Ghost Whisperer replaces The White Room

Seven has unplugged The White Room from 7:30pm Thursday night effective immediately.

The panel show hosted by Tony Moclair and Julian Schiller had aired for two weeks rating 812,000 and 678,000.

It will be replaced by new episodes of Ghost Whisperer.

Meanwhile Seven is removing repeats of Ghost Whisperer from late on Tuesday nights to be replaced by documentaries. Next week The Diet That Time Forgot screens at 10:30pm while Super Skinny Me follows on March 9th.

The outcome for The White Room remains unclear, whether moved to a new timeslot or out of schedule entirely.

Reception to the new TV trivia show, widely seen as Seven’s latest attempt to develop its own Spicks and Specks-style show, was not positive.

Seven will also remove ICU after this Wednesday to be replaced by Crash Investigation Unit, but is performing much better with its other new show My Kitchen Rules.


  1. I love Ghost whisperer and I’m so glad that it is back on!

    Cougar Town is a feel good show! I like it because it highlights the fact that you are never too old to do what you want to do! So many women seem to give up once they have hit 40…..

    Sadly for the white room, it is no match for channel 10’s clever and humerous”talking about my generation” .

  2. @Mike: I disagree. If they’re actually funny then I don’t mind overexposure because they’re actually contributing something whereas other types of overexposed personalities (Jules Lund, Tom Williams, etc.) do not add anything and are easily replaced. The comedians on the White Room fall outside of the ‘overexposed’ category you described and well…

  3. @David, yeah why don’t they make another series of The Mole!? that was a great show! well before all the “changes” in the later series.. oh and the host.

  4. Of course Home And Away is a decent lead in averaging 1-1.1m early in the week and 0.9m thur & fri ain’t bad at all considering there are 11 free to air channels now. People who will bring up that Two And A Half Men beats H&A half the time, I reckon are the ones that complain most about the tv networks not producing enough Aussie drama, when H&A is quality drama no matter what people say about it and Home And Away is the Seven Networks most successful program it’s ever produced.

  5. Home and Away is a decent lead in for the White Room plenty of other shows have done well after Home And Away people obviously were not interested because the few that did watch the first week didn’t return.

  6. Is it just me or is anyone else getting sick and tired of seeing the same old “comedians” bobbing up on our local shows. Spicks and Specks, the 7PM Project, the White Room, Talkin’ Bout My Generation, Good News Week etc all have the same people on them as guests. Surely there are many other good comedians in Australia without going back to the same old few? And if I see Hamish Blake one more time I think I’ll throw up. Talk about over-exposed. Meanwhile, the 7PM Project is becoming like a cross-promotion infomercial for Channel TEN shows.

  7. What could have saved The White Room was a decent lead in show such as How I met your mother or other comedy from this decade.Home and Away as a lead in at 7pm for the rest of the night does not work.Will Seven ever learn

  8. In reply to hmmmm@Ozzie:

    Channel 7’s overall success rate for Australian programming may be 50%.

    But for the comedy/variety genre it is closer to 0% in recent years.

    The only successful comedy shows 7 have had in the last 13 years are Kath and Kim and Thank God Your Here. Both of those shows were already established hits from other networks.

    Rather than copying formats, 7 needs to do what made their comedy/variety department so successful in the early 1990’s (Hey Dad, Fast Forward, Tonight with Steve Vizard etc). That is, they need to develop long term relationships with successful comedy writers and producers rather than just making cheap copies of other networks shows.

  9. Ok so i get that the white room wasnt very good however i think the issue here is how is a new show suppose to get a following with only two weeks under its belt. Does it have to pull a million viewers each week?

  10. @ ozzzie I don’t think too many resources were wasted on The White Room set, potentially the worst set in the history of television…even worse than the 60 Minutes green screen!

  11. Ozzie; 1 in 4 original produced shows are successful. That is a world wide statistic for English language channels (excluding US). The reason you see other shows that work at the same time in the schedule is they accumulate over time (ie first came City Home, year later Rafters etc).

    Seven i believe have better than a 50% average which is pretty dam good.

