Foxtel: “Watch what you want, when & where you want”

IQ2Foxtel will launch 30 new channels on November 15th in HD, SD and timeshift, a free Download service from October 1st, a new programming grid, new record and search features, more movies, and new Active feature in News and Weather.

New pricing packs, described as iQ Value packs, ofer subscribers two choices: build your own package (starting price $42) and add an iQ (+$10) or take an iQ Value pack (starting price $72) that includes an iQ for free. The top price for full iQ platinum is $135.

CEO Kim Williams announced the features boasting a philosophy of “Watch what you want, when & where you want” puts it ahead of free to air television that dictates its programming to viewers.

“Foxtel Next Generation and the iQ Value Pack options mean every subscriber will get an iQ for free, forever changing the way they experience television,” he said.

“Having an iQ, powered by Next Generation, means there are three viewing options for every television program, special event or movie – watch it live, watch it On Demand, or watch it recorded to the iQ. Foxtel Next Generation now makes it truly possible to watch what you want, when you want and with our new Foxtel download service, where you want.”

Amongst its new features are:

• There will be 30 new channel choices including themed movie channels, new sports and documentary channels, and tailored general entertainment channels.
• The 12 new channels brands are LifeStyle YOU, 13TH STREET, The Style Network, Eurosport, KidsCo, FMC, STARPICS, showtime action, showtime comedy, showtime drama, Discovery Turbo MAX and Nat Geo Wild.
• Foxtel HD+ will be home to 15 High Definition channels – including four dedicated HD sports channels and six new HD movie channels.
• The 10 new HD channels are FOX Sports 1HD, 2HD and 3HD, FOX8 HD, W HD, Movie One HD, showcase HD, showtime action HD, showtime premiere HD, Starpics 1HD and 2HD, and UKTV HD.
• A brand new movie service with 16 dedicated movie channels tailored by genre with no advertising interruptions to any movie, ever.
• Foxtel is also introducing eight new timeshift channels, these are 111 HITS +2, Discovery Channel +2, Discovery Turbo MAX +2, LifeStyle FOOD Channel +2, LifeStyle YOU +2, SCI FI +2, showcase two and Starpics+2.
• New iQ Value packs that gives subscribers two choices – build your own package and add an iQ or take an iQ Value pack that includes an iQ for free.
• Australia’s best download service, Foxtel Download – a Freecatch-up television service for subscribers at
• A new Foxtel Guide for iQ and updated guide for iQ2.
• New search functionality with an interactive TV Guide feature called iSuggest for iQ and iQ2 subscribers.
• Immediate recording details of favourite shows for iQ and iQ2 subscribers with Record Me, which sends shows straight to the iQ Planner simply by pressing the Green button on the remote during a show’s promo.
• Movies On Demand – A new Foxtel Box Office with up to 40 recent release movies to choose from at any one time.
• New SKY News Local Active screens for each of Australia’s five capital cities and improved Weather Active.

The Download service will offer 100 hours of new programming every week.

Foxtel Active services will expand, adding Sky News Local with city based news services for Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. The Weather Channel will add a new active element with new features.

All existing IQs will have a new IQ digital guide from November 15th, with enhanced search functions and personal planners.

Foxtel New Generation site.

This post updates.


  1. What I want to know is why 111 did not play the last five episodes of “The Wonder Years”, the first episode (Pilot) started today and the last 5 episodes did not air?

    Have been searching for this info and here it is finally.

    111 HITS new time-shift channel is HITS 2 & from 15/11/2009 it’ll be on FOXTEL channel 161! It’s time-shift, but not at all shifty!

    I guess the others start this month as well

  2. So not everyone gets 7?… have had it for over a year in Sydney on Satellite (Digital)
    What I want to know is when will we get the new time shift channels … looking forward to 111 Hits time shift.

  3. I don’t even care if Foxtel has to get rid of the Foxtel Box Office Preview channel and rename MTV! Whatever happens just make it happen! Foxtel doesn’t need to have a 24 hour wrestling channel! All the wrestling that used to air on FOX8 should now be able to aired on Main-Event. Here’s what the channels should be: MTV on channel 120, MTV Hits on channel 808 and TMF on channel 812.

  4. I dont think there we will see Skynews UK in Fullscreen as large number of expats would tune into it rather than regular sky news and the advertising revenue would see a hit… Although my Mrs leaves it on the active most of the time even in small screen…

  5. Anyone else noticed that Foxtel Download is very, very, very hard to get working? For me at least. Took me 2 hours to figure out the winning combo is:

    Windows (obviously), plus Internet Explorer (no firefox). plus you must accept all unsecure items about 2 times for every file download. I also have to restart my computer after adding each single file.

