7mate on Prime

Prime has confirmed it will broadcast 7mate from September 25.

As some readers have noted, it will be known as ‘7mate on Prime’ (denying us all a much more amusing pun).

Prime will become the first commercial television network to deliver three free digital channels to regional viewers.

Freeview CEO Robin Parkes said: “Freeview is delighted that Prime will broadcast 7mate when it launches next month so that regional viewers will be able to enjoy the latest new digital TV channel to Australian screens.

“With something to suit the tastes of every viewer, Freeview offers Australians a huge variety of quality programming. With 7mate’s unique programming, our appeal will be even broader, offering regional Australian viewers Australians an incredible range o choose from – and all for free.”

The channel launches with the AFL Grand Final and follows with a range of programming aimed at males 18-49.


  1. david…I have never said your site was incorrect….
    and I never said anything about nine either….. I think U need to read what I have type more carefully…. I am not having a go at you… But it seems you are having a go at me!

    Judging on the past with 7 & 9…Who knows who will be the first…. there is a possibility either of them can be the first…surely You can see that…so please Don’t accuse me of me saying your site is incorrect all the time…. I truely believe in this case..Regardless of the ceo…we just dont know who will be first until it happens!

    • Ok Vid, if you want to give us the date and details of Nine’s plans go right ahead. If you also want to take the issue up with Freeview CEO be my guest. I’m a little tired of explaining editorial practice to you given you seem to think my site is always so incorrect. Thanks.

  2. David any word on whether the AFL Grand Final post match celebrations will continue on 7mate and/or 7TWO when the main channel cuts away to news at 6pm?

  3. david… your statement
    “Prime will become the first commercial television network to deliver three free digital channels to regional viewers” is not correct…
    there is a good chance that one of the other networks may bet 7 in regards of getting their 3rd channel to air….

    As u know…anything can happen in the world of TV!!

  4. Is anyone else disappointed 7 are releasing another ‘general entertainment’ channel? Sure it’s supposedly aimed at men, but still, that is a pretty broad category. They had the chance to add value to the 7 brand by branching out into something slightly more niche/ specialised. Instead, what they’ll essentially be doing is spreading out their main programming over 3 channels. I don’t see it lasting. Ten have been the best by offering a true secondary channel, and if the rumours are true, nine will be with their crime channel.

    @snapper jack: don’t think 7Mate will be immune from infomercials, I can almost guarentee that if 7mate ends up being as popular as go or 7two, they will put infomercials on the channel. But, if it’s any consolation, the infomercials will be in pristine high definition.

  5. @Stan I was simply asking the question. Maybe I missed something in a post he made. Maybe he’s contacted them and awaiting reply. Maybe nothing has been said yet.

    To my knowledge, not a single post has mentioned 7mate and Southern Cross in the same sentence. It’s nice to keep us updated, maybe its only a simple ‘no word yet’ or even ‘awaiting reply’. It doesn’t take any time making the comment, the bandwidth used by my single sentence certainly won’t cut into your monthly internet quota and the time replying to it is meaningless.

  6. Yay Prime getting 7mate, can’t wait but i do have a feeling that nbn will end up being the first commercial network to be broadcasting 3 channels to regional viewers but i’m not worried if it’s not because i’m not really into that channel but 7mate should be great maybe not as good as go! but i think channel 10’s new channel could be the best.

  7. What is it with people like Garion & Nancye who think David Knox is hiding something from us? Don’t you think if David knew what Southern Cross Seven & Foxtel was doing with SevenMate, he would’ve included in the post; or is he just waiting for your silly question?

  8. “Prime will become the first commercial television network to deliver three free digital channels to regional viewers.”

    Unless Nine get in there first with the rumoured earlier launch of their third channel across both NIne and WIN owned stations at the same time – city and regional (as was the case with GO!).

  9. Yeh pitty they didn’t bite the bullet and call it Prime Mate. They should be a bit more creative and not just take the channels and call them “7 brand on prime”, they could easily have had Prime Two.

  10. Of course they will, they don’t need to do anything other than employe more people to manage the system, they already have the channel and bandwidth.

    Actually, in regards to bandwidth, I’d wish they’d get more, the HD channel looks shocking now they’re running more channels, plus an extra output during the day to run the ‘banner’ for the Prime local news markets.

    Cheapskates. Shocking quality.

    Garion – Regarding SC, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the same day, or very soon after, SC in Canberra actually ran 7Two when it first came out, as BCM (Seven) Melbourne, didn’t have the bandwidth to cope with a second channel.

  11. The Purple Rabbit

    I predict 7mate will launch after the Commonwealth Games for Tassie. Southern Cross are using their HD channel to show 7 content whilst their SD & analogue channel will run the Commonwealth Games from 10.

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