7PM Project no longer 11PM Project

TEN has changed plans to repeat The 7PM Project late nights once official ratings resume.

From Monday February 8th, the show will only air once per weeknight at 7pm.

Letterman will resume following TEN News with Sports Tonight at varying start times, between 11:15pm and midnight.

TEN’s summer late night repeats of 7PM were always a part of its strategy to win more followers for the show, and it will be hoping it has picked some up, who can now be channelled into the single broadcast.


  1. jacqueline petrucci

    29th June 2010
    I was floored to hear some bloke say something about Christians being
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    I have a Friend and I would recommend Him to everyone.
    No, politics and religion do not mix, as the Bible says.
    Yet, we all need a little love in our hearts. God is Love.
    What is missing in our world is recognition of our spiritual side.
    We are more than mortal beings.
    It was that man’s choice (free-will) to choose his way. Too bad.

  2. Thankyou! Finally, somebody at TEN finally realizes that 7pm Project is garbage and that Letterman is easily the best late night show host in the world atm.

  3. They can always start giving the option to view each night’s show commercial free, on Ten’s website, which isn’t being done. The same should be done with Good News Week, so one doesn’t have to put up with 30 minutes of ads.

  4. Haven’t Ten stuck a fork in this turkey yet? If it jeopardises the ratings for TBL by not giving it a big enough lead-in, then surely its days would be numbered.

  5. I enjoy watching the 7pm project, I hope it does pick up in the ratings for ten, it’s definately more entertaining then what is on offer on the other channels at the same time.

  6. I enjoyed being able to sit down and watch 7pm and Letterman back to back. Before 7pm went to 11pm, I rarely watched Letterman. Probably go back to that now.

  7. Finally! There was no need for 7pm Project to be repeated. I don’t mind the show on a Friday. I really enjoyed Tony Martin and his little trip to the video store and Denise Scott is funny. Hate the metro whip around. Everyone who the cross to, seems to be competing for the most laughs. When they’re not funny. A proper run down of what’s happening in the cities would be of more use or lose it altogether.

  8. Franz why are you disgusted? I’m unsure in what your implying. Are you suggesting ten to get rid of the 7PM Project and put it on wednesdays 8:30 or are you saying put The Cleveland Show at 7:00 weeknights? Because you wouldnt put Cleveland on 7:00 weeknights A. Because it only has 10-20 episodes at the moment which would last what, two weeks? B. Because Cleveland is rated M most of the time and you can only have PG show at 7:00-8:30.

  9. If the 7pm Project doesn’t work for them they should consider putting on weeknights in the same timeslot Cleveland Show.
    I am disgusted off the topic a little they are dispensing for now with the mid week animation for some biggest loser and dance programmes.

  10. I generally like the 7PM Project, but they have way too many live links to people on the scene, which always come across as stilted and awkward, because there’s an audience reacting but the guest can’t hear that, and because there may be a satellite delay which causes overlapping sentences. I find that to be irritating, so I often mute it during those.

  11. Well I guess ten want those viewers who watched it later at night to watch it at 7pm instead. Not a silly move. As for whether or not it worked later at night I’m pretty sure most nights it managed somewhere between 150-250k in viewers which is extremely good.

  12. I saw an episode about six months ago, where the announcer said the Top 10 was coming after the break, and then it never appeared. I doubt that was CBS’s doing.

  13. If the biggest loser gets poor ratings it would be due to it’s being trash, like all reality TV it has a small lifespan and it’s day is coming!

  14. @Bereft
    some nights they just don’t have a top ten list…..i’ve been in the audience a few times. once they did not present it at all and once when they did present it during taping, CBS edited it out for that night’s broadcast, due to a guest perhaps running long……

    if you ever really want to check if it was cut, check the Wahoo Gazette – cbs.com/late_night/late_show/the_wahoo_gazette/ – to see a rundown on the show from the night before……

  15. Bereft Skerrick

    Has anyone else noticed how the Top 10 is frequently edited out? We get the monologue and a couple of skits/segments, then straight into the first interview. Is it an International version we get, or is Ch 10 editing it (seriously)?

  16. If The Biggest Loser doesn’t do well in the 7.30pm slot because of The 7pm Project I can’t see it lasting more than a week once official ratings begin.

  17. I do wonder how long Ten will persist with The 7pm project if ratings don’t improve. Even more so if The Biggest Loser fails in its new 7:30 timeslot.

    The obvious move would be moving The Biggest Loser back to 7pm and axing the 7pm Project.

    Guess we will have to wait and see.

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