    Why isn’t this as easy to use as iView?

    Foxtel Download is officially a dog in my book.

  6. David, will the new extended EPG only be on IQ/IQ2’s or will it also be on standard Foxtel cable boxes as well?

    What date in Oct will all the new channel numbers be know, with also the need to switch some current channels to new numbers as well so they fit in sequence?

    Obviously they will need to be known to be included in the Nov magazine, but you would think sometime soon they will be released?

  7. @Jason – I can’t find the price guide on Foxtel website so maybe there’ll be changes but the pricelist ( “official new foxtel pricing”) looks real enough. On a closer look, maybe all round increases are only a few dollars as long as you keep in mind the IQ charge. The charge is incorporated into the ‘value pack’, or if you are a marketing person ‘waived’ 😉

    I think i have similar deal as you and if you were to just maintain that i think it goes to 3*16 = 48 rather than the current 25 so that’s quite a jump from 65 to 88 – unless i’ve completely missed something and I’d be happy to be corrected. The basically equivalent new + IQ package will be 72 total. If you include price of IQ that’s actually reasonable as long as you’re ok with a bit of strongarming towards an IQ box. But spruiking ‘build your own’ is a tad BS when the price (compared to current arrangment) is pretty poor.

  8. I can’t Believe the Kids and Family Package missed out on Timeshift Channels and Just KidsCo Launching, noth Good Enough. Don’t Forget to sign the Petition.

  9. I’m looking to get a digital recorder myself, but am totally uninterested being a paying Foxtel subscriber (as that’s the only way you can get iQ). It only pays to get Foxtel if you’re a big sports freak.

    The problem with TiVo, is the Aus version is overpriced by 7 and it’s also watered down compared to the US version. It did come to Australia 10 years too late, which is something TiVo’s owners are to blame for, as there’s been UK TiVo for years.

    A couple other options for other readers to consider, is if you have a PS3 console (which doubles as a world class Blu Ray player), or want to get one, Sony are meant to be releasing Play TV to Australia, an add on device already available overseas, that’ll let one use their PS3 as a digital TV recorder.

    In December, Telstra are meant to be apparently releasing T-box, their own TV digital recorder.

  10. @ Meg – the package that I have is the basic plus the 3 entertainment tiers (Kids/Music, Docos/Lifestyle, Comedy/Sci Fi) are you suggesting that the price of this will increase but also include the IQ?

    Dunno how I feel about this – I invested in a DVD-HDD Recorder because if I can’t catch a show that’s rerun several times a week I don’t deserve to own a television!

  11. UKTV HD isn’t exactly a “new” channel.

    It is replacing BBC HD which will disappear.

    Similarly, Fox Sports HD will be replaced by the 3 separate Fox Sports HD channels.

  12. From the looks of the ‘myIQ’ package prices Foxtel are defnitely trying to push customers towards using either IQ or IQ2. Kind of annoying but obvious because if Foxtel subscribers don’t buy them, who would.”Build your own’ options seem really limited as they are now Butyou no longer have the ability to get a ‘discount’ (for lack of better word) by getting say 2/3 or all 3 channel packages (can’t remember their names but if you have foxtel you’ll know what i mean). Unless you’re someone who only gets the basic package i think an IQ will be in your future.

  13. Tash says: Does the new Foxtel allow you to watch a third show while recording 2 others?

    You need to be more specific with your question – Which part of the new Foxtel are you talking about because you can do that now, and have been able to do for some time with IQ2

    itsross says: Why are Foxtel pushing IQ onto everyone, and at the same time wasting money on more time-shift channel which are a dated concept?

    Because IQ is great that is why – regarding ‘time shift channels, not time wasting at all. These channels come in very handy when you have missed a show and/or have timing issues when it comes to recording. They certainly are not a ‘dated concept’, far from it.

    mikeys says: All sounds pretty good, but no mention of Seven, Go! or ONE channels ??

    What were you expecting 7, Go or ONE channels to be mentioned for ????

    Chris says: Just a quick question…I don’t know if i missed it or not. But will current Foxtel Subscribers have to change there package to get the new channels or will these come automatically on October 1st

    These new channels are not available until November 15th… not 1st October and if you click on the link above, you will find the answer re your current packages.

    David does a huge amount of work to provide you with everything he possibly can hence I don’t know why all these questions get asked. He has given you the link to the Foxtel site (see bottom of page). Click on the link guys as most of your questions will be answered, without having to bother him with stuff that is not necessary. Really over these stupid questions and lazy people – it happens every time.

  14. @Craig god i hope all screens are full screen, during the promo(on youtube) even when other screens are selected(eg: sport) the blue button is still there as an option, although when the local screens are selected (brisbane) the button was not there. obviously this is not confirmation as the is just a demo but hopefully the real thing will have all channels in fullscreen.

