Footy Classified returns to Sydney & Brissy

footyclass09AFL fans in Sydney and Brissy may have felt left out this week, Footy Classified didn’t air on 9HD. With GO! coming on Sunday the channel is now simulcasting Nine. That left ‘northern’ fans of Aussie rules out of the loop.

From next Monday the show is back on Nine in those cities at 12 am (Tuesday).

As for the AFL Footy Show on Thursdays, it will remain in its later slot in Sydney and Brisbane, just as the NRL version plays late in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.


  1. this is total bs, im in townsville and have been loving watching the afl footy show all year, and now come finals time they decide to axe it??? poor by you win hd!!!

  2. That is the biggest load of no sense I have ever heard.
    They show the AFL show late in Qld and NSW because they show the NRL late in VIC, SA and WA. How bazaar of an excuse.
    Firstly why would they even show the NRL in VIC, SA and WA they don’t play it there.
    I am at my wits end to work out how the programmers at channel 9 think.
    No wonder they are losing in the rating war, they haven’t got a hope in hell against 7.
    Channel 7 news wins every night, Dancing with the Stars wins every week.
    Do a few surveys in the street and see what people want to watch.
    I have been trying to ring channel 9 at the gold coast and they just have a recording on…Had too many complaints about the AFL show being moved to late I bet.
    Ohh well we will be scratching our heads as we continually watch channel 7 soar and 9 fall, and wonder ????

  3. I am like everybody else. Why would channel nine put the NRL Footy show at 9.30pm on both 9 and 9HD, Why have u taken the AFL Footy show off at that time? People had a choice, but not now, . We have to watch Vautin and other fools now and have now choice. I switch off and go to bed. Ch 9 your ratings are not that flash so why would u make such a stupid decision. I say bring back AFL Footy show at 9.30pm, afterall they are trying to promote AFL in Qld and nine u are not helping them. You are just stuffing it up. What do u think u are proving by having NRL on both Channels. Nothing. Come on Wake up and do what the people want. You r a like the pollies, they do what they want and not what the people of australia want.

  4. Axing the AFL footy show is a bad move channel 9.
    It is so good you don’t have the rights to AFL any more and hopefully never get them again. You are so pro-rugby it is sickening.wake up and look around. Us AFL followers have all moved up to the Gold Coast from down South and we now rule.

  5. I, and all my AFL friends are fuming at the fact 9HD has dropped the AFL footy show.
    I tuned in last week to watch it and all I got was that stupid redheaded idiot Vautin on both channel 9 and 9HD,………. because it was the crap NRL show I turned the tv off, wouldn’t watch that in a fit.
    Must admit I was confused the AFL footy show wasn’t on, but after reading the Bulletin today now know what you have done.
    Who is the programmer at your channel, they need to get a wider vision in their lives.
    That NRL show is for the minority of people who watch rugby, a brainless sport like the braindead men who play it, and don’t deny that, just read the paper and see how they make the headlines for all the wrong reasons………
    It is a game for no hopers, for guys that don’t have the skill to play AFL.
    Don’t you at channel 9 realise AFL is going thru the roof up here in Queensland and NSW. We have the Gold Coast team starting in a few years and NSW have their new team joining the AFL as well. For goodness sake realise AFL is growing NRL is dying.
    There is1 NRL team in Victoria, none in SA and none WA, the rest are in NSW and QLD.
    Where do we have AFL teams, yes 2 in SA, 2 in WA, 2 in QLD, 2 in NSW and the rest in VIC. the majority proves a point, it is truly a national sport.
    For goodness sake, pull your head out of the sand and have a look around, do some surveys and just see who wants to watch AFL.
    Definitely a wrong move 9HD…… get that show back on. At least you get viewers you won’t get any with the crap show you are replacing The Footy Show with.


  6. T otally agree if all these comments re AFL Footy Sow

    Bring it back on 9.30 9 hD
    In Brisbane 11.30 / 12 midnight far too late , & it was woorking great on 9 H D at 9.30

    Richo Brisbane

  7. lmfao @ FJ. I don’t which category you fall into , Numbnut, or Lunie, but AFL is not a Victorian game but the true National Football Competition played in every state and territory… Unlike NRL that festers in 2 states only, with a token team playing out of Melbourne and a bunch of Kiwis. When was New Zealand made part of Australia??? Total attendances at all 8 of the so called NRL don’t even beat 1 AFL match in any given round.

