ARIA brand takes a hit

Media today is now dissecting the remains of the ARIA Awards, following anger over the presentation on TEN on Sunday night.

Last night The 7PM Project played three “comic” presentation moments, including Jessica Mauboy, Bob Katter and Lara Bingle. The show of course comes from Roving Enterprises, a previous ARIAs producer. But even they couldn’t ignore some of the more alarming moments.

Celebs who had been involved in the night spoke up via Twitter.

Ronan Keating suggested they be called the Hilarias: “Cannot believe Guy did not get at least 3 Awards at Aria’s last night. Industry folk are a joke. Guy is best artist in the country.”

Eddie Perfect said: “And Jess Mauboy’s error could easily have been avoided. She made it in rehearsal. Terrible no-one corrected her, actually.“

Ricki-Lee: ‘For those that didn’t understand the joke that was scripted in last nights show with Eric Stonestreet – the ‘awkwardness’ WAS the joke….”

Meanwhile The Age suggests the ARIAs head off to Pay TV.

“The future of the ARIA Awards on free-to-air commercial television is in doubt following a disastrous showing on Ten on Sunday night,” it wrote. “The two-hour broadcast of Australian music’s ‘night of nights’ averaged just 624,000 viewers in the five mainland capital cities.”

The Herald Sun: “Producers tried a different tack with the show, broadcasting from the forecourt of the Sydney Opera House.

“Presenters were perched messily on the edge of the crowd and lacked any authority.”

The Daily Telegraph said, “There is no dispute the performances of the 2010 ARIAs were its saving grace but the rest of it was so shambolic, too many people switched off before Washington pulled off her Broadway-style triumph or Sebastian rose to the occasion with his I Like It Like That choir.

“The resounding criticism was levelled at putting the presenters in the middle of the crowd on the Sydney Opera House steps where most of the winners, organisers and fans couldn’t find them. And their patter was cringeworthy.”

Yesterday The Australian said, “As well as the broadcast on Network Ten at 8.30pm, the MTV at the 2010 ARIA Awards Red Carpet was screened earlier on pay TV’s MTV from 6:30pm. It was no better.”

A number of readers on TV Tonight drew comparisons with a much better SBS broadcast of RocKwiz presents the ARIA Hall of Fame, produced by Renegade:

“Interesting contrast between the Rockwiz presented Aria Hall of fame and Ten’s main Aria presentation. One event was cool, sophisticated, funny and well produced the other was a bigger car-crash than the one that claimed young Ms Rafter last week!”

Rockwiz did a far better job with the hall of fame. A much more classy event”

“The Hall Of Fame event last week was fantastic. ARIA, please give the event to the same producers as the Hall Of Fame.”


  1. Just been reading through and have to agree, really, with Richard W. The problem is that the ARIAS are known as majorly indie, and the people who like their mainstream pop therefore don’t bother looking or listening via TV.

    And again, as its TV – the indie supporters don’t do that, because it IS TV (after all, its sort of like a reality show, with a few more winners).

    Perhaps if those taking on the show for 2011 keep these points in mind, might make it work a little stronger. Have noticed over the years there always seems to be one act each year that gets a whopping amount of Awards. And that always looks a little ‘rich’ and under the counter. Probably not, but thats how it comes across. Like awarding some actor 1/2 doz awards, it tends to look a bit odd.

    Congrats to those who won, I thought the pre-shows were great, actually got to one myself and couldnt fault it. And yes, I think Guy could have been given 1 award, but he really doesn’t need it, his voice and ability have always spoken for themselves over the 8 years

  2. @ Jason

    One last thing can you explain to me if Washington is one of the “least popular artists in the country” Why she had four sell out shows in Melbourne, and everyone one of her shows in Aust sold out? No you can’t cause you have no idea what you are talking about.

  3. @Jason says:

    “If you think that Australians make good music, then answer me this simple question…Why did only 680,000 people watch the show?”

    Because they are not interested in watching a crappy awards show; they were out seeing live bands; were out to dinner; listening to a CD; maybe they have a life and don’t sit at home and watch TV, do you want me to go on???

    What’s your point, if you don’t like Australian music that up to you, i don’t really care. Sounds like you are more interested in being a sheep and just following what everyone else does.