  12. Talkin Bout Your Generation hinges on Shaun Micallef’s hosting. Spicka and Specks hinges on Adam Hills, and now that we’ve grown to love them, Alan and Myf. Without them, the shows wouldn’t be half as popular. Casting is everything.

    The White Room completely messed up on casting. Then they messed up on too narrow a focus. Then they messed up on lame games. Then they messed up on slow pacing.

    Missteps all the way. Easy to see those in retrospect, I’m sure, but it was a victim of desperation and attempted-copycat syndrome, and failing to pinpoint what made the others the success they have been.

  13. omg, so many idiots are working at 7. how can they not see that the show would be a flop. they wasted resources on building a set and assembling a cast and crew and then scratch the whole show after 2 episodes.

  14. @ Selma – the Tony Squires show is actually called 110% Tony Squires, not 100%

    and The White Room wasn’t that bad. Sure, it didn’t rate well, so i understand why it was taken off, but it should be put later on in the night,

  15. We don’t know yet Justin if the show is going to be reschedule yet. Also i’m mainly talking about international shows that don’t get their full eps played out in later timeslots everyone knows 7 do a better job at rescheduling shows to late night ,daytime or 7two compared to 9 and 10. For example even shows like Surgery Saved my Life and 10 Years Younger NZ have been burning eps off during the day.

  16. One thing Seven has proved over the years that it cannot do well is local comedy revue style shows. As Selma’s list shows, the network has a very extensive Wall of Shame with this particular genre. With regards to Matthew Johns, he already has a large fan base (at least in NSW and QLD), so his forthcoming show does have a modicum of a chance of succeeding,

  17. HHHMMMM……Lets see-Cheap to make,
    Pseudo quirky,not properly researched or presented,
    Not given suitable timeslot or cross promotion,
    Hence not given chance to succeed,
    New show for 7TWO?,Bolster up Aussie content for 7TWO……………Yep 7TWO.

  18. The White Room is added to 7’s Comedy Hall of Shame…

    The Chat Room Hamish and Andy 100% Tony Squires Let Loose Live Double Take TV Burp Mulray The Night Cap You May be Right Greeks on the Roof Big Bite Big Girls Blouse The Comedy Sale Jimeon The Erica Bana Show Live

    I wouldn’t be feeling too confident if I was Matthew Johns or Peter Helliar!!!

  19. Ehh, Ghost Whisperer is zzzzzzworthy

    my ideal Thu night:
    7:30 HIMYM (would rate better earlier)
    8:00 The Amazing Race
    9:00 Cougar Town
    9:30 Family Guy marathon til midnight.

    I don’t see why the networks always insist on hour long shows going from 7:30-8:30, 8:30-9:30, 9:30-10:30 etc……. what’s wrong with having a show 8-9, 9-10 etc.? The US do it like that.

  20. I watched The White Room for both weeks and tried very hard to like it. But I just couldn’t bear another episode as is.

    I don’t don’t see the point of having two hosts on this show. There isn’t enough for each to do to merit two. One of the reasons Spicks and Specks works so well is it leaves you wanting just a bit more at half an hour. This show lost me in the second half. Some of the segments run far too long and some are just annoying. Also, having two regular members for each team is overkill and I suspect the jokes would wear thin very quickly. The set is probably one of the starkest, most boring sets ever on a quiz show. I think with a bit of reworking, there might be some hope for this show but it is just trying way too hard on everything.

  21. I was one of those thousands of viewers lost between week 1 & week 2, so can’t really blame them. But I did think it was awful only because everyone was trying too hard, and that it would settle down to be OK.

    How about giving us back TV Burp, then?

  22. Talent will fail too (which is kinda good)
    Seven just having a lazy year until digital and sport is opened up and Nine go belly up or more correctly get listed and sold off bythe private equity leaches.

  23. David I know you’ve got nothing better to do than chase up program schedule details :) But… have Seven given any clue what they intend doing with Benidorm, seeing as they promoted it to bits over January with a debut date advertised, but then never showed it. I’m ready to buy it on DVD but if Seven/7TWO have got it just around the corner I might hold off.

  24. Looks like The White Room for 7Two!

    They should put Cougar Town on Monday nights after Desperate Housewives, how they gonna run it now following a drama about dead people?

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