  8. Why Why Why have you taken the AFL footy show off the earlier 9 HD time slot. Honestly it worked really well that the afl fans could get a HD settop box and watch “their” show on HD. Why change it????? Now we get to see the NRL show on both??? Please explain?!!!!

  9. It’s really a conspiracy. The Ch9 NRL (Numbnuts Retards & Lunatics) brigade are upset with the AFL for poaching Carmichael Hunt, so they are refusing to promote AFL in NSW & QLD.

  10. David, can you find out why 9 have no NRL Footy Classifieds?

    League fans would love a serious show on footy.

    9 have more AFL dedicated shows than NRL ones and they have the NRL TV rights!

    They also never showed the NRL Footy Show on 9HD in AFL states.

    9 are a sick joke!!!

  11. i just checked the win website as i live in Cairns, and it has win news at 12am, and ellen at 1230am on tuesday 11 august. I hope they havent updated yet and will show footy classified instead of ellen. I will ring tomorrow to find out. Do you have any answers, please david.

  12. I don’t understand them, Nine actually have a good thing going and they decide to ditch it.
    I don’t think the AFL would be too happy either, they would be all for generating as much interest as possible. Perhaps we should also let Demetriou and the AFL know whats happening, they could be quite influential…

  13. I am also one of the AFL fans in Sydney who loved the fact the AFL Footy Show was on 9HD – it was great to be able to watch it at a decent hour (and not have to put up with the NRL show). 9 you have made plenty of mistakes – why ruin one good decision you made?

  14. General Programming & Content Complaints
    To make a specific complaint regarding general programming matters (such as program content, classification issues, time occupied by non-program matter, program promotions etc) please direct your complaint in writing to:

    The Programming Department
    Channel Nine
    In Your Local City

    NSW Viewers: PO Box 27 Willoughby, NSW 2068
    Vic Viewers: PO Box 100 Richmond, Vic 3121
    QLD Viewers: PO Box 72 Brisbane, QLD 4001

    Alternatively contact your local Channel Nine or Win Network Station from your local white pages.

  15. I agree with comments along the line of “You suck 9‚Ķleave it on”, as in Live to air. Watching these shows aired Live, just like the actual football games, is what it’s all about. Late night scheduling for night owls, the odd, the unemployed or the diehard enthusiast program recorders? Bah. It’s like dancing with your sister. It just doesn’t feel right and is barely worth the effort. Does anyone get the feeling they’ve been cheated?

  16. This from the GO_TV twitter feed:

    With #GO! launching for technical reasons we can’t do the HD breakaway programming until early next year.

    That most likely means they do not have the technical ability at this stage to show 3 programs at once and explains the reason why the 9HD AFL break aways for NRL states have disappeared.

  17. It seems a lot of people want the AFL Footy Show on 9HD, but no one wants the NRL one. Hopefully 9 listen to the people. Do the Sydney ratings for the AFL Footy Show on 9HD get added to the Sydney viewership of The NRL Footy Show on 9?

  18. David

    Is there some restriction whereby Nine can only have 2 different shows playing at once? Is this why Nine HD is now the same as Nine, and Go! will have different programming.

  19. Well what about WIN HD? Here on the Sunshine Coast (QLD) where we get both Nine and WIN, we got the AFL Footy Show live at 9.30pm on 9HD and WIN HD. Is this change only for 9HD or for WIN HD as well?

  20. I don’t understand why 9 can’t just play it live on 9HD in Sydney and Brisbane. What is stopping them? I’m sure their viewers don’t care if the opposite show is not in HD.


  21. I’ve looked forward every Thursday for the AFL Footy Show here in Brisbane ever since it’s been played at a reasonable hour. I agree with Terrence, it was one of the best programming decisions ever made for 9hd.
    What do you think will happen when all the keen footy viewers tune in next week and get the hills or something. No one will be interested 9!

    Please don’t do this!

  22. An absolute joke. I’ve been watching The AFL Footy Show up here in regional Queensland all year. Probably the only programming decision any network has got right all year was showing different shows across networks like this.

    Then they pull it? Especially shows like this that rate poorly, that could’ve benefited from ratings coming in from around the country.
    Do they wonder why people are watching less TV?!

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