    The music industry in Melbourne is alive and well and you can pretty much go see a live band every night, but what would you know you think commercial radio is the be all and end all.

    There is heaps of fantastic Aussie bands just because you don’t know who they are doesn’t mean anything.

    You say “Im pretty sure everyone in australia agrees with me” Yer because you know pretty much everyone in Australia don’t you??

    You might think i sound old (which i am not).

    Thanks Andrew, once again your post has provided me with a great laugh. Goodbye

  4. @ V
    you couldnt be more wrong!!! Your comment is not even worth my energy for me to reply…but i will anyway.

    If you think that Australians make good music, then answer me this simple question…Why did only 680,000 people watch the show?

    You want to know why…just re-read my comment! I dont know what type of music your listening sound like an old person to me. What i do know is that people like angus and julia stone, sia, and washington are the least popular artists in the country, and these awards are only so that they can get some coverage and are for sympathy. Although i hate guy sebastian…i still believe he should have won most of the awards..why..because he has been more successful than anyone else. its not about who is commercial or not commercial.

    Im pretty sure everyone in australia agrees with me, except for the 680,000 and You who watched on sunday night. Remember, from junior masterchef, 1.44 million people were leading into the show, and half changed channel. Why…because Australian music sucks! Period!

    Australian artists dont even compare to international artists, which is why no one watched the show. So you can go and listen to your JJJ music that no one even knows about LOL

  5. Really @Barry. Have to correct you on your statement.

    That is an old wives tale spread by disgruntled people who don’t like the artists who chart. For your information, yes accreditations do go on shipments, and once the accreditation is received it stays regardless of how many are actually sold. But ARIA chart position for the Weekly and End Of Year charts, and for that matter the End Of Decade chart released by ARIA at the beginning of this year, go on retail sales alone. How many tracks or albums actually sold. That is why the End Of Decade chart looked a little out of whack, with some albums and singles finishing much higher up the order than some albums and singles which had higher accreditations. Because ARIA positioned them in order of real sales, not in order of how highly they were accredited.

    You can rest assured that if an artist appears at #1 on the ARIA charts, that artist sold more than anyone else in that week or year or decade. Check the ARIA site and you will see I am correct. The charts go on retail sales. Accreditations on wholesale distribution. But these days it is difficult to over accredit a single as almost all of them are downloaded so there is very little opportunity for mass distribution. Still very possible with albums though. But the ARIA charts positions are awarded for genuine sales. AuspOp supply many of those figures each week in their Chart Watch.

  6. Hi David always enjoy your site

    so here is my view of things:

    Mainstream artists get snubbed most years but this year it seemed worse – Aria changed the rules this year to suit themselves. Where were the highest sales Aria nominations for example this year? Things like this added to the disharmony of the 2010 Aria Awards I reckon.

    Highest selling categories were replaced with a publically voted award system – which who officially regulated and made Aria honest and accountable as to who they thought winners should be???

    NoOne expects mainstream artists like Guy Sebastian to get a peer voted award from the “too cool for school” ARIA panel but he had the highest selling single in 2009 in actual sales that went 3 x platinum and the 2nd single went 2 x platinum from a platinum selling album – if the rules had not been changed this year, he at least would have walked away with an Aria or two for his high sales which would have kept his fans some what happy.

    ARIA stands for Australian Recording Industry Association and Guy is the only Australian male vocalist in ARIA Chart history to achieve four No. 1 singles. With over 1.6 million CD sales in Australia alone and 21 platinum and 2 gold in his 7 year recording career.

    Would it be too much to ask that an artist that has supported the Australian reccording industry with actual high sales gets a peer voted award after 7 years of consistent touring and gigging and delivering new music and albums on a regular basis over this time.
    As a career artist, I think he has paid his dues and in today’s music culture where people prefer to swipe music off the internet rather than pay for it anymore, he supports Australian Music and its growth by people buying his music..

    I think more people would watch the Arias if mainstream or pop artists were acknowledged or represented more along with the indie artists.

  7. @v. No I don’t have you confused with anyone else. You make some terrific points. However commercial radio is its own business. It is not up to commercial radio to support someone else’s business i.e. the recording industry. If the Australian Recording Industry was still producing quality, mass appeal music then commercial radio would play it. Commercial radio spends a fortune on product research and only plays what appeals to its audience. It is listener driven.

