Nine releases GO! schedule

Fringe4Nine has released its new schedule for GO!, its youth channel set to begin on August 9th.

With its mix of mostly US shows it will be a chance for television fans to soak up missing titles, or sample favourites they have only ever heard about.

Many of the US programmes such as Fringe, Gossip Girl, Moonlight, The Big Bang Theory, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Eleventh Hour begin from their pilot episode.

Additional titles that have not received any earlier press include TMZ at 11am / 7:30pm weeknights, and The ARIA Music Show to run from 1am – 7am daily.

With its 12 hour block programming, many evening titles will screen with a next day repeat, as per pay television models (alas prime time repeats in the day are from GO! not Nine).

Programmed not to conflict with Nine’s audience, there are plenty of tempting titles on offer. Prime time viewing is as follows:

6:00 Seinfeld
6:30 Wipeout Australia
7:30 The Big Bang Theory (4 eps)
9:30 Aliens in America
10:00 The New Adventures of Old Christine
10:30 Movie: National Lampoon’s Vacation

6:00 Australia’s Funniest Home Video Show
7:00 Entertainment Tonight
7:30 TMZ
8:00 Seinfeld
8:30 Dog The Bounty Hunter (2 eps)
9:30 Neighbours at War (2 eps)
10:30 Bad Lad’s Army

6:00 Australia’s Funniest Home Video Show
7:00 Entertainment Tonight
7:30 TMZ
8:00 Seinfeld
8:30 Survivor: Gabon
9:30 The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman
10:30 The Bachelorette

6:00 Australia’s Funniest Home Video Show
7:00 Entertainment Tonight
7:30 TMZ
8:00 Seinfeld
8:30 Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
9:30 Fringe
10:30 Eleventh Hour

6:00 Australia’s Funniest Home Video Show
7:00 Entertainment Tonight
7:30 TMZ
8:00 Seinfeld
8:30 Gossip Girl
9:30 Moonlight
10:30 The Hills

6:00 Australia’s Funniest Home Video Show
7:00 Entertainment Tonight
7:30 TMZ
8:00 Seinfeld
8:30 CSI
9:30 CSI: Miami
10:30 CSI: NY

6pm Seinfeld (3 eps)
7:30 Dance Your Ass Off
8:30 CSI
9:30 CSI: Miami
10:30 CSI: NY
11:30 Movie: American Outlaws

Additional titles during the day include Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie, The Nanny, Just Shoot Me, Teen Titans, Xiaolin Showdown, The Jetsons, Starsky & Hutch, Charlie’s Angels, Marine Boy, Thunderbirds, Scooby Doo and more (note: some are weekends only).

The channel can be seen on Channel 99 from 7am Sunday August 9th, and will screen on WIN and NBN.

As per TV Tonight Advance Guides, you can download the entire grid in Excel here: GO! SUNDAY August 09, 2009



  1. James Russell

    Looks good, a good alternative.

    Can’t believe GO! have left out these titles:

    Dawson’s Creek / Home Improvement (If 7 does not have the rights) / The Kill Point / Hot Seat / Two And A Half Men / 20 to 01 / Australía’s Perfect Couple / The Farmer Wants A Wife / Hi-5 / Humphrey / The View / McLeod’s Daughters / Sea Patrol

    And much much more

    And how about some Nine!

  2. Am I correct in assuming this GO! channel is only available for viewing by those who live in capital cities? Again those of us in the bush miss out. At the rate things are going analog TV will stop transmitting in the bush before the infrastructure is put in place for digital TV broadcasts.

  3. Looks good, a good alternative.

    Can’t believe they have left out these titles:

    Family Matters
    Golden Girls (If 7 does not have the rights)
    Perfect Strangers (god I loved this show as a kid)
    Married With Children
    Texas Walker Ranger
    Freaks & Geeks
    Fresh Prince
    Early Edition
    Third Watch

    And how about some The Wonder Years Nine!

  4. James Russell

    When GO is on Channel 88, the HD loop will be reinstated with the WIN/NBN HD service reinstating to Channel 80. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Nine doing an hour News next year to match “Funniest Home Videos” on GO with “A Current Affair” to move to 7pm to match Ten’s 7pm Project. It’s common knowledge that Nine is a fan of of News. At 6pm, I’m tipping most viewers will choose Shelley Craft over “Nine News-ACA” / “Seven News-TT”.

    New channel;, new shows, new formats, new era. All of them in one night. Works better. Agreed. I thought the point getting an entertainment channel was to erase people’s memories of the Nine News/Today Show overkill allowing GO to start fresh with the brand new format. It was a wasted exercise, but in hindsight one that is unlikely to have any negative long-term consequences.

