Auditions: Minute to Win It

Seven is in pre-production on a local version of NBC game show, Minute to Win It.

Contestants must complete 10 challenges using everyday household items in order to win cash prizes. Each game has a one-minute time limit and escalates in difficulty.

“Can you unravel a roll of toilet paper using only your torso in 60 seconds?” asks the Seven website. It teases that $1m is up for grabs.

Wikipedia reports in the US version, “The contestant is given three lives to last them through the entire game. If the contestant fails to complete the challenge, he or she loses one life, and must replay the challenge from scratch. Any contestant who loses all three lives is eliminated from the game. If the contestant had earned less than $50,000 at the time of elimination, he or she loses everything; contestants that reach the $50,000 level are guaranteed to leave with at least that amount. In addition, after completing a challenge successfully, the contestant can walk away with the money earned so far.”

Games include This Blows, Drop Sink and Clink, Bottoms Up, Wheel of a Deal, Triple Ping Pong and more.

Applicants must be 18 years or over to apply.

Update: Show has ended. No more applications accepted.


  1. i wanna audition for minute to win it .. are there any more audtions being held ?
    im very competitive , and will make the show very interesting
    .. kay

  2. David Farquhar

    Hi would like to know how I can apply to be a contestant on the Minute to Win It game show. I love playing games and being given a challenge. Typical bloke dont like to lose.

    Thanks David from Western Australia

  3. Boy from the bush whom comes from a small community town who would bring home the bacon baby. Give me a crack at it, show me the money. Yee haa

  4. terry hamshere

    i am sure that i can do any of the obsticles that you fantastic people put in front of me. just give me that chance………. thank you

  5. i would like to know if the show will be in qld at any is a awsome show well done,would like to know when the next audition please

  6. Was in the US the last few weeks and this show is fricken hilarious.
    Who knows if it will work here…
    Also, why is nearly every person who comments on these things so negative. Stop hating life so much.
    Potential for a very funny show.

  7. This just reeks of another boring reality flop. How about something decent, like what 9 are doing with Hey Hey. Reinvent one of your successful shows. Haven’t we enough talent to be able to come up with something of our own, instead of following in other countries shadows

  8. Does this mean Channel Seven are going to axe Deal or No Deal and put Minute to Win It up against Hot Seat at 5.30?? Or are Seven starting a new trend of one hour of game shows starting from 5? If so, Channel Nine probably will recycle one of their old game shows.

  9. win it another time

    I came across this show on You Tube last week.. i watched a few clips and was over it very fast.
    Why not bring back press your luck??

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