    Mainstream = mass appeal, with a high public profile. Dan Sultan, Sia, Birds of Tokyo, Megan Washington and Angus & Julia Stone are not mainstream.
    Powderfinger, Eskimo Joe, Vanessa Amorosi, Jet, Guy Sebastian and even the Temper Trap are! Many of today’s mainstream artists have been discovered by Triple J. The unearthing of Killing Heidi is a great example. Again I will repeat Triple J is not mainstream, it is not allowed to be – by law. It’s ABC written charter is as a “youth alternative station”. Please feel free to acknowledge your source for the J’s listener’s average age.

    You hear breaking artists first on Triple J, then when they make it big, they disappear from Triple J and make it to mainstream. Triple J’s audience is minuscule compared to mainstream radio which is why the majority of people had never heard of the artists showcased by their record companies at the ARIAS. The live music scene is dying, like commercial radio, clubs and pubs are businesses, they too do what’s profitable. It’s up to artists to understand their market if they want mainstream acceptance, not the other way around.

  8. Did anyone even look at the charts? Even the Take 40 countdown compared to the Aria charts – only a tiny number of the not so many Aussie artists only just rating missed out (or if they weren’t nominated most were presenting). I’m talking Zoe Badwi, Shortstack… Most of the top rating Australian artists in sales at the moment are played regularly on Triple J! Not that Triple J is the be all and end all – but I think the issue here is a lack of other Australian music being played on commercial radio, rather than the Arias getting them wrong! I think Triple J is the only higher rating radio station that plays Australian music (and many people are whinging about them going too mainstream too…). Either the Arias need to move away from the charts – so that everyone is being reeducated in the Australian music scene – or maybe we need to acknowledge that we don’t make Lady Gagas and Justin Biebers in Australia!

  9. Ronan Keating, thinks that the industry is a joke because Guy didn’t win. No bias there, I can see. Eddie Perfect: Er…you noticed, let it happen and now you’re going “”Terrible no-one corrected her, actually.”??

    And for all you moaning about how Guy Sebastian should have won as if it were a fact (which of course it’s not, it’s incredibly subjective), let me remind you that Guy was nominated for two public voted awards and he didn’t even win either of those. So please don’t give me this crap about rigging.

  10. @ V – I agree with what you said – you have had quite a bashing on here.

    I want to add one more thing – who was voted the most popular band and most popular album this year by the public?? Hmmm….quite interestingly Powderfinger, who back in 1996 released “Double Allergic”, an alternative band from Brisbane…and in 1998 they got an ARIA for their album “Internationalist”.

    On many occasions when they have won ARIA awards and were voted number 1 on Triple Js Hottest 100, who do they thank for playing their songs?? Triple J :) So for those people who have never heard of Angus and Julia Stone or Dan Sultan, maybe in 15 years time when they hang up their boots you will go “Oh, I have heard of them, the ARIAs awarded them for their talent back in 2010″…

  11. Jessica Mauboy and Rickee Lee (or however it is spelt) – is this the best that Australia can offer ? Kind of sums up the whole night in my opinion.

  12. Here’s my suggestion. Give it to the Nine Network and have Richard Wilkins as the host. You could have live crosses to Scott Cam and Shelly Craft, I’m sure it would work.

  13. @ Barry

    the average age of Triple J listener is 34 years old – hardly a youth niche as you suggest. Is Triple M mainstream with its focus on bogans? Is Mix mainstream with its focus on middle aged women? Is Nova mainstream for its focus on youth? Triple J in my opinion is a music lifestyle choice and not all about the youth but the youth do tend to give it a go.

    I do not plan on changing my listening habits as I age. I don’t envisage waking up one morning and giving up on the live music scene but I guess time will tell. I also think the audience percentages you listed for Triple J are solid numbers and it has an important role in supporting Australian talent. I’m stoked that this continues to be recognised within the music industry. Obviously there is much more to Australian music than Triple J but I think its success deserves recognition. Have you tuned into ‘The Hack’? or are you a Today Tonight fan?!