  5. @ sam, someone correct me if im wrong but it sounds as if GO! will be replacing winhd meaning that none of nines programming will available in hd similar to when ONEHD replaced tenhd

  6. @neon kitten yes one of the purposes of music video’s are to sell albums but im sure you would agree that they are entertainment regardless and more enjoyable to watch rather than informercials. i do agree though that it ridiculous that infomercial are counted as programming rather than ad’s as a way to get around advertising limits.

  7. oh crap. shows that were originally slated for 7.30 ( Survivor, Sarah Connor, Gossip Girl ) are now slated for 8.30. which means they will more than likely be clashing with shows I’d want to watch on the main networks. What is TMZ?

  8. Neon Kitten

    @mac: well, music videos indeed are ads – that’s their intended purpose. That they happen to have artistic worth much of the time is a happy coincidence :)

    @Andrew: no, they don’t count as advertising – the point I was trying to get at, really, was that not even the obviously-a-half-hour-ad infomercials don’t seem to count as advertising either.

    And yes, APRA etc royalties are collected for video clip playback anywhere. Presumably the networks have a deal with APRA similar to the ABC’s to make it affordable.

  9. So what does this mean for regional viewers who watch Footy Classified and The AFL Footy Show on WIN HD? Will we just not get to see them anymore?

  10. buddy, I assume CSI is on Friday and Saturday nights because Nine assumed you young’uns go out partying on a Friday and Saturday night? Maybe not!

  11. @Neon: do music videos count as advertising? Don’t the networks actually have to pay APRA fees for playing video clips? In any case, I’m pleased that there is some better alternative to overnight infomercials than ab-blasters and pro-actives…

  12. There is a world outside America, although one might not get that impression from this channel. Yet more unimaginative programming from the commerical networks.

  13. They call this a “Youth” channel, So why two nights of CSI. Im not at all impressed with this line up. Hopefully seven will pull a rabbit out of that hat, now that nine has laid its cards on the table….

  14. Having missed Bing Bang Theory on Nine, I can’t wait to see the first four episodes again. Some of the stuff there looks good. Looking forward to Terminator and Moonlight!

  15. this looks like a solid line up, as other have said it hard to believe this was done by the same people who run nine, hopefully they wont constantly change their schedule around like on their main channel, although i don’t think they will, please don’t prove me wrong nine.

  16. great move by GO! showing music videos instead of informercials, although the fta’s like to call themselves 24 hr networks , as long as they continue to show informercials late at night they basically shut down overnight. at neon kitten how can you class music videos as ads?

  17. I’m gutted. Survivor is on Tuesday night and Wednesday at 12pm. I’m not home at either time, so I miss it. And I have no way to record digital TV. Why couldn’t Nine just put it on late at night on its regular channel?

  18. @knowfirst..i suppose which is why I’d like to see another ch devoted entirely to older tv such as Matlock Police as well as other classics like Homicide and Division 4. It’s extremely annoying that WIN viewers get these while us Nine viewers get bloody infomercials! Besides GO! has plenty of older US shows so why not older Oz ones?

  19. Andrew:
    Nine have been showing Looney Tunes Classics every few weeks on Saturday mornings on their main channel for years. Looney Tunes Classics are shown between the exclusive cartoon series currently shown on Nine HD, and I expect will continue on Nine Go! too.

    Nine have access to a larger library of older cartoons now, judging by the Flintstones, Jetsons and Scooby-Doo, Where are You! (All previously shown by Seven).

    It would be best for Nine to focus on more recent cartoon series though, since Nine have not shown many recent cartoon series over the years. More recent cartoon series offer better quality audio/video, and are often in widescreen, so take more advantage of the digital channel.

  20. geez – so many questions….. let’s try and answer them.

    First – koverstreet, of course Matlock Police et al won’t be on this channel, it’s aimed at 14-39 year olds, not 64 to 89. If you’re 64-89 you should be watching Seven or the ABC.

    For WIN viewers – it will be on Channel 80 until October, when it will move to Channel 88. You shouldn’t have to rescan your boxes, but hey, if you can’t see a promo reel or countdown clock etc by August 8, rescan your box anyway. It won’t hurt. WIN will run promos when it moves to 88.

    NBN viewers – it will be on 88 from August 9. Same applies above. If you can’t see it by August 8, rescan your box!

    Yes it will be included in the overnight ratings as an add-on to Nine just like ONE is added onto Ten’s nightly share.

    Natasha – it’s a SD channel. There is confusion whether some programs will be shown on HD90/80 (regional) as well…. we’re all checking that with Nine, should know by Monday.

    Anything else??? :)

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