they need is a 90210/OC type offering at that time of night for those of us fed up of tripe such as Home and Away but at the same time something the younger generation can also relate to.

  2. franz chong

    I for one would like Two and a Half Men sent to the scrapheap where it belongs.

    Those Episodes have been done to death many times over.

    Temptation was one of those shows and this goes back to the Days of Sale of the Century that makes all of us smarter.I would rather have an intelligent game show than some crappy US Sitcom in the early evening timeslot.

    Even better make a 21st Century Price is Right and put that on at 7pm when your precious Two and a Half Men Episodes Run Out.

  3. And another thing: there was a time that American sitcoms only filled in 7pm (and similar) time slots over summer. 2.5 men and similar don’t belong in 7pm during ratings time, and they only rate due to a lack of options as H&A is not for everyone.

  4. Words cannot express my disgust in ch 9 for what it has done with Temptation in 2008 and its subsequent random programming over summer. Very disappointing to lose a great show and an Australian television institution with the original temptation being on in the early 70’s, then Sale of the Century in the 80’s and 90’s and early 00’s.

    Yes, Home and Away will always win 7pm. ABC news 2nd. Why? Because they are always on! 9 and 10 accept coming 3rd and 4th and just comit to something decent at 7pm, locally produced, and new. Give it a go. Please. You never know what might happen.

    Otherwise, its’ ch 7 to win 2009.

  5. Shame for Channel Nine for getting rid of this great show, and for trating is like crap this summer, either airing late after the cricket, and now with the final, airing 11.30 in the morning!, meaning that even less viewers are now going to watch it than if it was going to air at 10pm.

    Shame Shame Shame.

  6. I think it’s indicative of the change of management at Nine. Len Downs GTV’s programmer) is on the way out and his important position is being filled by a youngster from the sales department! Easy to see what the priorities are here – advertisers first, viewers last.
    Well Channel Nine, let me tell you, you won’t have advertisers if you lose all your viewers!

  7. An absolute disgrace for Nine to end Temptation, especially like this after its history (with Sale Of The Century).

    It would be great if another channel could pick it up if the rigths allow it (No point having rights to a show if you don’t think it’s worth airing…).

    Great chemistry between Ed and Livinia – They genuinely seem to enjoy their time on the show (Quite different to the fakeness displayed on the Ch.7 game shows with Andrew O’Keefe)

  8. Their egos are killing FTA TV, so what if it loses to the opposition by less than 10%? For a show with such a long history to go out in non-ratings during the morning is pathetic. Nine – you are pathetic. If you would like some help, and you definitely need some, just ask David for my email address, and i’ll provide some common sense. Even better, post your questions to this forum (not using an alias…..), and we’ll provide some basic programming knowledge that everyone seems to have but you. Having said that, it would have been better asking for advice a few years ago, cause it’s kinda hard to make a sinking ship re-float.

  9. I suppose when it comes down to it both Ten and Nine are really just trying in vain to beat Home and Away. I tihnk both networks would sotp screwing with the 7 o’ clock timeslot if they had a show in there that achieved ratings anywhere near as high as H&A does on a regular basis, but they just don’t.

  10. This is sad! I love Temptation/ Sale Of The Century. I thought Ed and Livinia are great hosts, it’ll be sad to see them go. However, Channel Nine are planning on bringing out loads of new aussie shows this year anyway.

    Plus they probably won’t repeat Two and a Half Men at 7:00 anyway.

    If you remember correctly, you’ll realise that the new version of The Block, called “Home Run” is coming soon to 7:00 weeknights on NINE!

  11. Apologies for posting again in thread but (drum roll please) not how once again same 4 folks thatfind time to poke fun at 7 & 10 are MIA (missing in action) when Nine does something crazy.
    Excuse me, Mr.Gyngell, we know you have people monitoring this site – please get one of them to explain logically why Temptation gets treated like this and why Flashpoint gets screened out of order and dumping of Gossip Girl (a 10-30 summer hit)
    Gyn (nice nickname) c;mon, you told us start of year Nine is diversity, NIne is the place to be in 09..
    C’mion get out from behind thespin and answer the basic questions.
    I was a solid viewer of Nine 3 years ago – nowadays I watch it less than 10 percent.
    Do you want me back or what ?

  12. What a shame, I loved this show. No way that it should have ended like this. I dont see why they didnt try it in the 5 30 slot, from memory i think that is where it started. But i dont blame them for axing it, even in summer it sometimes comes third to the ABC news and the very unfunny repeated How i Met Your Mother.

  13. i might have to remind some people but 9 used to win things because people watched their channel. these days the the few shows that remain from that age are temptation/sale, mcleods, and ER. and look where they are. midday, late saturday, and 10:30.

    if 9 cared about these shows and treated them with respect maybe people would watch them and viewers will return and 9 might actually win something again, just like the good old days.

    i too remember watching it as a kid, i never answered any questions but i supported the people i liked.

    this news is a disgrace, it seems 9 are hitting a new low every day yesterday it was gossip girl, the day before it was the flashpoint episodes, now this. much more and i will seriously not watch 9 at all unless they pull their head in.

  14. I feel sorry for Ed and Livo. They made a great team. Now they will have to look for other projects to work on.

    Since when did “Sale of the Century”/”Temptation” ever shown in the morning? The more I read about Nine making stupid decisions, the more I think they have lost the plot.

  15. what i find strange is that if it was axed, and buried late night, why did they not at least give it the 5.30 slot over summer (when the cricket wasnt on)??? Could’ve solved all their 5.30 lead in issues. I live in WIN territory and we have it at 5.30pm and i would choose it over deal or no deal every day.

    that said, i’d still switch over to seven news at 6 since i can’t stand fergo.

  16. For Channel 9 to show this level of disdain and contempt for what has been a cornerstone of weeknight television for over a quarter of a century… it says it all about their attitude.

    One of my earliest childhood memories is sitting in my grandmother’s loungeroom, shelling peas and marvelling over Sale in all its glory on her new *colour* Pye tele.

    Very very sad, this will surely turn the few 9 loyalists left away in disgust.

    *shakes head*

  17. that what happened will me ryan i us too watch two and a half men every day and really enjoyed it ,but now that there just showing the same episodes again i haven’t been watching it .

  18. i cant believe people preferred 2.5 men to this crap, Ed and Livinia have a fantastic chemistry, the shows a pleasure to watch, saying that im an avid Home and Away watcher and havent watched this in years and have only watched it this summer while H&A aways not on so in actual fact im probably just as much to blame for its demise as the 2.5 men crowd!! such a shame though that the finale will be so underwhelming, I really hope they find another vehicle for Livinia..shes fantastic

  19. I just two and a half men flops majorly in the 7pm timeslot this year, I can see new episodes still performing but after NINE having repeated the episodes at least once already maybe twice for some episodes viewers are going to catch on they’ve seen the episodes and just switch to SEVEN or TEN. Temptation would be secure bringing in around a million and in the cooler months bring in decent figures of 1.2 – 1.3 million.

  20. You are pathetic channel 9 nothing would make me more happier than to see 2.5 men have 0 viewers why is junk like this so popular temptation hit a million in the ratings on Monday night and this is the thanks it gets

  21. Well, it is Channel Nine we’re dealing with. Cricket has to override all normal programming to entertain the masses. Pity for those of us that find it mind numbingly boring and a waste of air time.

  22. *drum roll please*
    How will Nine’s plants explain this.
    Programme deserved better exit – odds are they (Nine) are repeated 20-1 or other rubbish and could give Sale/Temptation a fitting finale.

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