    Powerderfinger unearthed by Triple J; and
    Missy Higgins; and
    Killing Heidi

    I’m not really a fan of any of those acts but I would think they are all mainstream and all have won ARIAS and all unearthed by Triple J

  14. The mix just didn’t work. The presentation of the awards were like try-hard MTV awards. If you’re going to make it like this you need try-hard MTV music like Guy Sebastian, Jessica Mauboy and Brian McFadden – not Slightly alternative music that is played on Triple J.

    It was basically targeting folk who listed to the Austereo network but then dishing them up something they’ve never heard of. They tried to have it both ways by getting audience from the J’s and the commercials but it just doesnt work.

  15. @ Stan, thank you,

    @ Barry “Radio is not a tool to promote Australian music”, yes that’s the problem that’s why there is so much crap out there in commercial radio land, and so many fantastic bands that never ever get recognised, and i am not only talking about only those that won ARIA’s.

    If commercial radio keeps that up there isn’t going to be much of an Aussie music scene soon, and it will continue to go further underground.

    JJJ is also not the be all and end all of new Aust music, they do a pretty good job but the live band scene is a whole lot better, so much music that never gets played on Radio at all.

    I also never said the Aria charts were an indication of popularity, we all know they are a joke.

    I think you have me confused with someone who thought the ARIA’s were good, they need a lot of work but i don’t think they should be purely about what is popular and played on commercial radio or else how is anyone ever going to be introduced to anything new because commercial radio certainly don’t care.

  16. @Adam. Triple j is not and never has been a “mainstream” broadcaster. It is not allowed to be. It is part of the ABC and is government funded. Its charter is to be an “alternative” youth broadcaster. Commercial station’s do not pay millions of dollars to the government for broadcast licenses and then allow a government department such as the ABC to encroach on their market. It’s called restraint of trade. This also includes promotional activity by Triple J. True it is a national broadcaster, but here are its actual ratings figures:
    Sydney 4.8%
    Melbourne 3.1%
    Brisbane 6.8%
    Adelaide 5.8%
    Perth 7.9%
    Canberra 9.3% (mainly because Canberra’s only 2 commercial FMs are so bad)
    Newcastle 7.2%
    Gold Coast 4.1%
    It hardly sets the world on fire in each of those markets but when combined nationally it has reasonable audience numbers, but hardly “significant”.

  17. If it wasn’t for events like the ARIA Awards on commercial television, then acts like Washington, Dan Sultan, Birds of Tokyo & Sia who ‘de-butted’ on Triple J would never get any commercial radio airtime. If the ARIAs don’t get screened on either TEN, Nine or Seven next year, then this task becomes even more difficult. We should think of the ARIAs as a promotional tool rather than an awards show.

    I’m sure people like Guy Sebastian can cry into their bags of money if the ARIAs continue to snub them.

  18. @v. Talk about putting the cart before the horse! Commercial radio is not there as a tool to promote Australian music. That’s the Australian Recording Industry’s job! Commercial radio is there to cater for its chosen audience and play the music they want to hear. They have a mandatory amount of Aus content and that’s it. That is why 25.9% of listeners in Sydney listen to 2Day, Nova, Mix and Triple M and 4.8% listen to JJJ(Nielsen Sydney Radio – Survey #7 2010). While the commercials play Vanessa Amorosi, Jet, The Temper Trap and Powderfinger’s new material, JJJ plays stuff hardly anyone has heard of. While the J’s source and unearth unknown talent, just who are Washington, Sia, Dan Sultan, Birds of Tokyo and the Stone siblings? They are not household names. As for the ARIA charts, they are not an indication of popularity. They indicate record order numbers not sales numbers. When Angus & Julia Stone’s album was released it was the number of albums ordered that made it number 1. You never hear about the number not sold and then shipped back. That’s ARIA! The Record Companies collude amongst themselves to decide who will win what and use their awards as a marketing and promotion tool for their lesser known artists to boost sales. Which is why the ARIAs have very little credibility to anyone outside of the recording industry.