  15. @Craig god i hope all screens are full screen, during the promo(on youtube) even when other screens are selected(eg: sport) the blue button is still there as an option, although this is just a demo but hopefully it will be the same for the real thing.

  16. Firstly sorry David for emailing before Today’s news reading your post about today being the day of the news. Secondly I am still willing to find out if they are going to turn the rest of the original channels into widescreen or not. Good that at least Fox news changed to 4:3 letterbox.

  17. @harry, they’d need to increase the harddrive space before they can offer you more hours of recording!
    @chris, the download option is available from Oct 1st, the extra channels from Nov 15…according to what DK says in the opening paragraph. For sure you would have to contact Foxtel once they are available to take up the new packages.
    Personally I am hoping I can add the HD channels (not necessarily movies but the other ones like FOX8 HD) without sport at not too much an extra cost, but that would be wishful thinking, wouldn’t it. Hanging out to see the pricing structures.

  18. @ paull the bits of al jazerea english, i have seen via their website where you can watch live have not been anti west at all, i would have to say the BBC world news channel is more anti-american then al jazerea english is, i really do hope that foxtel decides to pick it up

  19. Once again WMG got themselves a Middle Finger I had uploaded the video piece Promoting whats coming to Foxtel in November. However the audio has been snuffed out by those Hippocrites at WMG.. I tried people.. But obviously WMG doesnt give a crap about us!

  20. @ paull have you ever watch al jazerea english, i have and it’s defiantly not anti west, or even pro arabic, and they defiantly condemn terrorism. al jazerea is carried in many western countries and soon on austar who would not show it if it were anti west. they even have studios in washington dc which also would not be allowed if they where anti-west.

  21. Just a quick question…i dont know if i missed it or not. But will current Foxtel Subscribers have to change there package to get the new channels or will these come automatically on October 1st

  22. Hey People,
    i need a lot of you to sign my Bring Nicktoons and Disney XD to Foxtel and Austar Petition, as well as getting Much Needed Timeshifts for Nickeldeon, DIsney Channel and Cartoon Network. Come on show some Respect and sign the Petition.
    It’s not a Joke, It’s Real.

  23. Thats great news if all the Sky News active channels can be viewed full screen, but on the FoxTel website it says that only Sky News, Sky Business and APAC can be viewed full screen. Can somebody here clarify. I’d like to see Sky News UK in full screen.

  24. @TV Tragic: Tivo was introduced to australia almost a decade too late. There’s nothing revolutionary about the service anymore, seeing as pvrs and epgs have been around for the most part of this decade. Plus it’s been stripped of its unique features that give it a competitive advantage in the US.

  25. Wow, Foxtel are going hard at attacking freeview, and I reckon it will work. If I had the spare money I probably get it, but then there’s the possibility that I would be glued to the tv all day, so it’s a good thing I don’t have it.

    @Ryano: haha why do you want Al Jazera English? Isn’t that the network that seems to be overtly anti-western society?

  26. @ itsross….Foxtel are pushing IQ to everyone cos it rocks…it seriously has changed the way I watch TV..I havent watched a show live to air in years, i record everything (even FTA stuff) and watch it back with no ads…love it! I’ve read someone as well that Foxtels churn rate amongst IQ customers is much, much lower than non IQ customers, I really dont see how anyone that has had IQ could possibly ever revert to watching TV without it, I know it would do my head in if I had to!

  27. skynews active is a great service and it looks like it will be even better with the local channels, it will be interesting to see what the local content will be. good to see they have changed it’s appearance as it looks pretty ugly right now, very glad that the skynews active screens will finally be fullscreen(i noticed during the promo that you can press the blue button for fullscreen)

  28. All I really care about is if Discovery et al will go widescreen.

    Why are Foxtel pushing IQ onto everyone, and at the same time wasting money on more time-shift channel which are a dated concept?

  29. The Press Confrence appeared live on Sky Business Channel approx 11:45am, I was able to capture the most of it.. I’ll trim the file-size down so i can upload it to YouTube..

    last time i did this WMG (warner music group) got a middle finger and said screw you to people interested in Foxtel Australia Wide..

  30. Where’s the music channels? Is that it. I am sick of Foxtel’s current music channel lineup. Was looking forward to VH1 Classic, TMF and MTV Hits! Looks like we will have to wait another year or so!

  31. Does the new Foxtel allow you to watch a third show while recording 2 others? But this new one sounds good, and similar price to what we’re paying now, so i’ll have to have a word to Mum about upgrading finally :p

    Gotta love Foxtel :p

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