  19. ok points to make

    Triple J plays more Oz artists then the commerical stations
    Triple J is a mainstream national broadcaster and so it does have a signifcant audience share
    Triple J is heavily involved in music gigs and festivals
    Triple J is especially focused on Oz acts with great platforms like “unearthed”

    I agree that Guy Sebastian is an incredible singer but he is part of a marketing machine and therefore would never have the same credibility as Angus and Julia Stone or other artists that break into the Triple J playlist, gain fans, sell out gigs, get launched onto commercial radio and deservedly receive recognition at the ARIA’s…

  20. It’s interesting that this argument parallels that of film and TV, ie. art versus commerce. There’ll always be those who lean towards highly commercial programming/music/films and enjoy listening to or watching stuff that doesn’t necessarily have a greater meaning or depth. That doesn’t mean commercial stuff is lame or talentless, or that indie stuff is w##ky or elitist, just diffrn’t strokes for diffrn’t folks. I worked for a record company at the time the ARIAs began and back then all nominations were put forward by record companies, then were voted on by a cross-section of the music community: retailers, live music workers, record companies, producers, etcc. There were only a handful of awards given to music based on sales only. The vast majority were considered from a songwriting/recording/performing point of view.

  21. @toriwannabe

    That is a most valid point, and maybe it should be judged by criteria, such as songwriting. There should be a set criteria that is applicable.

    Having said that , a lot of mainstream music has just as good production and songwriting values as indie and vice versa.

  22. I really think the producers or whoever they are that created this mess need to come forward apologise and then give the contract to someone else to make sure next years ARIA’s is better.

    I thought some of the ARIA’s worked by record sales? Not sure on the other voting. I remember reading a few years back that Guy got snubbed at the ARIA’s.

    And if it is true that joke with Ricki-Lee and Eric was a scripted then that’s poor form.

  23. @v – Yes, it was an achievement to see Guy (plus Vanessa Amorosi, etc) get nominated at least! I guess in that sense it shows it wasn’t fully about Triple J acts.

    Although what Guy was nominated for was ‘Like It Like That’ (the album had the same name as the single), which was his work, whereas The Memphis Album was pretty much just a tribute album with some of the original musicians behind the songs.

  24. @V you’ve just verified everyones point – this event was nothing but a glorified Indie w*nkfest and no one except the 20 people who listen to JJJ and 3 people who listen to RRR would be interested in…


  25. Agree there is some level of snobbery against mainstream pop artists. Although I prefer to listen to triple J there should be an equal acknowledgement of all Aussie artists, I mean popular is popular whether they are considered “elite” or not. Guy sebastian may not be “cool” but there is no denying he can sing and alot of people do enjoy his music. Getting back to the main discussion the awards were truly a shambles and poorly executed. Seriously whatever they come up with next year can’t be worse… can it??

  26. @ Todd, i don’t agree with you.

    I don’t think they are a “Glorified JJJ awards”. If they were half of the people nominated wouldn’t have been (Guys Sebastian, Kylie, Crowded House, Jimmy Barnes…)

    The only time i have ever heard Dan Sultan on JJJ is today. He’s not one of the artists that gets played much on JJJ. How about the artists who were inducted into Hall of Fame don’t remember JJJ playing them much this year either.

    If the Aria’s is shunning commercially successful music, as you say, then why was Guy Sebastian performing or INXS. Guy Sebastian also got nominated in a few categories. Bottom line is they decided he wasn’t the best. Didn’t he only write one song on his Memphis Album anyway?? Don’t be a sore loser because the churned out crap on commercial radio didn’t win.

    Anyway in about 6 months time Washington and Angus and Julia Stone will probably be getting played on Nova. Like Empire of the Sun, played on JJJ about 6 months to a year before they made it to commercial radio.

  27. @Allie.. the awards were not done by Rove’s company. I had hoped it would be a return to them as they did do it rather well in previous years (though I still do recall it in the 90s even before them and thought it alright as well).

    Also.. c’mon.. Guy Sebastian ‘ordinary’ at best? You can’t honestly deny he is a great live performer.

    Apart from that, I do somewhat concur with some of comments I’ve seen elsewhere, in that they might as well just rename them the Triple J awards, because it seems if you don’t get played on Triple J it is very hard to get a look in.

  28. 3 Cheers for Ronnie. Spot on. TV Execs who allegedly know/care about TV continue to feel safe by handing a production to one of the bigggies as a ‘set and forget’ is partly the problem for sure. Its not that I don’t get that sometimes these companies are the best option, its that these highly paid execs don’t give the Independents a look in – actually, they wouldn’t even know who they were, and what expertise and care factor they can bring to a production.

  29. @ v: you could not be more wrong. The ARIAs are nothing more than a glorified “Triple J Awards.” The fact that ARIA shuns commerically successful Australian artists away is a joke. Plain and simple.

  30. Nathan from Extra Source Podcast says:
    November 9, 2010 at 7:56 am

    “… Who has even heard of Dan Sultan?? Not i and i work in a music store…”

    Nathan, this comment highlights nothing but your lack of suitability to be working in a record store. I don’t own or know any Dan Sultan songs of the top of my head (he’s an amazing talent from what have seen and heard though), however my job doesn’t require me to have a jot of musical knowledge. I guess though, punching & into the search system at the counter is far easier than giving a toss about what you do.

    Extra Source hey? You’ve spelled ‘Source’ wrong. I think you mean ‘Sauce’ because you’re clearly not a ‘source’ of anything.

    I didn’t watch the ARIAs.

  31. @ Jason Arrhhhaaahhhaa, please your comment is making me cry with laughter. we have the “worst music”…. “there is no interest in Aussie music” …. are you serious!

    Maybe you have no interest but the music scene is alive an well in Australia… especially Melbourne. You need to get out man and go see some live bands. I know JJJ do a great job in promoting aussie music, but there a whole lot of other bands who do get a mention on JJJ that are fantastic.

    If you are going to be bagging anyone it should be commercial radio for playing the same mindless crap over and over again, and not making the fantastic music out there available to its listeners.

    I don’t understand why people listen to commercial radio anyway there are two perfectly good radio stations that support our local and music and they have no stupid adds JJJ and 3RRR, you should give them a listen sometime.

    You might be interested to know that they normally play stuff about 6 months before commercial radio picks it up… if they ever do that is.

  32. Love how Riki Lee had to explain the joke. It might have been funny in 1970 but not 2010.

    Please Ronan there is no way Guy Sebastian deserved to win any Aria’s. If the Aria’s start to be a popularity contest as to what the mainstream listens to then they will totally lose any shred of creditability they have left. I don’t even think Guy is that popular in the main stream anyway, maybe amongst 12 yo girls??…. Nar actually they are into Justin Bieber.

    I hope that the Arias are given to the Aria Hall of Fame producers and shown on SBS at least they will do it with some class. I can’t see foxtel doing any better….

    Bottom line, the winners deserved their Aria’s, the presenters and organisers are the ones that fell short.

  33. The live performances were actually some of the best I’ve seen at the ARIAs. The problem is that because most of the music is not mainstream pop like on 2DAY FM or Nova, the core audience of 12 to 16 year olds probably didn’t even watch it! Also, since most of the music was stuff Triple J play, the Triple J audience of 16 to 25yos didn’t watch it because they are too cool to watch commercial TV.

  34. Maybe it’s about time the networks looked outside the Fremantlemedia/Endemol/Shine/Granada box at talented independents like Renegade who have been making the excellent RocKwiz for years – producers who know how to produce talent, and who care about the music.

  35. Bahahaha.. Ronan Keating quote on Guy Sebastian! hahaha gosh how out of touch with the Australian mucic industry.

    The awards went to the right people – Ronan should tune into Triple J and he will discover truly talented musicians!

  36. Barry Saunders

    Wrong Wrong Wrong….some of Australia’s biggest (yes top selling) acts are these “unknowns” you so wrongly label as niche, just because they fall into the indie category and get playlisted on JJJ doesn’t mean they’re niche. The problem with pop in this country is our acts don’t stand a change against the likes of Katy Perry/Beyonce/GaGa etc etc who have hits handed to them on a platter; International Pop acts for all intensive purposes are just an exercise in branding. The reason we celebrate acts like Angus & Julia Stone & The Temper Trap is for their authenticity & because they aren’t manufactured.
    The Arias were poorly conceived and produced, but it failed on several other levels. Multi channelling now provides choice to viewers.
    Without Oz Idol it’s hard to fill the program with mainstream Aus acts – didn’t it traditionally provide a strong lead in with seamless flow? I could go on.

  37. The credits on the telecast said that a full list of production credits could be found at Can’t find them myself. Are people trying to distance themselves???

  38. The ARIA Awards have had their day. Hopefully Sunday nights event killed them for good. As a television event they are absolutely woeful and embarrassing as a viewer, how must the industry feel that it’s a luaghing stock and not a presitigious event?
    And the credibility of the ARIAs have always been dodgy much like the Logies. I mean it’s good they haven’t given Kylie too many awards. She sells records, but she can’t sing and makes terrible music so i’m glad they don’t acknowledge her. But it’s just an Indie fest these days. Big Jet Plane is a terrible song, but hey let’s give it to these hippy siblings that will be cool. How did Vanessa Amorosi not get nominated or win this year? She had a brilliant year, no. 1 song, great singer & songwriter but nothing.

    They need to take it off television, and just allow the industry to celebrate Australian music. Maybe they could hold a free concert with ARIA winners the next night for the fans. But the event needs to be about the music and artists. Not about Nat Bass and how loud she can yell, or how big Carmen Electra’s boobs are.

  39. I’m actually happy the awards are by the industry. If you went by sales, they are indicative of how popular someone is, not necessarily how good they are. And there really is a big difference. I’ve even attended ‘songwriting’ competitions where the winner had the weakest songs, but had the most fans in the audience.

    As for the performances – Julia and Angus Stoner were so distant they were practically not even there! My God – could they have made any Less effort?

  40. @Andrew, yes, I agree. Jessica Mauboy’s inexcusable blooper should have been picked up at rehearsal and corrected forthwith. That segment producer must have been too busy updating their Facebook page to be paying much attention to Jessica’s mangling of the English language. I note that Ten have taken down clips of Sunday’s ARIAs, claiming copyright infringement. Strangely, clips from many other years ARIAs are still there. Clearly, Ten must be beyond mortified over this monumentally terrible broadcast and want no trace of it in cyberspace. Also agree that it has turned into an indie snob-fest. What a night of humiliation for Australian music.

  41. music is very subjective, i think the winners should be determined by the ARIA Charts (strange thought right?) and the cd stores/itunes results, not though a clearly dated judging panel.

  42. Ronan Keating is right. As long as the ARIA’s remain an indie music snobfest where the majority of awards are judged by ARIA themselves, rather than on sales or at least airplay, then the awards night has very little credibility. What on earth would be the criteria for awards like “Best Single” anyway, especially when it’s not transparent?

  43. Bloke from the Sticks

    @cjschris, the performance by Guy Sebastian at the ARIAs was one of the best of the night and he actually outshone a lot of the performances of the winners of awards on the night.

  44. Rickie Lee just doesn’t get it, does she? We know it was scripted, we know what the joke was. The problem was that ‘the joke’ was just badly conceived, badly written, badly performed, not funny and out dated. In fact it was a perfect exemplification of most of that show.
    Jessica Mauboys stupendous blooper was the fault of a terrible attention to detail by whichever producer was supposed to be supervising the rehearsal (was probably playing with their blackberry at the time), but the fact remains that this was a humiliating night for Idol alumni.
    And now having Ronan Keating bleating about Guy Sebastian not winning awards, emphasises this.

    These people all need to quietly fade into oblivion.

  45. @cjschris… Guy is Australia’s best artist. Who has even heard of Dan Sultan?? Not i and i work in a music store. The ARIA’s have massive problems…one of them which is they never rewarded pop artists only unknown alternative singers who will always remain unknown cause that’s apparently ‘cool’.

  46. This just shows why our country is behind the rest of the world in music and entertainment. We have the worse music and the worse producers for an award show.
    And exactly, guy isn’t even that good, no Australian artist is good besides Kylie minogue. This is why the show didn’t pull in the ratings, there is no interest in Aussie music.
    And seriously, the performances were soo boring compared to the MTV or Grammy award shows around the world.
    And who are angus n Julia stone lolll

    The MTV ema’s on Monday night is what I call a perfect entertaing awards show!!!

  47. The merciless caning the event has received is justified as it was, quite simply, a horrifying broadcast. For some reason, I thought Fremantle produced it, I didn’t realise it was Roving Enterprises. Shame on them, it was horrible. Also puzzled as to why Guy Sebastian deserved “at least three awards”. He is ordinary at best.

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